My dearest Gigi,

Promise me you won't cry when you read this okay? I can't begin to tell you how special your friendship has been to me throughout the years. The best 8 years of my life. From the moment you joined our boarding school till my last day. I'm sorry I left you alone with all those nasty girls, but you understood why. I desperately wanted to live a little with the little time I had left. And it was beautiful; the world, the people and love…

Remember "story time", all those silly nights, reading aloud endless chapters of hopeless romantic fairytales. Those were my favorite moments. Even though I had but a glimpse of what it was like outside, you still have a lifetime. Now we both know I was never the pretty one. I never imagined any guy liking a bald, beady-eyed and crooked face. No matter how many times you tried to convince me otherwise…and I was fine with that.

What I never told you was, every time we read one of our stories, I always pictured you as the star role. What guy wouldn't fall for your sun-gold hair and sky blue eyes? You always complained that you looked like any ordinary blue eyed girl, but we both know that's not true…you're too special. Though you lack courage and that made us even. I was jealous of your beauty and you of my boldness.

So I'm going to ask you one favor; a big one actually. And you have to promise to do it…it's a dying girl's wish. I want you to live out all those moments I will never have. In this letter, although you can't see it, I've enclosed 15 teaspoons of courage. Yes you heard right…and don't give me that look! You know me and my crazy ideas.

I've listed the places where I've imagined myself, as you, kissing a perfect stranger. You didn't think I was going to make it that easy now did you? Like I said, you have a lifetime…enjoy! You'll thank me later one day.

I missed you every day. And I'm sorry I won't be there for your graduation, your 18th birthday or your wedding day…because it will happen someday. But in a small way I'll be there. I love you my best friend.

Always and forever,

Franny Pants

Gianna pressed the letter upon her chest while wiping the corners of her eyes. She laughed quietly as she scrolled down the absurd list on a separate pink card included in the envelope. Leave it to Francine to come up with a crazy idea of a kissing bucket list for her to fulfill, of all the unqualified people in the world. There's just no way…but I have to. Why couldn't it be sky diving?


Skating Ring

Library or Bookstore

Music Store



Dance Club

Coffee Shop

Taxi Cab or Bus

Sports Game or Sports Bar


Movie Theater



College Cafeteria

Remember: It can't be just any guy; he has to make your stomach

flutter or it doesn't count.

Good Luck!

No matter how insane this all sounded, Gianna knew that her best friend was counting on her to do this. She couldn't let her down now could she? Her friendship meant the world and she hadn't fully recovered from the news of her friend passing away from a weak heart, because she knew that Francine had a bigger heart than the two of them combined.