"Mommy!" Three year old Tammy ran into the kitchen at breakneck speed. "I want to bake cookies for Thanksgiving!" Tammy jumped up and down, unable to contain her energy as she awaited her mother's reply. Jane took her daughter by the hand and led her to the kitchen.

Propping Tammy on the stool, Jane took out the ingredients. "Do you remember what Thanksgiving is?" she asked as she laid out the cookie cutters, the dough from the freezer, rolling pin, and the baking sheet.

Tammy nodded her head with pride. "Miss Stacey says that the Pilgrims ate dinner with their new friends the Indians."

Jane nodded her head, laying the cookie cutters in front of Tammy. "Pick your favorite ones," she instructed as she rolled the dough on the cutting board.

"Ummm," Tammy said to herself as she touched each cutter. Her family was bringing sugar cookies to Auntie and Uncle Mayer, and Tammy didn't want anyone to be sad over ugly cookies.

"This one is my favorite," Tammy said with pride, holding a star shape for her mother to see. "Granny and Grampy will love this one." Tammy placed the fish shape next to it. "For my cousins Jack – it's his favorite animal."

Jane kissed her daughter on the head. "The dough is almost ready for the cookie cutters."

Tammy nodded her head somberly. "What did the Pilgrims and Indians eat at Thanksgiving?"

"Hmm," Jane said as she placed the rolling pin in the sink. "They probably ate a lot of the same things that we do at Thanksgiving."

"Turkey, corn, biscuits, carrots, potatoes, and pumpkin pie!" Tammy screamed the last part, barely able to control her glee.

"Yes," Jane said. "Take the star shape and place it on the dough."

Tammy did as she was told, with Jane placing her hands over hers to help her press down.

"Once you see the shape in the dough, we pick up the cookie cutter and peel off the cookie, placing it on our baking sheet." Jane explained as she lowered the first unbaked cookie onto the grey sheet. "Now place the cookie cutter in the dough again," Jane instructed.

"Like this?" Tammy asked, wanting to make the perfect shape.

"Perfect," Jane complimented as Tammy picked up the fish shape, handing it to her mother to peel.

Mother and daughter continued the pattern for the next few minutes, until the baking sheet was filled with cookies.

"What next?" Tammy asked expectantly.

Jane carefully picked up the sheet and placed it in the oven. "We let the cookies cook in the oven."

"And then we decorate them?" Tammy asked urgently.

"Yes," Jane laughed. "That's the last part."

"It's the best part!" Tammy insisted. Her face quickly fell. "What do I do while the cookies are in the oven?"

"How about we go in the living room and visit your friends Big Bird and Elmo."

"And Bert and Ernie!" Tammy added excitedly darting into the other room, disappointment over waiting for the cookies now forgotten. There was just too much fun to be had.