Chapter 17

Two years had passed all too quickly for both Freddy and Justin. Justin had graduated, Beyond Heaven's Door had released two back to back albums and were currently on tour around America, and the Bolivar's were in a divorce dispute that had been going on for a while. Of course, Justin's father did not want a divorce in the beginning. Every time Justin was mentioned his mother would grow angry, or just leave the room entirely. It grew tiring, and by the time Justin's graduation came around his mother told his father outright that if he went she was calling for a divorce. This news hurt Justin, but did far more damage to his father, who agreed to the split up, and continued to see his son and help him out.

Freddy and Justin rented out an apartment for a half a year, till Justin finally agreed to be in Jerry Mayson's movie where he earned enough money to uproot and buy a house back in Oregon after the film was finished. Freddy was uncomfortable with this at first, but after meeting Justin's old friends from high school, and getting use to the traveling back and for to LA and back he was perfectly fine with the arrangement.

It had been two months so far since Freddy and the others had left on tour. Justin was miserable alone, sitting in their house, brooding over the calendar wishing that time would speed up quicker. The only reason he did not go on tour with his boyfriend was because of a TV series that he was filming. He was at least thankful that the setting was in a mythical place that resembled Oregon so he was able to stay home during the initial filming process before they went down to Hollywood to film the excess things that did not need to be on location.

He glanced over to his cell phone as it lit up and began to ring. It was the director and writer of the TV show Billy Sheldon. His first day off in three weeks and he was calling? He frowned and reached out, and picked it up, answering it dully.

"Yeah Billy?"

"Justin, bad news. Molly has Mono. We are out of filming for two weeks till she recovers."

"Two weeks? Can't we film some of the extra scenes that don't include her?" he argued, not really wanting to be left alone for two weeks and with nothing to do.

"Justin... As Molly's right hand man on the set, you know that there wouldn't be any filming without the two of you together... Least not till next season."

Justin nodded, despite not being able to be seen by the other, "Yeah... You're right..."

"Why not go on vacation for the two weeks? I hear Hawaii is lovely this time of year. No snow to deal with," he knew the old man was grinning with his snaffle-tooth, tilting his head to the side, peering through the tiny lenses of his glasses.

"Maybe..." Justin droned, hanging up his phone and absentmindedly licking his lips as he flopped back against the couch and letting out a soft sigh. He sat in silence before his brows furrowed, "Hawaii..." he murmured softly, repeating what he said, "Hawaii is lovely this time of year..." he shot up and rushed over to the bedroom and pulling out his laptop and opening up Beyond Heaven's Door's fan page and checking their schedule.

"Of course..." he grinned, looking at the venue they were playing at in Honolulu, Hawaii. "That was just a hint... Fricken Billy..." he then clicked on a air-travel website that found the soonest and cheapest flights, and soon found a flight that left in a few hours to Oakland, California then transferred to Honolulu. He grinned and turned, immediately packing his bags, packing a shoulder bag with his laptop, his phone charger, his phone, his IPOD, headphones, and his passport before grabbing his keys and locking up the house. As he got into his car he couldn't wipe the smile off his face. He was going to see, and surprise Freddy. He started the car and pulled out, not even bothering to put in any of his piercings, and raced to the airport.

The flight to Oakland was quick. The flight from there to Honolulu was tiresome. There was a boy behind him that kept kicking his seat. If he had remembered to put in his piercings he would have been a bit more intimidating as he turned around and asked him to stop. Instead, the child gave him next to no respect, and went about continuing to kick his chair. It was unfortunate that he was on the flight alone, and even the flight attendants couldn't get him to stop. Then, after three of the five hour flight passed, they started to show random television shows on the screens. It would have been fine, but the first show they decided to play was the pilot episode of the show he was currently in.

