(A/N- Just as a warning, this is a very, very, very old story. I don't expect anyone to enjoy it or even make sense out of it. It's just something I did around 6th or 7th grade. It's poorly written, has a few minor grammar errors and I'm posting because I want to share this with my friend, Alex.

Still, if you'd like to read, go ahead! No ones stopping you. Just please be warned.

Alex, this is for you!

- Monica)

Chapter 1

As the sun was sinking in the distance and the night made it's way in.

First came the cold. A chill that would send your blood running cold. Then came the wind. A howling wind that would certainly make your eardrums ring. Finally there was darkness. The sun set and was gone and a new sphere made its way in. The moon.

A girl sat on a rock and watched it all. The air, the wind, and the sun disappear over the horizon. She knew it was time. Night had come and her spirit had finally awoken.

She starred up at the moon and smiled. She concentrated hard on the sound and the smells. The sound of the frogs croaking, the owls hooting, and the grasshoppers chirping. She could smell and even feel the dew settle on the grass that were now blowing softly in the night air.

Slowly, the girl stood up and looked to the moon. She raised her hands to the sky and gave a cry. A cry that was high and terrible yet sounded of a deadly beauty.

Suddenly, the night came alive. . . for real. The dryads came from there hiding places among the trees, the fairies made there way from beneath the shelter of the grass. All of the night animals awoke and hooted and screeched. The nighten birds (as the fairies called them) swarmed around the girl and set a crown upon her head. A crown that was made of the finest and most velvety flowers and were stringed together with a type of weed that was so strong that not even a chain saw could cut into it.

This was her time. This was the time to rain her kingdom...

Chapter 2

About a month earlier from the nights excitement, the same girl was sitting on her bed at night not caring about the night, the air, or the wind. She was thinking of a deeper and more important matter. A crush.

You see, this girl's name was Alexandria Zelbora (though everyone calls her Alex). About a week ago a new guy joined the other school in town. He was better off getting a girl from Saint Mary's (that was the other school's name), but to Alex, he was extremely cute (and she wasn't far off). He had black hair, deep blue eyes, and a hair cut that would make any girl drool. Dead serious. They met at a really small diner type place called Kurt and Joe's and she was starring at him the entire time. He got a little crept out and moved to a different table. . . away from her in the back room.

Suddenly, footsteps stomped up the stairs. Alex jolted straight up in bed. She knew those foot steps anywhere. It was her mom. And from the sound of it, she was really mad.

Alex, quickly shut off her lamp light and hide under her covers. Her breath grew heavy and slow (though her body was gasping for mouth fulls of air). The lights came on Alex pretended to sleep. Her mom looked over at the bed and said. . .

"Alexandria S. Zelbora!" she said with her hands crossed over chest. Alex pretended to just wake up and gave a fake yawn.

"What?" she asked tiredly.

"You mind explaining this?" she asked holding up a zip block bag. Alex looked closely and saw something brown in it.

"What is that?" she asked.

"That is your math book." she said taking it out. "And it's covered in dirt. Someone buried it in the yard. . ."

Alex rolled her eyes. "Mom." she said, "It looks like it's from two year ago. Spudes probably took my old text book and buried it in the yard. I haven't seen that thing in years. Look closely. Even I can see the number on that thing. It says it's for fifth graders."

Her mom didn't so much as twitch a eye when Alexandria said that. "I'm going to trust you this time, but if something like this happens again." she slide her hand across her throat as if to say Alex was going to die if something happened like that again. Then, she walked out of the room.

Alex gave sigh of relief. "That was close." she whispered and went to sleep.

The next day, she was walking down the street with her best friend, Rebekah.

"So your mom didn't find out that that was really your text book from this year?" Rebekah asked.

Alex nodded. "Yeah. I lied and told her that that was from the fifth grade. I hope she threw it away."

"Yeah." Rebekah replied. "If she didn't, you would be. . ."

