Summary: Aria is the child of an artist sponsored by the monarchy of Steorra, gifted with the ability of seeing the rain children. Protected by her parents, her ability is kept a secret until one day the barrier between the realms breaks and Aria is desperately needed to save her people.

by emma louise

when the sky cries


I stand at the window, my face pressed to the glass. The glass is cold and my breath makes it go white. When I move my face back, I raise my finger and draw a smiley face on it. The face I've drawn is exactly the same as the one I wear.

"Look, mama!" I say excitedly and glance back at her, pointing at what I've drawn on the window.

She's painting. The monarchy has commissioned her to draw their likenesses as royal representations in the sky over Steorra. She looks tired and I know she's pretending that she's not when she replies, "What a perfect little picture, Aria."

I grin widely and run towards her, clambering into her lap. "Do you think I could be an artist like you, mama?"

"Of course you can, love, you can be whatever you put your mind to." She wraps her arms around me carefully, making sure her hands don't touch me as they're covered in paint.

"Do you think I could ever paint the rain people?"

"If you can see one for long enough to remember what they look likeā€¦ and they don't make you forget. You know the legend."

I stare out the window as the rain beats down onto the glass outside. "One day, I will, just you wait and see." My face settles resolutely. "I'll capture one of them and paint them so everyone knows what they look like and they can stop being afraid of them."

I jump out of my mother's lap and walk back to the window, peering around to see if a rain child is standing out there.

"And I'll remember."