Only a few hours of sleep had come into Annabel's system through the bitter night. With her eyes opened, she came to realize that her back was experiencing a rather painful ache. "Ow," she moaned through gritted teeth.

Annabel sniffed, picked herself up on her feet, and rubbed her tired, pink eyes. Almost astonishingly, she held barely enough strength to give a complete opening of her eyes. Her head and heart both felt as if they would burst with loneliness.

What am I doing here? she asked herself while making her way out of the alley. Who am I now that I've left everything?

Another attempt to shed a tear over the death of her beloved, rival, and brother had quickly proven to turn itself out in a sheet of failure.

"Stuart—" Annabel whispered to herself, ignoring whether or not there had been any witnesses to her show of insanity and misery. "Where have you gone? Are you—behind me?" Upon asking herself this question she took a hopeful glance behind her left shoulder—only to find dismay rain upon her.

"If you aren't here," Annabel began to sob, "then you must be—you—you must be—there." It was while speaking these words when she pointed her right index finger toward the busy highway that lay in front of her.

Without a single tear escaping from her eye, Annabel took a look to her right and took sight of a series of cars. Among these cars was a large delivery truck. Once the image of the truck had spilled into her mind, Annabel began to have a silent argument with herself.

It's now or never.

I may never see my family again. I may never be able to apologize to them.

But—but I will be able to speak to Gavin, Bretono, and Stuart once again. B-but is that even possible? I have to decide quickly; the clock is ticking.

The fast-moving truck was only a few decameters away from Annabel at this point. I'll have to do it, she finally decided when the sight of the truck driver's face flashed into her mind. A smile nearly appeared on the depressed girl's face when she cried, "Stuart—here I come!"

With an extension of her legs, Annabel jumped in front of the truck's path when it had come only meters within her range.

As a result of placing herself in the truck's path, every second that Annabel had gone through seemed to appear as decades. Images of Stuart, Gavin, and herself began to fill her mind. These images had put themselves together in order to show what kind of future she might have had—if only the people she had laid to rest had still known the sensation of a beating heart. Fortunately, Annabel assured herself while flying through the air, I'll soon forget that feeling, too.

The sensation of her body smashing into a concrete floor was nowhere near as bad as the pain in which Annabel would have received a second after. Within only a heartbeat, the sound and feeling of crushed bones entered her mind. I'll see you soon, came her very last thought.

As a result of running Annabel over with his truck, the truck driver slammed his foot on the breaks—nearly causing a traffic crisis to occur. Less than a minute had passed when the sound of a person calling for help spilled into the air. All the while of these occurrences had bystanders huddled themselves around a bloodied body.

Annabel Eberly: a killer of a total of four different people. Among these people were Bretono, Stuart, Gavin Eberly, and her own self. Instead of embracing life, she ended up destroying a fraction of it. She no longer walks the earth.