"Uph!" Alex suddenly said and fell back. She looked up and saw. . . him! The new guy in Saint Mary's! "Uh. Uh. Uh." she kept repeating.

"Umm. . . are you okay?" he asked reaching down.

"Uhh. . . yeah." she said taking his hand and standing up. "I'm okay."

"Are you sure?" he asked.

"Yeah I'm fine. I just fell." she said laughing a little.

"Yeah." he said. "Aren't you the girl I saw in that restaurant thing?"

"Kurt and Joe's?"


"Yeah. I saw you. . ."

"You saw me alright."

Alex starred at him for a moment confused but then said, "Oh! That? Sorry about that. I was starring at a picture that was behind you."

"A picture?"


"Are you talking about the picture that was behind me? The one with the girl laying across a car?"

"Uhh. . . no. I was looking at the car. I would definitely want a car like that."

"A pick up?"

"Well!" Rebekah said suddenly. "Look how time fly's! Let's go." she whispered to Alex and dragged her down the street.

"What'd you do that for?!" she asked when they couldn't see the guy again.

"I was saving you from embarrassment." she answered.

"I wasn't embarrassed. I was striking a good conversation."

"Yeah. A conversation about woman lying on pick ups. Yep, it sounds like you two are like this." and she made her pointer and middle finger cross together.

Alex rolled her eyes. "Okay. I'm sorry. It's just, what else was I suppose to say? I was starring at him in the restaurant. . ."

"Let me guess." Rebekah interrupted, "You were making gaga eyes at him?"

"Well. . ."

"I knew it! Alex, I know your trying to look for the right guy. Every girl in this entire dang city is trying to. But, couldn't you just wait? You know, loosen up? Stop chasing after every cute guy you lay eyes on. . ."

"Okay, I get your point." Alex said with a sigh. "I don't know. Lot's of girls in the school have boyfriends. Like Selena! And what about Kendra? Huh? Her and her boyfriend are like in love now. Seriously! I'm looking for just the right man."

"Give it some time, Alex. He'll come. Look at me!" she said opening her arms out. "I'm doing good so far and I don't have a boyfriend!"

"You don't even try." she said. "I know. You look at a cute guy and you just get all edgy and shy."

"Not that you don't." Rebekah pointed out.

"Okay, you got me. What are we going to do?"

"Just wait." she answered, "The answer will come to you."

Alex smiled, "Okay." she looked at her watch and frown. "Crap! We got 'a go. Home room starts in five minutes."

So they both ran off down the side walk. . .

Chapter 3

Alex and her friend Rebekah sat in Mrs. Chmiel's class and was listening in boredom to Mrs. C giving her lectern about writing good paragraphs. Hey! Alex didn't have anything against her class, but that had got to be the most boring time she had had in her life!

Suddenly a small piece of paper hit Alex in the face. Alex looked around and saw Rebekah across the giving her a thumbs up. Alex looked at the piece of paper and unwrapped it. It said:

Alex, omg! you wouldn't believe what I just heard! the new guy (you know, the one that stole ur heart) is transferring to this school! ahhh! can u believe it?! maybe u'll get lucky!

Alex looked at Rebekah in astonishment and she gave her another thumbs up. Then something happened. Alex felt a chill in the air. She looked around her and saw nothing. But that chill still hung in the air.

"Wow!" Mrs. C suddenly said. "Is it getting hot in here!" and with that she took off her sweater! How could she be hot?!

Alex wrapped her arms around her tightly. 'What is going on?' she thought.

Suddenly, everything stopped. Time stopped. The world stopped. Everything . . . and everyone froze in place. Mrs. C looked like she was going to say something. Rebekah looked like she was going to drop dead on her desk. Everyone was stuck in space.

Alex moved her arms and checked if she could still breath. How is that possible? She looked up to the ceiling and saw a fly floating in mid air. And it wings were looking like they were going to flap at any moment. They never did.

Suddenly, there was movement in the room. She could hear it. She guessed that since no one was breathing and nothing was moving she could hear a heart beat.

