Seven, eight, nine, and ten. It doesn't help. Counting never does. With a single thought I could send this kid flying, but I don't. That would reveal my powers, and I don't want to have to move again.

"Well, Jonesie? Gonna take it back?" The idiot asks, as if I were the one just terrorizing another student. "My name isn't Jonesie." Counting to ten still isn't accomplishing much, but my calm reply did make the stupid kid a little disappointed. He takes a step forward. I don't take a step back. "Oh, so you're after a fight?" He asks, grinning. "Your breath smells." Is all I can manage, thinking of what to do.

When he takes another step closer, I mentally yank his ankle back, making him trip and fall. Stepping to the side so he can hit the ground, it's all I can do to not start laughing. Should I take off, or would that make me a coward? The kid stumbles back up, the grin wiped off his face. "Clumsy." I contribute thoughtfully, causing him to charge at me. Even if I call him "Kid," this guy is huge. I try sidestepping again, but he clips my shoulder with his first, jarring me with the force.

That could have been my jaw. I grunt, swining my fist into his stomach. Physically, I'm not much. But when I punch, among other things, I can use my powers to make the hits harder. Caught off guard, the kid makes a noise similar to a pig getting run over. Without even turning to see if he's coming at me again, I walk away.