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Chapter 1:

[January 9, in the year 980 A.D. Night falls upon the the Town of Izayoi.]

'Twenty-five years ago, vile creatures known as Demons plagued the planet. They killed and destroyed anything that moved or got in their way. Buildings, humans and even animals fell prey to their endless quest for world domination. Their leader, known as Demon King Zaigon, wanted to destroy the world and recreate it in his own image. One where humans would become slaves to the Underworld and would be forced into building a new empire fit for the Demon King's rule. The only thing that could pose a threat to Zaigon's reign was a pair of ancient swords, given the names Yin and Yang, due to their opposing natures. Yin's blade is rumored to have the ability to destroy entire worlds. The wielder risked having their soul tainted with darkness. If the wielder could not fight off the darkness, it is rumored that the blade would then possess them and force them into committing suicide. The Yang blade is rumored to grant the wielder complete immunity towards any dark emotions they may hold. There are many stories about who actually killed Zaigon, but it is said to have been the work of two teenage children.'

"Huh!? No matter how many times I look this up, I can never get anymore information than this." I said with a disappointed sigh. I don't know why I didn't see it coming. I mean, all the books in the town's public libraries were the same. The only reasonable explanation would be that someone is purposely leaving out the rest of the story.

"Why do you continue to waste your time with those stories, Satoshi?", my brother Seiji asked as he propped his glasses up on his face. "You could be doing more important things like getting ready for another demon attack," he added with a quiet chuckle.

Seiji and I have never seen eye-to-eye. He would always pick on me for being the youngest, stating that being the oldest gave him authority over me. Which was complete B.S because we were only a few months apart. We grew up here in the Izayoi Church. Our parents, Robert and Nayuki Masutano, have trained us to fight against the demons longer than I can remember. However, Seiji has always been better at it. I would always mess something up, leaving Seiji to go behind me and fix it. There was an incident three years ago where a group of demons launched an attack against the Izayoi Church. My brother and I had set out to defeat them, however, Seiji (being the stuck-up snob that he is) decided to show off his power and annihilated the demons. In doing so, he nearly destroyed about a fourth of the city. After lecturing Seiji for a little over three months, our parents planned to leave the city's safety on my shoulders. Not having much interest, nor confidence to handle the responsibility, it was given to Seiji instead.

"Go to hell, Seiji." I responded with a cold tone. " Shouldn't you be on lookout or something right now?"

"What's the matter? Afraid that the demons are going to come after you? I can understand why. I mean, you'd be easy prey for them." Seiji said and then placed his palm to his forehead and laughed.

"That's it! I've heard enough out of you for one day!" I snapped as I stood up and drew my sword. He responded to the gesture by drawing his. "That's right, little brother. Step up. Be a man for once.", he taunted. I lunged forward ready to strike him down but before I could, the door was suddenly kicked in and sent flying to the opposite end of the room and nearly knocking one, or both of us, out cold.

"ENOUGH!" our father barged in bellowing out. I was so surprised about our father's intrusion, that I fell backwards and my sword flew out of my hands, embedding itself into the ceiling. He glanced at the book I had skimmed through and gave a look that neither I, nor Seiji, noticed. He sighed before asking me about it. "Satoshi, how many times must I tell you to stop reading those stories?"

"I can't help it. It just peaked my interest." I quickly responded. I knew my father didn't enjoy me reading those types of stories, although I did wonder why he was so against it. Seiji had begun to walk away while sheathing his sword. "Good luck, little brother. Let me know when you're willing to challenge me again." With that last sarcastic remark, he waved his hand, signaling his leave.

"Dad, please tell me Seiji is adopted and that this is all just a bad joke towards me." I pleaded as my father picked up a random book off the shelf and flipped through the pages with no real purpose. "Now Satoshi..." he said. "You must learn to accept your brother. If not, there will come a time when you and Seiji might kill one another."

I jumped up to retrieve my sword at this point then sheathed it. Where did that come from, is the only thought that went through my mind. "As much as I hate the guy, I don't think that's ever going to happen." I said. "Even if I wanted to kill him, I wouldn't be able to do it." Believe it or not, I wouldn't have the heart to kill my brother even if I could or had to.

After my response, he shook his head and then left the library. I wonder what he meant by all of that. Could there be something our dad is hiding from us? I closed the book I had looked through, placed it back on the shelf in its proper place, then left the library and headed for my room. On my way there, I noticed my parents talking to each other in the church hall. Curious about what it was they were talking about, I peeked around one of the pillars I had hidden behind and eavesdropped.

"I don't like how cold they are toward each other, Robert.", my mother said. "There has to be something we can do to change that." She stood there with her hands at her hips. My father was facing her with his arms crossed in front of him.

"What can we do?", my father questioned. "If they don't want to get along with each other, we can't force them do so."

"Yes, but even so, we have to at least try. Maybe if we send them to school-", my mother stopped suddenly. Fearing that she may have noticed me, I quickly hid myself behind the pillar and silently prayed. Unfortunately, she did notice me. "Satoshi, come out from there right this minute!" She was definitely angered by my eavesdropping. I didn't want to get into any more trouble than I was already in so I followed her orders and stepped out from behind the pillars. As I walked over to them, my mother went on to say, "So, 'Mr. Spy', how long have you been standing there and how much did you hear?" My mother has never enjoyed raising her voice to anyone. Even when she was angered. However, even with her soft voice, Seiji and I have always been able to tell when she was angry or not. And this was one of those times.

"Only for about a minute or two." I replied hesitantly. "Do you really want Seiji and I to attend the same school? I mean, we hardly enjoy each others' company here at the church. So I doubt that a school would make a difference."

My mother pulled a hand fan from her kimono and smacked me on the back of my head.

"Ouch!", I hissed as I rubbed my head. Okay. I'll admit that was a stupid thing to ask in my current situation.

"Satoshi. You and Seiji will be attending high school starting tomorrow.", my father chimed in.

"But, Dad-"

"No buts about it. Your mother has chosen to send you two to school and that's what you're going to do. Is that clear?"

"Yeah, but-"

"Is THAT clear?"

"Yes, father." I sighed before finally giving in to my father's request.

My father shook his head after hearing my response and then, along with my mother, turned and walked away. It wasn't the idea of attending school that I didn't enjoy. It was the fact that Seiji would also be attending that made me so uneasy. I just had a bad feeling that Seiji would cause trouble. "I swear he better not do anything stupid. He may be the strongest between the two of us but he is definitely not the smartest." I spoke out loud to myself then walked to my room to rest.