There was a flash and Alex bolted out of her desk and looked around. She could feel something. Something cold. Something. . . evil.

There was a flash and Alex fell back and almost fell on a boy who was about to chew his pencil. She looked in front of her and saw something that seemed as if would change her life forever. A figure covered in black was standing in front of her.

He was tall. Taller than any other human. His skin was pale gray and his eyes were dark blue. His finger nails were long and . . . sharp? His mouth was dark red and the worst part was that he had a large scar going across his eyes, nose, and mouth.

"What are you?" Alex asked shaking in fear.

"Alexandria Sophie Zalbora." the man said.

"What?" she asked.

"Give it to me, Alexandria Sophie Zalbora."

"Give you what?"

"I think you know, Alexandria Sal. . ."

"Just Alexandria."


Alex (for once) looked straight into the dark man's eyes and said nothing.

"As I said, I think you know what I want."

"What makes you think I do." now Alex was starting to "play her cool", but something was strange about the man's eyes. His eyes (which were once blue) were getting darker and darker until they seemed almost. . . black. Then it became different color and became brighter and brighter till it reveled the color of red. Dark red.

"What's going on?" she asked still starring into his eyes.

"I think you know what's going on." he said coldly.

"I. . ." she stopped short and felt a strange light float around her eyes. No matter were she looked, the light still floated around her eyes and became bigger and bigger till she was totally blind and everything went black. . .

Chapter 4

When Alex finally woke up, she found herself in a dark room. So dark it was almost pitch black. She blinked her sleepy eyes and looked around.

Alex found that she was sleeping on what looked like a stretcher and the room surrounding her was gray and only had one window in it that showed the moon shining through. There was nothing else, until she saw a figure move quickly through the darkness.

This caught her by surprise. She almost fell back in her bed.

"Who's there?" she called.

"You really don't know?" a voice called. That voice. It was so cold. So dark. And it seemed to come from no where.

"Really, Alexandria." the voice said, "I thought better of you."

"What are you?" she asked.

"Don't pay dumb with me!" it bellowed, "You know perfectly well what I am."

Alexandria gulped before saying, "Teach me something."

There was silence. "Very well." and then the creature stepped out of the darkness right in front of her. If you ever asked her later on on how to describe this person, it would be difficult for her to explain. He was like a man yet not quite. It's figure was very much like the man-thing Alex had encountered before, though he was very much different in many different ways.

Like his skin was much paler. So pale that it made his skin look almost white. He eyes were similar to the other man's eyes. Alex had learned her lesson about eyes before and tried not to look at them as much. His lips stuck out because they were deep red and were much darker from his pale cheeks (or if he had any because he was so skinny). He was wearing a robe with a hood that cover the top of his head and part of his eyes.

"Any more questions?" he snarled.

Alex shook her head.

"Good." he started to slowly walk around her. "Now, tell me were it is."

"I don't know what your talking about." Alex answered.

The man-creature stopped circling her and made his way toward her. Alex was about to scream when he reached his bonny hands to her head, but when he touch her she stood like a rock and felt her blood run cold. . . literally.

"Hmm. . . you are speaking the truth." and he let go. Alex started gasping for breath because when she was frozen, she couldn't breath. "I feared this would happen."

"What would happen?" Alex asked, still gasping for breath.

"They must have brain washed you so that you wouldn't give anything away." Alex looked at him confused.

"Give what away?"

"GIVE WHAT A. . ." he stopped. "It doesn't matter. You don't remember anything. Your now an ignorant little shrimp. No wonder Valgor found you amongst those ignorant mortals."

Alex didn't know what he was saying, but she was defiantly not going to "play her cool". So she just sat there and watched him in fear.

The creature looked back at Alex. "Your worthless." He turned toward a door (which had not been there before. Alex was sure of that) and opened them. "Valgor!"

Immediately footsteps were heard and the man she had seen before appeared in the room.

"What is it, master?" he asked.

"This girl is useless." he explained. "She doesn't remember who she is. She doesn't know anything about it."

