Instant popularity. If I'd known telling people about my flashes would make me popular - not a freak - I would've told the whole world in kindergarten. I swear the entire class knows my name, and it's only sixth period. A nobody at lunch. Most popular girl by sixth period.

Okay, second most popular girl. There's Trinity. She walks down the hall, and boys turn their heads and sigh. It's like flowers and birds chirping on a Spring day for them. She wore her hair in this loose braid that flipped over her shoulder yesterday. Today, ten girls are wearing their hair like that. It's like she has a horde of Trinity clones, and it's only the second day of school.

And you won't believe it, but Trinity is walking up to talk me right now. No seriously. I just looked behind me to see if there was anyone there. There isn't.

"Hi Laney." The two girls beside her drop their heads to the side in the exact same way as Trinity when she talks. Weird. I'm telling you they're clones.

"Hi. Um, Trinity. Right?" That's me. Playing it like I don't know her name.

"Right," Trinity's eyes scrunch up a little in the middle when she says that. I'm not sure she's buying my act. "So I heard you did this psychic thing about Cameron Davis's lunch meat."

"Yeah. I had this flash of him shoving it under the table," I say a little too perky and fast.

"He's totally gross like that."

"Um. Okay." I don't really know anything about Cameron. In fact I didn't know his last name until Trinity just said it.

"So do you have psychic visions all of the time?"

"Uh huh." Could I please stop nodding like an idiot?

"That's cool." The clones are looking restless. "So I would love to get to know you better. I was wondering if you'd like to come hang out by my pool this weekend?" Now the clones look like they're choking. Sweet.

"Sure. Saturday works for me."

"Okay. Here." Trinity writes her phone number and address on my hand with her pen. Because we're going to hang out by her pool on Saturday. Like cool popular girls in movies. I need to get a new swimsuit fast. I don't think the butterfly one is going to impress.

"So I'll see you around one. Okay?"

"Okay. See you."

She and the bug-eyed clones do catwalk turns away from me. The boys all watch.