A/N: So, at this point you are probably wondering what Seiji's blade looks like, right? Well, let me answer that question. Normally, Satoshi and Seiji's swords are in their plain Katana-like state, known as their "Spirit" form. In this form, their swords are both about 39 inches long (the handle is approximately 10 inches long and the blade is approximately 26 inches long and 2.6 inches wide). Both blades are silvery-white and the handles are black with silver Rhinestones down the sides.

In the last chapter, Seiji had revealed his sword's true form. This state is called its "Hunter" form. When in its hunter form, Seiji's sword transforms from a plain katana to a large gun-blade. The blade is Fiery Red (Scarlet) and larger in width by about 4-5 inches. The handle is now a tad bit larger as well and also has a trigger. (This trigger will be explained later on in this chapter.)

Chapter 4

I stared at Seiji wondering why the hell he revealed his sword's Hunter form. We were specifically told by our parents to keep those hidden from anyone and anything, in this case. The demon stared wide-eyed at the boy standing before him. After a few seconds, it laughed again.

"What is it with you and the laughter? You know, it's pretty rude to keep a joke all to yourself. How about telling us what is so funny." I said sarcastically.

"This power resonating from you, Boy. Show it to me. Prove to me that you are who you say you are." The demon stated as it rushed towards Seiji with really fast speed, completely ignoring my question.

I must have been tripping at that moment, because I could swear I saw Seiji flash a sadistic smile.

"Please tell me you're kidding." As if he wasn't even there to begin with, Seiji had disappeared causing the demon to stop suddenly and begin to look around frantically for him.

"What the-", the demon was clearly caught off guard. "Where did you run off to?", he hissed.

"Over here!", the demon looked over its shoulder to see Seiji standing behind. "If you're really this slow, then I got all worked up over nothing.", Seiji added on sarcastically.

"Why you little...", the demon tried to attack again but, once again, was too slow. Seiji had already moved.

"You can't be serious. Are you really this pathetic? I've seen snails move faster than you."

Tired of watching this pointless game of cat and mouse, I decided it was time to stop hanging around. "Hey, spider...thing...Whatever happened to having me for lunch? Er, dinner? Er, whatever you called it, huh? In case you haven't noticed, I'm still defenseless here."

The demon turned and looked at me with careful eyes. "I'm not falling for that. I have been told that you demon hunters are pretty resourceful with all that gear of yours-", the sound of gushing blood was heard suddenly, cutting the demon off. It looked down to where its neck would be if it were human and Seiji's blade was sticking out from it.

"Demon Hunter Rule #5: Do not allow yourself to be distracted in battle. Distractions may and will cost you your life or someone else's. It appears that logic applies to you demons as well. Maybe next time, you'll learn to focus more on the person you're fighting and less on the helpless idiot calling to be killed. It was an obvious bluff and you fell for it. That's too bad, I was starting to enjoy that little game of cat and mouse. Unfortunately for you though, Demon, you were the mouse.", Seiji pulled the trigger on his sword three times and held it with the third pull. With each pull of the trigger, his sword began to glow brighter. "Now die." As he released the trigger a flame resonated within his sword and then the energy was quickly released, causing the demon to spontaneously combust. When the smoke cleared, the demon was no longer there and Seiji stood with his sword pointed where the demon had stood a moment ago.

At this point, I was finally able to release my right arm from the web. "You had to have all the fun, didn't you?" I asked as I reached for my sword. I drew it from its sheath and cut the web holding me up. After landing on the grass below, I put the sword away. "Well, I am surprised that he didn't see that coming. Is it just me or are these demons getting dumber? I am getting a bad vibe from this demon's sudden appearance, though."

"Oh, please." Seiji started, as he placed his sword back in its sheath and walked over to me, "What could they be doing, testing us?"

I thought back to when the demon mentioned a power it was searching for. "Remember when it said that it was in search of a special power? What if that demon was testing us to see if we're a threat to its leader?"

"If that's the case, then wouldn't that mean another war could be starting soon?", Seiji asked in a seemingly uninterested tone.