Valgor looked at Alex and nodded. "What do we do?"

"Bring her back to the mortals." he answered, "No one will believe her anyways."

Valgor nodded again and moved toward Alex. Alex backed up in the bed and tried to crawl out, but Valgor was quicker and stabbed her with a needle. Immediately, she collapsed to the floor.

"Are you going to tell her?" Valgor asked his master.

"No." he growled. "She'll find out eventually. Bring her back to the mortals. They'll be wondering where she is. . ."

Chapter 5

When Alex woke up she didn't do it slowly like before. She just jolted upwards and found herself back in the class room.

". . . and the body goes of course in the middle." Alex looked up and saw the teacher in the same place as if time hadn't gone at all. Alex starred at her confused.

Mrs. C saw her starring and asked, "Is there something wrong?"

Alex shook her head, "Umm. . . yes. Could you repeat what you just said?"

"Of course. The body. . ." but, Alex wasn't paying attention. She was still freaked out on what happened. The dark man was right! No one would believe her. "Does that answer your question?"

"Umm. . . yeah." she answered.

"So. . . your telling me that there was this dark man who stopped time?" Rebekah asked. This was in the lunch room and Alex and Rebekah were talking to each other.

"I told you you wouldn't believe me." Alex said.

Rebekah shrugged. "Sorry, Alex. I would believe you if there was evidence (or something like that)."

"That's okay." Alex said. "Maybe I was sleeping in class."

"No." Rebekah said. "I saw you. I was going to pass you a piece of paper, but you were sitting there and then all of the sudden, you jolted forward and got a crazy look in your eye."

"Really?" Alex asked.

"Yeah! Everyone like jumped back around you. I'm telling you, you freaked everyone out."

"Weird." she said. "So you really don't believe me?"

Rebekah shrugged. "Sorry. Nope."

Alex sighed in frustration. "Gosh! Why can't I get anyone to believe me?"

"'Cause it's crazy!"

"I know, but this was real."

"Alex. . ." suddenly a bell rang and Alex jumped up. "Wow." Rebekah said, "Your getting edgy."

"Who could blame me?" and with that, she ran out of the cafeteria.

Far away from Alex and her friend, there was a place in which no mortal could possibly get to. And, in this place there was a room and the man with the hood was speaking to his commander (Valgor).

"Why did we have to let the girl go, master?" Valgor asked. "Couldn't we have just. . ."

"No." the hooded man boomed. "She was of no use to us."

"Sire, might I make a suggestion?" Valgor asked.

"What?" he asked.

"We could use her as a leverage."

"Hmm. . ." the hooded man thought. "continue."

"We could use her to draw her parent's to us. Then you could take the kingdom for your self."

"Interesting." the hooded man pondered. "Very well."

"Shall I go get the girl?"

"No." The hooded man smiled. "I have a better idea. . ."

Chapter 6

"Oww!" Alex said, suddenly falling back. "Watch it!"

"Excuse me?" someone asked. Alex jerked her head up and saw the new guy standing above her. "What did you say?" Alex and the new guy that just joined school were on the sidewalk. Alex was on her way to school when she bumped into him.

"Uhh. . ." she was about to say something, but he just raised his hand to his face.

"It's okay. Umm. . . so what's your name?" he asked, reaching out his hand. Alex looked at it and felt like she was going to faint.

"My name is Alexandria." she said with a goofy smile and grabbed his hand. The new guy helped her up and looked at her in a very strange way. "What?" she asked.

"What's your full name?" he asked.


"I'm. . . just curious."

"Alexandria Sophie Zelbora, what your name?"

"John. Can I ask you something?"


"Are you related to Sophie Zelbora?"

"Umm. . . she's my mother. You know her?"

"Sort of. . . we didn't formally meet."

"But. . ."

"I got 'a go!" he said quickly. "Nice meeting you!" and he raced off in the other direction.

"Wait!" Alex yelled after him, "The school's that way!" But, either John didn't hear her or he was ignoring her, he raced in the other direction and disappeared over the hill. . .

