Crack! The sound of shattering eggs ricocheted across the city of San Francisco. Every single crack brought them closer to trouble.

Three boys—Bradley Anders, Edmond Bradley, and Austin Allen—celebrated their Hallowe'en through traditional means. Such means were transferred by egging strangers' houses under the shadow of the city. While risky, this tradition allowed the three young teenagers to test their inner stealth.

Not a single word was spoken between the young men as they hopped from one house to the next. While they didn't seem loquacious at first, a small gout of chuckling was shared between each of them. Unfortunately for them, this laughter would eventually prove to be their downfall.

"Who is that?" a female voice called out into the city.

"Damn," Bradley cursed under his own breath.

"I know you're back there!" the woman called through her window. "Get over here!"

"Come on; let's get outta here," whispered Edmond as he and the others began to run with their egg boxes. "Before she catches up with us."

Although they hadn't known it at first, the woman had leapt through the rim of her window and made her way toward the running tipiers. They're gonna pay for this, she silently murmured as a flame lit up in her heart.

Bradley, Austin, and Edmond felt relief fall over them when they all came into an alley. With a sigh of relief, the three tipiers leaned against one of the alley's walls—careful not to break their eggs. Thinking their troubles were over, Austin pulled three cans out of his sweatshirt pocket.

Both Edmond and Bradley took a look at their friend's cans and quickly came to realize they were Monster energy drinks. Before they could have asked for the cans, Austin tossed two out of three of the cans to them while commanding, "Take 'em."

The three friends had been together for an almost uncountable amount of time. Their time in San Francisco was time spent with trial and reward.

Austin was the largest and tallest of the three long-time friends, certainly capable of knocking his two friends out with ease.

Edmond, however, was just the opposite. While not as tall as Austin, he came very close to being the tallest person in their group. To add to his height and a head of red, he was also the thinnest person in their group.

In the end did the team boil down to Bradley: the pinnacle of the group's story. While not as tall or as big as Austin, he still held a strong figure to his body.

Without a single word, both Edmond and Bradley popped the drinks open and, as a result, sent a shockwave of the sound of crackling metal to bounce against the walls of San Francisco's buildings. Oh no.

Only a split-second of silence had come into place when Bradley, Austin, and Edmond realized they were doomed to be caught any second. Their hearts raced as they awaited their inevitable capture.

Such racing nearly stopped when the boys' predator caught up to them: a lean, young woman in her early twenties. From the shape of her body, the teenagers came to realize it was no wonder she was able to catch up to them so quickly.

"Ha! Busted!" the woman exclaimed through a flame of anger.

The sound of this woman's voice ringing in their ears, the three teenagers picked themselves up on their feet and attempted to run away from her grasp.

Bradley—being the closest to the woman—found himself being taken hold of by her strong hand. Austin and Edmond retreated from the woman as quickly as possible and, as a result, forgot about their eggs, yet carried their drinks with them.

Trying to escape, Bradley realized the woman's grasp was nearly impossible to escape from. For a woman with such a thin figure, she held quite a grip within her hands. Such a grip almost hurt against Bradley's arm.

"You're coming with me," the strange woman growled. A piercing look showed itself in her brown eyes as she glanced over at Bradley.