"Are you asleep?" He whispered.

Nodding she purred "Nooo."

"I was afraid so, your body felt heavier."

"I might shortly. I'm so comfortable, but I don't think I can get up from here."

"You need me to help you up?"

"Yeah, my leg fell asleep." She chuckled.

William climbed off and turned to grab her arms. Little by little she moved till she stood on her good leg. Not seeing the coffee table behind him, Will toppled over falling on his bum, but taking poor Gianna down with him as she lost her balance too. Luckily the pain wasn't as big as their laughter.

"So much for helping you, I think I made it worse. Did I forget to mention that clumsiness is one of my flaws?" He smiled humiliated.

Gianna laughed while shaking her head. She fell on top of his thigh, her head leaning on his shoulder while trying to get rid of the giggles. Still holding her waist, he tried to save her from falling on her bad hip.

"Are you okay?" She asked him jokingly.

"I-I'm fine." William choked.

Gianna's hair fell over her shoulder, slightly brushing on his arm. Even though she was trying to shift into a safe kneeling position, in pain, she stalled observing the steam rise from between them. Sitting on top of him, this was a brave position for her to be in. She couldn't let it pass. It seemed like he was just waiting to see what she would do.

This is where I would get up and awkwardly sit away. Considering that he's my BOYFRIEND and I could just about die right now from the way he's looking at me, then I'd be stupid not to . . .

Gianna ignored her thoughts of precaution, ignored the script in the stories where the ladies don't make the moves. She looked into William's eyes and drifted closer to him, gripping between his neck and shoulders. Surprised by the immediate lack of distance from William pushing up to meet her half way, their lips finally sealed. William removed one of his hands to press her head in deeper, falling all the way on his back.

Easing back to his mouth, Gianna took advantage of his vulnerable position. She fixed herself by sliding her knees outward, straddling his waist. William helped guide her wounded leg with his hand. Reengaging in the kiss, William laid his head against the floor, ruffling his fingers in her hair.

"Such a rare gem." He muttered.

"It's funny that we started kissing on the floor as opposed to when we were laying comfortably on the couch." She grinned.

"Yes I suppose that's quite ironic. We can move back to the sofa if you'd like?" He grinned back innocently.

"You know how long it took me to get comfortable down here?"

"Is your leg still asleep?" He struggled to keep his head up.

"I forgot about that."

Gianna remained looking down at William. Not wanting to remove herself just yet. This was her boyfriend, there was entitlement in their label now. She didn't have to feel embarrassed or shy about expressing herself or wanting to get closer. Finally all her kisses were reserved for one and one alone.

"I'm kind of liking this . . . "

"You like being on top? Oh boy, you're the quiet ones that my mum always warned me about." He laughed.

"No, I'm not!" she clarified while laughing with him. "I'm quiet but . . . wait so you don't like me on top?"

"Oh no I love this position. By all means, pin me down whenever you'd like. But I do have to say . . . you're glowing and you feel less tense . . . Are you happy with me?"

"Very happy."

William smiled, brushing her hair to one side. Pushing his elbows against the floor to stop chest to chest with Gianna, he kissed her. This time he steadily cupped her face and danced with her lips. Gianna loved his tender affection but was beginning to feel the strain on her ankle. Hesitantly, she pushed back.

"Something wrong?"

"My ankle." She groaned.

"Oh God, yes let's get you up!"

Helping her to take a seat on the cushion, he was about to bend down to look at her ankle when she caught his chin. Pausing, he looked at her in question. Gianna held his chin, steering him to her once again, meanwhile crawling back to their previous spot. Lying on a pillow instead, Gianna welcomed Will to lie beside her. Fiddling with his collar, his eyes pierced through her while soothing her with his cute smile.

"Every time you kiss me, it feels like the first time."

"Oh you mean aside from all those random strangers?" His throat trembled in a quiet laugh.

"You know what I mean. And hey, you said it was romantic!"

"I did. But now I want to be the only one to kiss you at all those places. Even the ones you've already done."

"That's ambitious."

"Maybe I'm a little jealous. What's the supermarket guy's name again?" He smiled, cuddling next to her.

"Just be happy that you hold the record for best kiss."

"Oh I'm very happy, love."

"Am I still glowing?" She asked.

"You're blushing right now actually."

Gianna covered her face with her hands, but William gently pulled them down, caressing her face in the process.

"This is silly but, can you sing for me?"

"It would be my pleasure." He grinned.

She knew what she asked for, yet she wasn't prepared for what he was about to deliver. He delicately shifted his weight on her, creating a comb-like pattern with their legs. Raising himself to make direct eye contact, only inches away. His stare made the hairs on her arms shoot up, her heart pounding hard enough to shake her.

Humming a tune, he began to sing a few lines. She couldn't make out the song, but it sounded lovely. Done with holding back, she leaped in to kiss him. He had done all the right things to induce her; dazed from his scent, accent and his touch. Innocence was hanging by a very thin thread.

The kiss turned into the longest they had ever shared. At first the sting of her leg kept reminding her to be watchful, until she numbed it out. Then the pain just reminded her that she wasn't dreaming, making things even more intense. Seconds turned into minutes, time increasing like the strength of their kiss.

Gianna felt his weight lifted as he sustained himself on his strong arms. She wrapped her hands around the back of his neck and soon felt like she might explode again if he didn't touch her more. Her body formed waves beneath him, lifting her torso to be closer then dropping down; her hips attempting to draw closer as well.

William sat up momentarily to remove his shirt. She thought she might have popped a blood vessel or an ovary. Swallowing hard at the sight of his shiny torso, he came back down, sending her in an emotional uproar. I'm going to die!

Daring to finally touch his bare skin, she surprised herself, feeling drawn to rub her hands all over his back and shoulders. He began to trace his kisses down her neck, sucking gently along her shoulder line. Gianna felt so unlike herself, out of her comfort zone and yet calm at the same time. Relaxed, she enjoyed each touch and everything else William did to her.

"Are you alright?" William asked, concern in his eyes.

Gianna shook her head and smiled, grazing his hair with her fingers. Sitting up again, Will held her wounded leg, allowing her to sit on top of his lap. He continued to play on her neck, where he had left off, except now his hands were rubbing her lower back. She held on to his shoulders, trying to keep balance.

His hands trailed up and soon pulled her shirt off also. Securing his arms around her waist with so much more territory to cover with his mouth, but Gianna found him again. She fondled his lips, biting and pressing harder. Will's hands dug deep in her hair as they lingered in that position for a while.

"Let's go to bed. I just want to sleep beside you." He spoke in a deep voice against her ear.

Standing up, still holding onto Gianna on his waist, William made his way down the hall to his room. Gianna trusted him, no worries to torment her. He gently laid her on his bed and walked to the other side to join her. Somehow the plans of sleeping subsided as they continued to make-out.

William's hand slid over her bruise causing her to groan a bit. Going to take a closer look, he pulled her pants down a little and kissed the purple mark. Articulating an apology, he landed softly alongside her. She was hooked on him. Maybe she was a quiet one to watch out for, but he didn't seem to mind.

Pulling the covers up to their waist, William took a moment to stare at her. Gianna on the other hand, furthered the borderline by wiggling out of her pajamas. Still covered by the white sheets, she threw her pants off the bed. Noticing Will's eyes wide open.

"This is the farthest I've ever. . ." She admitted timidly.

Will rubbed her shoulder. It looked like things were about to die down. He pulled her closer and then turned off the light.