Alex didn't hear from John or see him in the hallways till around lunch time when someone stranger suddenly gave her a note that said to Alexandria Sophia Zalbora.

"I found this in my locker." he said. "Thought it was a mistake so here." and handed her the slip.

Alex thanked him and he went away. She looked closely at the message and opened it. Inside it read:


Meet us at the pond at 10:00 p.m. We have something to show you.

– - an old friend

Alex read the note again and was confused.

'Who could possibly want to see me? And, what old friend?' she thought.

So that night, she came to the pond area and opened the gate. When she closed it she turned to the pavilion and saw something that was more amazing than time freezing in place. In the pavilion was about five men and woman and they all had pointed ears. . .

Chapter 7

'Dear God,' Alex thought, 'please tell me this is a dream!'

But, it wasn't. All the elves were beautiful. They all wore shinning robes that almost touched the floor, there ears were long and pointed at the top, there eyes shone like the stars above them, and there skin was the color of soft warm kind of green. Alex was frightened, yet she couldn't keep her eyes off them.

One of the elves (who was a woman) stepped forward. "Welcome, Alexandria Sophia Zalbora!" she said with a smile. "We have waited long for your return."

Alex looked as if she was going to faint and the elf saw her expression. "Forgive me." she said, "I have forgotten that you know nothing, yet."

"Forgive me." Alex answered, "I feel like I'm going to throw up."

The elf looked at her with a worried looked and saw that she looked extremely sick. "Come sit down and get your bearings." she gestured at the wooden chairs surrounding a large wooden table (which Alex was certain was not there before). "We can talk there."

Alex moved slowly to the table, supporting herself with the railing on the bridge she was going across (this was a pond), and sat in one of the chairs. The other elves (which I should mention were like eight feet tall each) sat around the table as well keeping the hands on there laps. "What's going on?" Alex asked, trying to keep her bearings.

The she-elf (which had spoke to her before) nodded to a he-elf who spoke first. "We are the high council of Azathania. . ."

"Aza what?" Alex interrupted.

"Azathania is a country so far away that only immortals can get to it and come back from." one of the other elves explained.

"Yes." the he-elf continued. "That is were we came from and were you we born."

"Huh?" Alex said looking at them confused.

"You see, we represent the elves high council. We give peace and order to all whom are elves and all whom are from Azathania, yet (for some reason we will explain soon) live with mortals here." he waved his hand around them. "You are one of the very, very few people who live on earth and still are immortal. . ."

"Wait!" Alex interrupted again, "So now I'm immortal?!"

"Yes. You are."

"Great pretty soon your going to be tell me I'm princess of the entire Aza-what-cha-ma-call-it!"

The elves glanced at each other and two whispered to each other.

Alex slapped her face. "Great!" she said. "This is just great! How do you expect me to believe you?"

The she-elf spoked, "With this." and she waved her hand over the table. Suddenly, what looked like a pool, appeared in front of them. For some odd reason, Alex wasn't the least bit surprised.

"What's this?" she asked.

"This is a seeing pool." the she-elf explained. "It can tell what happened . . . and what will happen." she waved her hand over the pool and a picture suddenly appeared. Alex bent over the pool and saw it was a picture of a kind of castle and the picture was moving. "This is the castle in which you live over thirteen years ago." she explained, and the picture changed to a room with a crib and a mother rocking the crib back and forth. "This is your mother and you in the crib. Watch what will happen and try not to shed tears."

"That isn't my mother and why would I. . ." she stop short and saw something in the room in the pool. Something like a black shadow. The woman looked around in worry. All of the sudden, a figure came into view. Alex new that figure from anywhere. It was the hooded man.

"What do you want?" a muffled voice cried from the pool. Alex jumped back.

"Do not be alarmed." the he-elf told her. "It is but the voice of the past. Watch."

Alex looked again.

"Give me the child!" the hooded man said, "And I'll get you live."

