Snow Kisses

I always thought winter was the prettiest season. The way snow fell gently down on the city and landed gracefully on the ground would have me glued to the windows for hours. When I was a child, and enough snow had stuck to the ground, I would run outside and play for hours. Even if the snow was coming down like a blizzard, I would still go outside. As I got older I wouldn't play in it as much, I would simply go out side and watch the snow beauty is so indescribable. It's as if innocence is just gliding down across the sky. The cold never bothered me, I loved it way more than heat. The holiday season just had a way of comforting me like no one else could.

Comfort was a good thing for me then. I had lived alone in a small apartment. I'm not a person who enjoys being alone. Loneliness depresses me, unless it is during the winter. The snow, holidays, hot cocoa, and fires give me a sense of safety. I'm an easily paranoid person and without a sense of safety, I would go insane.

Now just because winter gives me a sense of safety, doesn't mean I'm one-hundred percent non-paranoid when it is around. I still need people to comfort me as well. Sadly, living alone means no one is there with you a lot. You could have friends that live in various cities, counties, and states that aren't yours, and your parents aren't just down the hall anymore, like when you were little. They aren't as easy to access anymore. For me they live a little over an hour away, and I'm not sure about you, but to me, that's a little too far for comfort sometimes.

They days were getting shorter and colder. I was heading to my part time job as a cashier at a local grocery store, when we had first me. I had seen him around before since he had lived in my apartment complex, but I had never officially met him until then. I was walking toward the stairs, and he was walking away from them. I was putting the keys to my apartment back in my purse and he was using his phone so none of us were paying attention. We had walked straight into each other, causing each of us to fall, and our stuff to fly all over the hallway.

"Hey, watch where your going!" He had said, but I could tell he had a joking tone in his voice and he wasn't truly mad.

I decided to play along by replying, "I could say the same to you,"

"Well I never!' He had exclaimed, but quickly went into a laughing fit, and I joined him. "I had never met anyone who could tell I was joking when I said that," he had stated when he recovered from the fit. " And I've especially never met someone who had known and was so beautiful before."

I've been called pretty various times, but never beautiful by someone who wasn't in my family, or the same gender. "And I've never been knocked down by someone quite as handsome," i had said in a dreamy voice as I pick up my green apple chap-stick and place it back in my purse.

"So what happens to be the name that fits your beauty?" He asked me.

"My name is Bailey, and yours?" I questioned, just as curious about him as he seems to be about me.

"I'm Jake," he responds back, "Like I said your name is unique and full of beauty, just like you."

"And yours is simplistically wonderful!"

"Where are you going?" He questioned me.

"To my job, why?" I respond, wondering why it matters.

"Well, I saw that you were walking toward the stairs, meaning you were leaving, and I was just wondering if I was holding you up from being somewhere important."

"Oh, you're fine. I always try to leave earlier than I should, plus if it means meeting you, I would miss work in a heartbeat," I giggled. I can hear my friends now saying I was being really flirty.

"Well, let me walk you out then," He laughed. It was probably at my giggle, I get told all the time I have a weirdly cute one. The walk down the steps was actually quiet, but it wasn't an awkward quiet, it was nice kind of silence.

"Where's your car?" He asks me, as he looks around.

"Oh, I try not to use it, if I have legs and it's not miles upon miles away, I can walk," I responded in an earth-friendly matter.

"Then, I shall walk with you malady," He stated in a fancy voice.

"I would be honored if you did, sir," I said in a fancy voice too.

The walk to the store was full of simple chit-chat, like 'Whats your favorite color?' or 'Are you still in college?'. When we got there the nice silence was back. During the walk, it had started to snow and now there was a light frosting on the ground, and it was becoming thicker as the time went on. "Thanks for walking me, the company was nice," I told him as I stared into his chocolate brown eyes.

"I was glad to give it to you, and I will give it whenever you want it," He states as he stares back into my icy blue eyes. He moved a strand of my light brown hair behind my ear and moved closer to me. I leaned in and started to stand on my tip toes so I could be face to face with him, or at least as close as I could get. Our lips touched and it felt magical. A snow kiss.

That was exactly years ago today. I'm, forty-one now and he is forty-three. I saw him everyday after that. He proposed in the snow, we had gotten married in the snow, and on every anniversary of the day we had met, it has snowed. Now, Jake has taught me a lot of things in twenty years, but the most important is that winter isn't just the prettiest season, it's the most romantic as well.