"Yuletide Change"

Montmorency sighed as he wiped the forming mist on his windows. He turned to look at the pile of the gifts he received last night on their party. It's been four months since the day his crush, Chris Wilhelm, confessed to Natalie Coleman, their classmate. Worse, he kissed her in public, In front of his classmates. Oh, how long does Montmorency wanted to admit his true feelings for Chris and he planned to admit it then. But he was too late. Chris shunned him the moment he tried to tell him his feelings.

3 Hours left, and it's Christmas . Montmorency tried to be happy for them, and I mean tried. But every time he thought about it, He felt intense pain in his chest, but he refused to cry. And so, he declined the invitation. He would rather suck up to his comfy sofa, and drink his Wine, than to see those two enjoying their Christmas together while he tried to recover.

That's how he wanted to celebrate his Christmas.

He was already half-way to his second glass when his phone rang. He picked it up. "Hello?"

The voice on the other line answered. "Hey, Rency. Can, I, Uh, go there, at your place?"

Montmorency chuckled half-heartedly. "Sure."

And within an Hour, he received a knock on his Mahogany door. He willed it open, revealing Spencer, who was Montmorency's best friend and secretly been harboring feelings for the latter. He stood beside Montmorency, comforting him, being the firm ground for him and cheering him up. But that wasn't enough, he thought.

A genuine, affirmative smile wound its way to Spencer's lips. "Mind if I crash here?"

Montmorency returned the smile. "Yeah, I thought I could use your company."

He invited Spencer in, and they sat in the sofa. Montmorency offered Spencer a plate of Cookies and a glass of Wine. Spencer mumbled a quick thanks before taking a bite on his Cookie. He hummed appreciatively after swallowing. "This is good. You baked it?"

Montmorency nodded. "Yes. I'm glad you liked it. Feel free to have some more." He gestured to the huge plate.

Spencer stared at those sad Olive colored eyes for a second, before heaving a deep sigh. "So… How are things going with you?"

Montmorency smiled bitterly. "I…I'm fine, I guess. I'm slowly moving on. I thought about it for a while. You know, the thing about Chris and Natalie? I realized that, If I don't accept their relationship, nothing good will ever happen to me." He laughed. "Besides, I now know that he's not the right one for me."

Spencer smiled. He thought on the good that will happen once he confessed to Montmorency before midnight. He picked up his wine glass and drank it. "Look, you know I am always here for you. I care for you, Montmorency, you know that If…" he stopped for a while, organizing his thoughts. "if you need someone… to help you move on, I'll be that one. I'll be sure to be here when you needed help." Spencer scratched the back of his head sheepishly.

Montmorency blushed. "T-Thanks, Spencer. I really appreciate it. I-I guess… I'll really need your help. Help me move on? Help me… open my heart to love someone again…to know that there's someone waiting home for me." He felt tears gathering in the corner of his eyes.

Spencer's gaze fell on those Olive eyes again. He felt himself inch closer to the younger teen. He wrapped his arms on Montmorency's shoulders. "Montmorency… I guess it's time to tell you something I've been meaning to tell you for a long time."

Montmorency felt the knives that pierced his heart fell off one by one.

"I…I like you. I want to make you know that I'll always be here for you. It's ok if you can't return the feelings, I… I'll still be here."

That does it. Montmorency felt his tears flow nonstop as he hugged Spencer. And then, Azure met Olive.

"Idiot. I…I like you too. Please don't leave me."

Spencer felt as if his whole body and soul was marching up to the heavens above. "Really? Thank you. I'll never leave your side. I.. I will love you. I love you, Montmorency."

The two pulled back when the grandfather clock rang. It's already midnight.

Montmorency blushed. "I love you too, Spencer."

The two kissed, and they pulled back soon. "Merry Christmas, Montmorency. Here's your gift."

Spencer took out a small, blue box. He opened it, and took the Silver necklace that has an engraving on the back of the Pendant.

He put it around Montmorency's neck. "Spencer…T-Thank you very much, And Merry Christmas too,

I love it."

Spencer hugged Montmorency from behind and kissed his cheek. "You're Welcome. I'm glad you liked it."

The two kissed again. Montmorency felt even happier than ever before. He can now open his heart to accept and receive love again. And as for Spencer, he will help Montmorency to love him and to appreciate things around him again.

Turning the back of the pendant, Montmorency smiled.