"No!" the woman said, "Your not taking my baby!" She was about to grab the baby when the hooded man made a hand motion like he was pushing something and the woman immediately flew across the room. The baby began to cry and the woman's head was starting to bleed.

The pool did a close up on the hooded man who turned to the baby and said, "Your mine, Alexandria." and then he looked straight at Alex and smiled . . .

"Ahhhhh!" Alex fell back and tipped over her chair. The elves were about to get up, but the he-elf waved at them to sit and he went over to her to help her himself. The elves sat motionless.

"Are you alright, Alexandria?" he asked.

"Oh my gosh, your seeing pool is messed up!" Alex cried.

"It's alright, Alexandria." he assured, and turned to the rest of the elves high council. "The hooded man has made contact with the princess. We must take her to Azathania."

"Now, your lord?" a different female elf asked.

"Now." he said and picked up Alex.

"Wait! What are you doing?!" she asked.

"We have to take you to your kingdom now."

"Now?! But. . ."

"There is no time to explain." the pool disappeared and he set Alex on the table. "We will explain everything once we get there." All the elves got up and started circling around her.

"Wait!" Alex said making them stop, "What am I?"

"You are princess Alexandria Sophia Zalbora." the he-elf answered, "Your mother was queen and you must take her place."

"But, what am I?" she asked, "You guys are elves, but what makes me immortal?"

The other elves looked at each other and they began to circle her again. "In elvish, you are an Imulet." the she-elf answered.

"What does that mean?" she asked when her surroundings where suddenly getting brighter and brighter.

The she-elf smiled and said, "You are a shape shifter." And they were gone. . .

Chapter 8

When Alex woke up, she did it slowly. So before she saw anything she smelled and listen. It was the smell of autumn leaves flying in the wind, pollen being drank by bees, and flowers growing from the ground.

She opened her eyes and found herself laying in a meadow of tall grass. She stood up slowly and stretch her mussels. When she looked around some more, she saw a large forest was surrounding her. She got up quickly, heart beating like a drum.

"Where am I?" she asked herself out loud. And then she remembered the elves. "Crap. I'm in Azathania."

Suddenly, there was a small light in the trees some ways away. Alex squinted hard and tried to make it out. The light came closer and closer. And, before she knew it, a fairy had settle right in front of her eyes. The fairy was so quick that she had hardly noticed it fly up close. So, Alex fell backwards onto the ground. She had been doing that a lot lately.

When she was on the ground groaning she heard a someone giggling. She looked up at the fairy and frowned.

"Shut up!" she said getting up and whipping the pollen off her pants. "It's not funny at all!"

But, the fairy continued to laugh.

"Do you know who I am?" Alex asked the little fairy. The fairy shook her head. "I am Alexandria Sophie Zeldora."

The fairy stood laughing immediately and for the first time, it spoke, "Sorry, your highness. I did not realize it was you."

"No offense," Alex answered her, "but that was kind of obvious already."

"Yeah." the fairy shrugged, "Sorry. I heard of your coming. The news has spread throughout the land. . ."

"I kind of figured." Alex said rubbing her head. "Where am I?"


"No. Like, where am I in Azathania?"

"Oh! You are in the Mill Streak Meadow and the forest surrounding you are the homes to us fairy's. Most elves, dwarfs, werewolf's, vampires, and shape shifters call it the Fairy realm. Same with any other of the territories. Like the vampire realm, werewolf realm. Things like that."

"Oh." Alex said, "Cool."

"Where should I take you, Alexandria Soph. . ."

"Just Alex, thanks."

"Alright. . . Alex. Where should I take you?"

"I don't know. . . The elvish high council thingy. . . sent for me so I guess I should go to the Elf realm. Do you know where it is?"

The fairy shrugged. "I don't know. . . I'm just a fairy." the fairy twirled in the air. "I can take you to the castle, though! Were the royal family lives."

Alex shrugged. "Okay."

"Alright!" the fairy made another twirl in the air, "Let's go!" The fairy floated there silently. "Well?"