No one had noticed at first. The character he played had blonde hair, and wore tight-fitted leather attire instead of his current wardrobe of a baggy black t-shirt with skinny jeans and converse. Then one of the attendants passed by, holding a notebook in her hand, looking sheepishly around before stopping by his chair and holding it out to him with a pen, "You're Justin Boliviar right? I'm a huge fan of both you and your father. Do you think I could have an autograph?" she asked, her cheeks turning a soft pink color making her seem younger than she really was.

"Uh, yeah sure," how did Freddy act with fans? He was talkative, and cheerful. He always made to flash a smile here and there and compliment them in any way possible. He gave her a smile before taking the notebook and the pen, "Do you want me to make it out to..." he looked at her name tag, "Bev?" Small talk it was. She was a flight attendant after all. What could he compliment? Her neck tie? All of them wore it.

"Please," she squeaked, holding her hands behind her, people peering at him, then the character on the screen, then proceeding to whisper to their neighbors excitedly. "Are you by any chance going to see Freddy?" she asked, boldly. There were rumors all around the internet about his and Freddy's relationship, but never anything confirming other than just being friends from when they worked together at the music studio.

"I agreed to help Tristan out with something during their concert, nothing more or less," he grinned, the girl pouting out her lower lip, obviously hoping for a bit more. He signed the paper, then handed it over to her, and gave her another smile. "Thank you for supporting my father and I. I really appreciate it."

The attendant nodded her head vigorously and turned, rushing to the front of the plane again, leaving him smiling at people who gawked at him in awe. This was the main reason he never wanted to be famous. He looked down at his bag, and pulled out his IPOD and his noise-canceling headphones before slipping them on and flipping through his play lists before stopping on the one he put all of the songs Freddy sang, or recorded just for him on, and grinned, slipping it in his pocket and closed his eyes, deciding to ignore everyone around him by pretending to sleep and listening to the man's voice that he was going to soon be hearing in person.

Justin awoke at the feeling of turbulence. He removed his headphones to hear the last of what the pilot was saying about the descending procedure. He turned off his IPOD but stuck it back in his pocket, letting his headphones dangle from his neck as he felt the plane slowly lowering in altitude. After another twenty minutes he was out, following the signs to the baggage claim, while listening to the ringing noise of his phone as he called the band manager Ricky Herris.

"Yo! Hows it?" he almost forgot that the man had a way of mimicking the ways people spoke depending on where they were.

"Uh... Yo. Don't tell Freddy," he paused, "Or any of the others in the band for that matter. I'm in Hawaii, what hotel are you guys staying in?" he asked, waiting in front of the claim, watching as it moved, luggage starting to fall onto the conveyer belt.

"I'll text you the address." The fact that he didn't tell him what the name of the hotel meant that one of the members of the band was nearby as he spoke. "I thought you were busy?"

"My co-star caught mono so I'm free for two weeks."

"Ah, A'ight. Cool, cool. Did you want me to set you up with a cab?"

"I think I can find one. Airports tend to have them, right?"

"Yeah. Alright, catch you later Cuz!"

Justin rolled his eyes as he hung up, slipping his phone into his pocket, and pulling his bag off the claim. He stepped out of the airport for the first time, and squinted at the bright sunlight. The humidity was also a weird change, making him wish he had worn shorts. He walked over to a man who held a sign up that read "Taxi" and held up a finger indicating he was alone, and scooted in the back of the car that he directed him to. He pulled out his phone, told the driver the address, earning a raise of the brows, but also a nod of the head as he started to drive.

What sort of hotel were they staying in? Probably either incredibly run-down or an extremely expensive one, judging by the odd look he received from the tanned man. He slouched slightly in the seat, and stared out the window, admiring the different shades of green and different colors of all the plants that they passed.

They arrived at the location twenty minutes later, revealing that it was the latter of the two. He paid the man, then headed inside, gulping as he looked around. There were fountains everywhere. The building stood tall the front being held up by four pillars. The fancy decor in the windows made him feel outclassed despite his money. He stepped inside, and was immediately yanked to the side, looking up to see the red haired man, who was the band's manager.

