Lips crushing
Hearts a flutter
Tongues slide between lips
You purr under my touch

"Hey, babe!"

And that's when my nose collides with yours
Your teeth bump into mine
And we recoil backward
Flinching in pain

"No, I'm not busy."

And after the shock wears off
We laugh
We brush it off
And we get back to loving each other

"I'm just laying here in bed…"

But not before I remember something funny
And I just have to tell you
Because I tell you everything
And there is nothing unsaid between us

"…thinking about you, of course."

You laugh
That belly laugh I never get tired of hearing
And your smile makes the kissing sweeter
And my legs get tangled up with yours once again

"What did you want to talk about?"

Isn't this how love is supposed to be?
I'm with my best friend
And you're with yours
And we laugh and we joke around and we touch each other

"Sure, I'd love to hear your dream."

And let's face it: sex is weird
But, hell, it's fun
Because I'm with you
And it feels good

"We have all the time in the world."

Suddenly, your clothes on the floor start glowing
Your pants are buzzing

"Uh huh…"

Someone is trying to reach you


I sprawl out on your bed as you scoop up your phone
You check the caller ID
And it's your girlfriend
Calling just to hear your voice

"Crazy dream…"

I think it must be so nice to be your girlfriend
I could call you whenever I want (even though I already do)
I could hug you tight in public (even though I already do)
I could kiss you… (I already do)
…in public (but only on the cheek)

"I can't wait for dinner tomorrow."

I've seen girls come and go from your life
I know your type
I can tell when you like someone
But I could never tell what you think of me

"Hey, you wanna hear something funny?"

You wink at me and tell her my joke
Because she's your girlfriend
And you tell her everything
And there is nothing unsaid between the two of you

"Guess who just told me that one! … Hilarious, right?"

You laugh
And I smile
But I turn my head away
So you can't see my expression

"Hey… I love you."

And I don't know who has it worse
Her, because you're cheating on her
Or me, because I have to live with only half of your love
But I think to myself, I'm much better off

"Good night, babe."

at least I know all your darkest secrets.

"Ok, kid…

...where were we before we were interrupted?"

Namely: me.