"Well what?"

"Your a shape shifter!" she said, "You've got to shift!"

"Well. . . I don't know. How do I 'shift'?"

"I'm not an expert, but I was told that shape shifters have to some how connect with it's shifting abilities."


"Well, you have to think really hard, dig deep into your soul, and find the DNA that will give you that form!"

"Sounds hard." Alex grumbled.

"I heard it's a piece of cake!" the fairy chirped.

"Yeah right."

"Try it."

Alex sighed. "Okay." and she thought. She thought extremely hard. She calmed herself and started "digging" through her mind for the DNA stuff. After a while, she found it. It was like a gap in her mind that was filled with something other than thoughts. She grabbed a hold of it and began to form.

First it was her body. She could feel it getting small and smaller. Than her legs grew into small things with only three toes. Then her neck grew longer and her body came out ward. Her arms formed into wings and her nose and mouth turned into a beak.

"Wow!" the fairy said. "I've never seen a shape shifter shift up close!"

Alex opened her eyes and found herself almost as tall as the fairy. She could see her in much more detail than just a speck with arms and legs. She was wearing a small, green, dress and a small olive green circler thing around her head. Her blond hair was wrapped in a loose braid that went past her heels and her face was soft and soothing. Alex felt like she was almost blind, because the fairies skin was glowing. She was very pretty, though.

"This is so cool!" she said excitedly. "I've only seen people turn into tigers and stuff like that. Not birds!"

Alex looked at herself and sure enough. She was a small, beautiful, white bird.

The fairy took off into the sky. Alex easily followed her. They both flew high over the tree tops, passed through clouds, and even got a little wet. The fairy laughed when she got drench when I stayed nice and dry.

"No fair!" she said laughing in the wind.

Alex was beginning to enjoy herself (besides the fact that she was mile of the ground). The ground below flew by us like the wind. It was amazing!

"What's your name?!" Alex yelled over the roar of the wind.

"Tina!" she cried.

"Your wouldn't happen to be related to Tinkerbell would you?!" Alex asked.

"Who?!" That was Tina's answer.

"Never mind!" Alex said and soared lower to the ground. So low she could almost touch the trees.

"Don't go down there!" Tina tried to say.

"WHAT?!" Alex screamed.

"DON'T GO DOWN THERE!" she answered, "THAT'S WER. . ." But, it was too late. As Alex got to the point were she could really touch the top of the trees if she wanted to, she looked down and saw a figure running on all fours through the woods. Alex squinted to get a closer look when, suddenly, the figure jumped on one of the trees below her with amazing speed and began to climb.

The figure climbed higher and higher till Alex suddenly realized that it was a wolf! A large black wolf with large yellowish teeth.


Alex tried to move, but her wings wouldn't work. She starred into the wolfs eyes.

"WATCH OUT!" Tina screamed into her ear. The werewolf lunged at Alex! Tina shoved Alex from underneath and the wolf missed them both by inches.

"Fairies!" the wolf said from the top of the branch, "There always with the birds!" and he climbed back down.

"I know it weird giving orders to royalty, but. . . STAY UP HERE!" Tina said, flying in front of her.

"Okay, okay." Alex groaned. "I think I got that down."

"I'll tell you when we get to the castle. Okay?"

"Okay." she said still dazed.

"Let's go!" she said and they both flew off.

Chapter 9

Back in the mortal world, "John" was walking down the school hallway, when he spotted Alex's friend, Rebekah. . .

"Rebekah!" John yelled.

"Oh!" Rebekah said, turning to him. "Hi! What's up?"

"Umm. . . have you seen Alex anywhere?"

Rebekah thought for a moment. "Nope. Haven't seen her since yesterday." Rebekah smiled, "Why?" she asked winking at him.

"Uhh. . . no reason." he answered, shifting uncomfortably.

"Oh?" she asked. "Anything going on between you too?"

"Uhh. . . no!" he said quickly. "No. Where just friends."