I held my right hand on my chin and thought about it. "That is a possibility. Whatever the case, we need to be ready. There's no telling what surprises might be thrown our way."

"Now you're starting to sound like a fighter. What happened to you all of a sudden?" Seiji asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Can it, Seiji! This is serious. Anyway, let's hurry and tell Mom and Dad about what happened-" I suddenly noticed something over where the demon had died. "What's that?" I pointed at what looked to be a jewel.

"Must have fallen off the demon after my attack." Seiji answered as we made our way over to it. He picked it up and handed it to me. "You're the expert on everything. What do you say it is?"

"Well, first off, I'm surprised it didn't get destroyed with the demon. " The jewel was a blue crystallized diamond. "I don't know what it is. However, if it fell off that demon, it must be important."

Seiji suddenly drew his sword and faced the area of the park behind us. "Who's there? Show yourself!"

"You do realize that we are the only two here, right?" I said confused.

"Someone or something was watching us just now." Seiji quickly responded.

"You sure? I couldn't feel anything. C'mon. Let's get back to the church."

"Yeah, sure." Seiji sheathed his sword once more and we both headed back to the church.

[Back in the Realm of Chaos.]

The vulture demon made its way back to its master. When he reached his lord's chambers, he knelt on one knee like before. "My Lord, I am here to report."

A black aura filled the room as it did before and a figure, hidden within it, began to move towards the vulture-like demon. "Proceed.", it's voice echoed through the room.

"Yes, sir. The spider we sent out was defeated by those, Hunters. It was the older brother who took him down and with only a single strike. And, although I wasn't able to see it clearly, his sword had changed forms. This might not be good for our future plans."

The leader gave the vulture demon a look and said, "Know your place, vermin."

"Eheh-, I'm sorry, my Lord. I meant your future plans." The demon responded in a cowardly tone. "I have more news as well. The older brother may have noticed me. I'm not sure if he can sense our specific loation just yet, but I'm certain he can sense us in general."

"I see. This could pose a threat to everything I have worked so hard for.", The leader remained silent in thought.

"What do you suppose we do about this, Master?"

"For now, there is nothing to do but wait. If what you say is true and they can pinpoint us when we are nearby, then we would have lost our advantage for a surprise attack. We cannot allow that to happen. Not while we are this close. For now, we do nothing until morning. Tell the other soldiers to stand down for now. There is no need to lose any more now that we have an idea of what we are dealing with."

"But, my Lord, with all due respect, wouldn't this be the best time for a surprise attack? Why must we wait when the humans are more vulnerable at night?'

"That wasn't a suggestion, it was an order!", The leader snapped back loudly. "Now, do as I say and tell the soldiers to stand down. And if you ever question my authority again, I will have you executed. Understood?"

The vulture demon, though angered by the leader's decision, bowed his head. "Yes, sir."

And with that, the leader disappeared into the darkness once again.

[That night at the Izayoi Church, the two brothers gathered in the hall to describe the battle they had just been in.]

Seiji and I wasted no time informing our parents about what happened. After we told them that it was a spider demon attacking the town in search of what it called, a "special power", we showed them the diamond we had found once we had defeated it.

As our father took the jewel from my hand and looked it over curiously with our mother, I sat down in one of the empty seats in the hall. "What do you think it is?"

After careful examination, our parents nodded then turned to us and our father began speaking. "If this is what I think it is, then that would mean the Demon King has returned."

"What!?", Seiji and I exclaimed in unison.

"This diamond may very well be a piece of the King's armor. Though, it has been years since his disappearance. In any case, you boys need to be ready for anything. If the King is back, that means another war is waiting just around the corner. We ant let our guard down for even a minute. Understand?"

"Yes, sir!" We both answered.

I decided to head up to my room after the briefing. Today was an odd day. First day of school, and I manage to run into a random girl, who just so happens to be the student council president. I become friends with a rich kid who doesn't really act the part unless he's around women. And Seiji defeated a giant spider demon. I was tired. I changed out of my hunting gear and into my bed-clothes. After leaning my sword against the wall, I crawled into bed and fell asleep.