What do you do when time stands still?

When the minutes seem to stop,

When the hours go on forever

And the days lie forgot.


When all the things you thought you knew

Have simply turned to dust.

When the cogs have all stopped turning

And will soon begin to rust.


What do you do in the time

A penny takes to drop?

Will you run to catch it?

Or say you'd rather not?


What do you do when all the things

You knew have turned to ash?

Will you find a way to fix it?

Can you stand to watch things crash?


What would you do if I told you

That the sky was shining bright

With a whirlwind bright with fire

In the middle of the night?


I guess it's only normal

If you cannot see that far.

If you can't see the wonder

Of the machinery of stars.


Everything is connected

Like a giant moving clock

And it only takes a moment

For everything to stop.