"You will want to come with me," he stated simply, nearly running to the elevator and shoving him in and following. He rapidly pressed the "close-door" button, despite the calls that could be heard from down the hall from Tristan and let out a sigh as he half slouched against the wall pressing the number twelve and looking over to Justin, his face revealing his fatigue from the tour.

"Have a nice flight?"

"I guess. I slept most of the way."

"Mkay, well. Do you want to hide out in my room for the time being? Or go in Freddy's and risk being found at any time?"

Justin thought for a moment, following him out as they reached the floor, then shrugged, "I guess your room. I haven't quite figured out how I want to surprise him yet."

"Well, I'm already in on this whole scheme of yours," he smirked to show his word usage was simply teasing, "So how about this. You go in his room, and stay in the room, preferably on the bed," he paused to wink, making the raven haired man roll his eyes, "I'll tell him after lunch, which they should be going to in a few minutes, that there is a surprise in his room from a fan, and I think that he will like it a lot. Then, when we are back you will be there. Sound cool?"

Justin thought this over for a moment, then nodded his head, the older man smiling wider and pulling out a book with four keys inside. He pulled out a specific one and walked down the hall, slipping the key inside and opening the door wide, the twenty-year old walking inside and looking back.

"It should be an hour tops. You know how boring these lunches get."

That hour was the longest period of his entire life. He laid on the bed, then sat on the floor, even searched the room for any hidden areas he could hide in for more of the surprise factor. He settled on just sitting at the foot of the bed, leaning back slightly, then practiced his poses and facial expressions. He was going for a "I missed you so much, come here big-boy" sort of look, but only succeeded in the seductive smirk that he later tried out in the mirror and found himself horrified with.

After what seemed like days he heard a click of the door opening, the black and blue-haired male leaping up from laying and staring at the ceiling, staring at the door, his heart pounding loudly. He felt his heart stop as soon as he saw him. He looked nearly the same except was wearing a wife beater, military-colored shorts and was a bit more tanned than he could remember. His voice caught in his throat, the man smiling wide and dropping his bag as he rushing to him, embracing him tightly. Justin wrapped his arms around his neck and smiled, breathing in the scent that was his boyfriend's.

Freddy pulled back, putting his hands on both of Justin's cheeks, staring down in his eyes, pressing his forehead to his, "Ricky was right. I like this surprise."

"I've missed you so much, Freddy." He tried hard not to get emotional, but the moment the words escaped his lips, tears weld up in his eyes. Freddy stopped them, pressing his lips to his own, pushing him back in a hungry kiss.

Tongues battled. Hands pulled at clothes, and hair. Soon both of them were left breathless, chuckling at each other as Freddy laid on top of him, peering down at his now shirtless lover. "What... happened to work?" the blonde rolled over and held his hand, keeping his eyes glued to him, unable to wipe the grin from his lips.

"I'm free for two weeks. It came at a perfect time, too. I was having with-drawls of smelling your cologne every day..." he half joked, the other laughing and leaning his head against his shoulder.

"You have no idea how much I missed you. Raimy and Conrad have each other, Trist has his new girlfriend he picked up a month ago, and Ricky's always gone. We've webcammed, but it's not the same," he whispered, keeping his eyes closed.

"Tristan with a girlfriend?" Justin snorted, "Does she look like him?"

Freddy thought for a moment before busting out laughing and sitting up, "You know... she does!"

"Oh jeez," Justin shook his head and sat up as well, yawning and looking down as his stomach growled. When was the last time he had eaten? He remembered eating the day before... but couldn't recall if he had eaten breakfast.


"A bit," Justin let go of his hand and stood, stretching upward as he walked over to his suitcase and pulled out a pair of shorts. Hawaii was too hot for pants, least in his opinion. He changed then turned and tilted his head to the side, "When is your next show? I think I remember the website saying there was one today..."

