Alright, here is the prologue to Story two, "Shattered Kaleidoscopes", of the Elements of Fate Collection. This serves as the connector.

"Shattered Kaleidoscopes" will be significantly longer than "Evanescent Angel", I think about four fairly short chapters.

So yeah, enjoy. :)


It was the first time I didn't see Rosario as a spoiled brat. He cared about someone. He loved someone, enough to pray for him every night and paint an angel in memory of him. So I just had to help him paint. We had finished painting the mural of the angel a couple of hours after school ended. I remember his eyes, lit with the afternoon sunset, filled with tenderness as he painted the last feather on the wing of the angel. I'll even dare to say, I saw pure mournful love in those eyes. And now…that very love dyed my fingers in multiple colors: the white of the clouds, the blue of the sky, the gold of an angel's halo. The scattered paint drops stained my palms in memories of the past, both his and mine. The colors would not wash off completely, from both my hands and my soul.

If I could touch the tears of the past, perhaps something could be cleansed…

Perhaps something could be repaired.