Letters to Mum


6th September '10

Hey Mum,

How you doing? I'm missing you like crazy right now, you know that right? Well, I've finally made it to year 11. In 9 months I'll be taking my exams and heading off for sixth form. I wanted you to be here mum, but you're obviously more important in heaven. Mary's in year 7 now, that is scary. She's still 6 to me – I'm six years behind the times – it's crazy. Lilly's year 9. She had an awesome birthday party and she enjoyed it.

By the way Carrie says hi. She's my new carer. She's great. You would have loved her. She's really bubbly and chatty and we always talk about you. It's great.

I went to Soul Survivor a few weeks ago. I loved it! I came back completely changed. God works in wonderful ways, doesn't he? The hole I've had in my heart was starting to heal and it kinda started a sense of closure, it was awesome.

I really wish you were here mum. There's so much I want to tell you, so many things I should have said but never did. I love you and I keep thinking about you. You're probably reading this and thinking I'm crazy. I am, crazy in love and missing you.

I know you're holding my hand and walking beside me every day, but sometimes I wish it was real. That I would turn a corner and see your face smiling. You were always beautiful but I bet you're more beautiful now. I want you to read this poem I wrote for you and I hope you like it.

You took my breath away

The day you went,

To the place in the sky,

The day you died,

You took my breath away.

No goodbye,

No hug,

No last twinkle in the eye,

You took my breath away.

So many things,

I should have done,

Again no goodbye,

You took my breath away.

A love of music,

A love of faith,

A love of me –

You took my breath away.

I love you so much,

And I know you're happy,

I just wish I could say,

You took my breath away.

So what do you think? I hope you like it. I mean every single word of it and I will never take any of it back. Never. I love you too much to put into words and I'll see you soon. Keep the sofa warm!

Rosina xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx