My Ties Are Lined With Gold.

I was sitting in the courtyard covered in gold, glass and dimes.

Like a beautiful lie, the sun disappeared as the moon illuminated my tears.

Dripping cash from my eyes, lost my friend to my greedy lies.

The tens and twenties' line my skin, sewing together what is left of him.

I melt away in my mind, disappearing underneath the feeling of diamonds cutting me.

If I could go back in time, I'd find him, I'd give away this money, these chains.

Because I don't need it, I need my friend back. I need the truth back within me.

"I know I don't deserve to have you again, but I wish for you still. "

The lights are long and his smile never returns to this courtyard of riches.

I finally succumb to my sins as I fish in gold still looking for him.

"My only real friend,"

"I'm sorry."