Only before she knew of Stuart did Annabel work hard each and every day at school with no payback. Only before she knew of Stuart did Annabel look up at the stars each night and wonder, Where am I going in this world? Only before she knew of Stuart did Annabel know the deathly possibilities love could bring upon her.

A blond girl of fifteen years old, Annabel Eberly lived in the city of Misawa with her mother, cat, and brother. Every day did she walk to school at seven o'clock five days of every week, and she would occasionally run into her best friend, Cyera. They would usually talk of such topics as what was going on in their school until they finally made it to the school's doors.

Almost every day after school, Cyera would stay after school for whatever activities she had signed up for, leaving Annabel to walk home on her own. Once she made it home, she would often come into her home with exhaustion showing on her face.

After the ten-minute-walk from her school to home, Annabel would walk past her cat, Tiger, flip the front door to her house open, walk to her room, and collapse on her bed. Once she had a few minute's rest, the young soul would start her homework until she was finished with almost everything that needed to be done for the day.

Near the end of the day, Annabel and her family would have their final dining for the day. Whenever she came to the table, Annabel with confronted by her mother, Elaine, and her brother, Gavin at the table. During dinner, Tiger would often pad up to his food and water bowls and dine with his family. Annabel's heart would warm up when she bent over to pet her favorite feline.

At the very end of the day, Annabel would brush her teeth two minutes before walking into her room. Just across the hall from her room was Gavin's room, where he had fallen asleep an hour ago. Taking almost all of her clothes off, Annabel's feet were the last thing to come off of the ground as she hopped into her bed to put her pajamas on. Blankets would wrap around her, and the young woman would finally turn off the light that her lamp was creating.