After a year of consistent drilling and classes, Gianna's moment had come. Sasha scored her a fill in spot as one of Ke$ha's backup dancers for the Valentine's Carnival. For the past two months she had been carefully trained by the tour choreographer and was now only minutes away from the grand performance. Painted in glitter and colorful tattoos, hair teased with braids and feathers, legs exposed in a tigress-graffiti leotard and heart pumping louder than the speakers; Gianna checked her phone one last time.

Every day, she was a step closer to knowing this being from across the globe. Every text, every call and thought invested in a single person. Perhaps it didn't seem as drastic coming from a girl who barely had any guy friends before, but looking through Will's perspective…it was monumental. And if Gianna should fail to recognize that, Cory was there to remind her otherwise. She'd Google photos and articles that raved on and on about the band's fame; William could literally have any girl he truly desired.

Gianna looked forward to every ounce of communication Will extended. Knowing that his time was limited, his faithfulness in showing his thoughts towards her spoke volumes. As their friendship progressed so did her dancing. Doing better under Sasha's precise instruction and criticism, never knowing that Gianna's true inspiration was an unattainable Star.

2 minutes till the stage, Gianna was busy texting Will on how nervous she was. He told her he wished he could be there but he was back in London. That was enough motivation for her as she threw her phone in her bag to quickly run to the side of the stage. The host announced the next guest and Gianna's face lit up as she saw the eccentric singer walk on to take her place on the platform.

Performing her latest single C'mon, Ke$ha began singing the first verses. The dancers were stretching and jumping in place, psyched to run out from both sides of the stage on cue. It seemed like a car crash, loss of all feelings and time. Seconds before the chorus, Gianna and the other dancers skipped on to the stage. Nerves shooting out like lightning bolts as she did the routine she memorized along with the astounding beats guiding her moves effortlessly.

Gathering her senses: bright light effects, the blanket off faces in the audience and the high of the music; Gianna had found her home. Smiling throughout the whole performance, she could barely catch her breath during the transition into the next song. A fellow dancer quickly grabbed her hand to assure her that she did great. Warmed up, they performed four more songs.

No amount of drug could sedate Gianna's heart when she walked off stage. The singer even went to shake her hand and thank her for the good job. The pearls of sweat came running down, mixing in with the sparkles and ink. This was by far the best moment of her life.

"Excuse me miss, are you Gianna?" asked the backstage guard. "Follow me please."

She did as told and followed the six foot man dressed in black. Trying to decipher what he was mumbling into his walkie talkie. He was a few feet ahead of her, walking towards a small huddle of similar dressed and sized men. Feeling like a mess, desperately wanting to shower out of the caked layers; she suddenly recognized a familiar disguise.

The electric blue hues in her eyes intensified, watching the young man smoothly remove his shades while increasing a stunning smile. Forgetting how awful she thought she looked, Gianna walked over to Will in disbelief of his presence. Not recognizing the distant screaming of his name, by a herd of girls aligning on the other side of the gate. Protected not only by space but by his guards also, William didn't hesitate to throw his arms around the sweaty girl.

"I look awful. What are you doing here?!" Gianna chuckled.

"You thought I would miss this important day? You've only been raving about it for months…"

Distracted by the swarm of flashes, Gianna could barely see where they were coming from. Then she spotted scattered professional cameras capturing every second of their conversation. She fixed her sights back on the prize. William is here!

"I could barely recognize you, but you rocked it out there!"

"Oh my gosh! Thank you for being here." She muffled her voice in his chest.

The adrenaline hadn't subsided, especially after this surprise visitor. It felt so nice finally seeing him again, and oddly comfortable as they had been talking for so long. It was like their puzzle pieces fit together. Gianna stepped back to check if any of her extreme makeup had stained his shirt. Not seeming to mind, she was more shocked that he was gazing at her as though he were captivated by her costume.

"You know, this is a strangely hot look for you." He smiled.

"Your accent sounds better in person." She changed the subject.

"So how about that dinner we had talked about ages ago?"

Gianna shook her head, forgetting that there were still many girls screaming and cameras flashing. William slid his hand in hers as they walked about, escorted by the guards. At one point, he did walk closer to the gate to give out a few autographs and take some pictures. Except when the stampede came, one of the officers had to pull him away. Gianna was terrified by the mob of crying faces.

"I need to wash up. I can't believe I'm walking around with you looking like this."

"Relax, I think you look amazing." Will stopped, and played with a feather that was falling out of her hair.

"You're not serious. I look like Tarzan." She laughed.

William leaned down as she looked away embarrassed, meeting her lips when she turned back. He raised his hands to cup her face one at a time. Gianna instantly remember their first kiss and the insane flutters that came with it. Now, after knowing him, the kiss was that more profound and rewarding.

Carnival kiss…check!