The Slayer (Season 1 premiere)


The Birth of the Slayer!

For thousands of years the world had faced many threats from the underworld and other different and horrific places.

But, as there was darkness, there were also light. A light that shined over the years, and protected this world without the regular people even noticing!

This "light" was named The Order, ruled by the Pope himself. At his comand was an army of well-trained soldiers, also he had The Slayers. A group of mysterious warriors that were trained by The Watchers.

Also, working outside The Order were The Hunters, people who hunted the evil entities, but, not working with The Order.

But that was a long time ago, the times have changed a lot since then, The Order is not as strong as it was before and The Slayer had defected from it and now are masters of their own destiny. But hopes always exists and now, having past 20 years since one Slayer was killed by the Master of the vampire, a new Slayer will rise. And that's where our story begins. In Portugal, exactly in a town in Alentejo named Figueira where a guy with 17 years old named John Days left the college at 6 p.m.

John was a bit tall, had black hair and dark brown eyes.

On the way and he met with his friends, Paul 16 years, Andrew 18 and David 17 years old:

David- have you finished that assignment? I need it to finish mine.

John was in the same class has David:

John- Don't worry, I have it.

Andrew- If it wasn't for John you were still in kindergarten.

Paul smiled:

John- It's true you know.

David- I can do it without your help if I wanted to.

Paul- Yeah, I bet.

They headed for class.

After the school day ended they each went to their homes, but on the way to his own house, John saw a man, the same size as he is, with a big brown coat and a hat.

The man approached John.

John begun to wonder what this stranger would want with him but he kept his ground:

?- Hi, are you John Days?

John- Hum... Yes. Why do you ask?

Giles- I'm Giles. And I need to tell you something.

John was utterly confused:

John- Go on.

Giles- I'm from an organization called The Order. I'm a Watcher.

John- And what does it has to do with me?

Giles- Because you are a Slayer!

John- A what now?

With every word that that man said, John was even more confused:

Giles- A Slayer, a protector of this world.

John- Protector? – He smiled- I'm no protector.

Giles- Yes you are, listen a great evil has come to this town and I've been sent to teach you

John- Teach me?

Giles- Yes. How to fight the evils.

John- Fight?!

Giles- Yes, come to this address tonight at 10:00 and I will tell you everything that you need to know alright?

John- Wait! How can I trust you?

Giles- If you don't come, you will regret when the evils start killing.

John- Man! Okay then.

And then the mysterious man had disappeared, 30 minutes later John meets with his friends as usual:

David- Why did you took so long?

Paul- Yes man, why?

John- I – He hesitates- Had to stop at my home first, that's why.

Andrew- So tonight we are going out to the bar or not?

John- Sorry but I can't.

Paul- You can't?!

John- Yes, sorry.

David- So bad, well we see you tomorrow?

John- Yes.

And he leaves them.

After dinner he went to the address that Giles had given him.

It was a house near the Football Court:

Giles- So, you've came.

John- It seems so.

Giles- Here let me show you.

The house had a kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom. Then a library and what it looked like a training ground, with weapons and other variety of devices. It looked like a gym:

John- What is this?

He was amazed:

Giles- This is where you will train.

He was stunned. John himself was having a hard time in believing in all of this:

Giles- Accompany me to the library. I will explain to you everything.

He followed him; in the library Giles told him everything about the vampires, the demons, the Slayers and the Watchers:

John- My god. And why it has to be me? There ARE others as you mentioned.

Giles- Yes! But it has to be John; Your Slayer lineage must awaken.

John- damn…

He was staring at the books:

Giles- So…?

He looked at him and smiled:

John- Lets kill some bastards then!

The tale of the Slayer begins!

To be continued