"This morning, yeah. We have a couple days off before the next show across the Island. You should have told me you were coming. I would have made sure to reserve a place twenty minutes away for dinner, or something..." he reached out, putting his hands on his waist and pulling him closer, hugging him and leaning his head against his lower stomach.

"I didn't come to be pampered," Justin argued, shaking his head and running his hand through Freddy's hair, "I just came to see you because I missed you. I'd be fine just staying in the room, and cuddling... or something..." his nose scrunched which made Freddy laugh as he pulled back. Justin's stomach growled again, making the older man laugh and stand up, taking his hands.

"Let's get you something to eat before anything else, alright?"

They sat on the beach that the resort owned, completely alone. It was nearly ten at night, and although the shore was technically closed, Freddy slipped a few bills the guards way so that they were allowed to stay. Justin watched the dark waves as they swayed on and off the land, sometimes hitting their toes as it flowed upward. They didn't have to say anything, just the fact that they were sitting next to each other was good enough for the both of them. Justin was tired, his head nodding forward, but he managed to blink his eyes back into focus, not wanting to miss a moment.

"I'm really happy you came out here," Freddy finally stated after the long silence.

"How long is your tour?" Justin looked back, the older smirking and shrugging.

"A few more months. A month before your birthday I believe."

"It's horrible. I miss you so much..." Justin hugged his knees and bit his lip, leaning his chin against his legs.

"I miss you too.. But just think. Once I'm off tour you're going to be sick of me."

"We haven't been apart this long since we met..." Justin whispered, just coming onto the realization himself. It was no wonder he had missed him so much. "If I haven't been sick of you so far, I don't think I ever will be."

Freddy smiled grimly and looked down, "You're right. Can I ask you something?" he paused to look up, the younger nodding his head and folding his legs down to sit Indian-style. "I never asked, but what made you want to take up acting?"

Justin grinned almost devilishly before straightening out his face, "Well, at first it was to show up my mother. My dad revealed to me that my mother was betting that I wouldn't take up the job Mayson was trying to get me to take. She wanted to humiliate me by having the pictures published, knowing full well I didn't want to act. So that was the push towards it. After the movie was finished I realized that it was sort of fun pretending to be someone I'm not, and I could see why my dad loved his job. So when I was offered a job in the television show I grabbed the chance. I like it, my co-workers are nice, it's really face paced and exciting, and I'd have to say that the only negative so far was not being on this tour with you."

"Well tours don't happen all the time. Plus it'll be another year or two till we come out with a new album. I guess you're stuck with me," Freddy joked, looking back as he saw the figure of the guard approaching. "And I suppose we should be heading inside then."

They both got up and headed back to the hotel, smiling to the guard, who nodded his head to thank them for not putting up a fuss. Once inside, they went back up to Freddy's room, where Justin flopped onto the bed almost immediately. Back home it was almost three in the morning, and he was starting to feel the time difference catch up to him.

"Would you be embarrassed if we came out to the world?" Freddy asked, sitting on the other side of the bed, rubbing his chin.

Justin shook his head and rolled on his side so he could look at him better, "There's a ton of famous gay people. Two more isn't going to hurt the world," he grinned, the older man nodding his head and laying down next to him. "I love you Freddy. Nothing in the world is going to change that."

The two held hands, staring at each other, staying silent. Justin, of course, was the first one to pass out, Freddy simply laying there, studying his face. Things had changed so much since they first met. For one, Justin was the one coming to see him, saying he missed him. When they first met he was a little bit short of disgusted with him, and would do anything to avoid looking at him let alone sleep in the same bed with him. And although the younger man was still stubborn as all get out, Freddy knew that he'd eventually cave into his will. (Not that he made the effort to make him, mind you.) Everything was as perfect as you could get to having a perfect situation.

Both Freddy and Justin were not going to let anything effect their lives negatively. As he fell asleep next to the man he loved, Freddy knew that because of Justin he was never going to live a day of his life without knowing he was loved. He was never going to let Justin live a day of his life without him feeling loved.

Nothing would break them apart.

The End