"Sure." Rebekah said, "Listen, whens the last time you saw her?"

"Yesterday." John answered. "We were talking about. . . parents."

"Wow." Rebekah said, "You strike up good conversations with Alex."

John rolled his eyes. "Listen. It's really important. I need to find her."

"Okay, but I should tell you something. Alex hasn't been feeling good lately. She's been talking about time stopping and people in black clothes. I think she might be getting a little loopy."

"Yeah. So did you ever. . . wait! Did you just say men in black clothes?"

"Yeah. Why?"

"Oh no." he whispered, "They've taken her."

"Who's taken what?" Rebekah asked.

John turned to her. "Listen. I need your help. This is going to sound crazy, but you'll just have to trust me. Come with me."

"But, homeroom starts in. . ."

"Come on!" he said pulling her towards the closet.

"Are you crazy! Now your getting loopy!" John pushed her inside the closet and shut the door behind them.

John turned on the lights. "Just do what I tell you." he said.

"This is crazy!" she said.

"Look into my eyes."


"Just do it! Alex might be in danger! Look into my eyes."

"I'm going to totally regret this." Rebekah muttered and looked into his eyes. . .

About an hour later (which seemed like days to Alex) they reached the sea.

"What's that called." Alex asked, pointing to the water.

"That's the mermaid territory." Tina answered, "Never (I repeat) NEVER! Go swimming in that thing."

"Why?" Alex asked, "Aren't mermaids suppose to be nice?"

Tina rolled her eyes, "I forgot that you had to go live with mortals. Mermaids are not sweet things like that person you call Arial. They have sharp teeth and I hear they eat small animals for breakfast. They also like to drown shape shifters and other mystical creatures like you." she explained.

"Oh." she said. Alex was starting to get nauseous.

"Come on!" Tina and Alex flew across the ocean.

"Why are we doing this?" Alex asked.

"The castle is located in a different spot than any realm."

"How?" Alex asked.

"It's on a island which is said to be the closest you could get to the mortal world."

"What do you mean?"

"Our world is almost invisible to them. Our world is said to be in a cave and when mortals journey far enough into it (which is highly impossible because it's extremely far away) the find this!" And pointed she around herself.

"Sort of like Journey to the Center of the Earth?"



So they flew along in silence. Finally, they saw something in the distance. As they flew closer, they saw that it was a fairly large island! As they got even closer they saw a castle rise before them.

"Wow!" Alex said as they circled the castle. "Wonder how they pay the bills."

"What?" Tina asked.

"Umm. . . nothing." Alex said.

"Okay." Tina said, unsure. "I think I see a clearing over there. We can land there."

So they circled the castle and each time they got lower and lower till they land softly in the clearing (well. . . not so softly for Alex).

"I got a feeling I'm never going to fly a plane. Ever." she said laying there on the ground.

"Not very presentable are you?" Tina told her, ignoring the inside joke.

"What?" Alex asked. Tina crossed her arms and starred her down. Alex looked at her confused and then suddenly said, "Oh! I'm still a bird. Right!" she looked down at herself. "Okay. How do I get back?"

"Do the same thing. Look for your shape shifting DNA."

"Okay." and (once again) she began to think. Hard. She dug through her mind so fast and so hard, that it made her dizzy. Finally, she found the DNA and loosen up a little. "Gotcha." Alex whispered and grabbed a hold of it.

Suddenly, the changes came and they felt way better than getting shrunk. Her body got bigger and bigger, her legs turned into human legs, her wings became into arms, and her beak began into a nose and mouth. Her feathers turned back into skin and clothes and she was human.

"Great!" Tina said, "Now lets go!"

Alex opened her eyes and moved her arms around. "That was so awesome!" she said.

"Come on!" Tina said (who was already twenty feet away). "You need to meet your parents!"

"My parents are here?!" Alex asked.

Tina flew back in front of her face and looked at her confused. "What do you mean? They've always been here?"

"I thought they were. . ." she pointed up to the sky. "Up there."

"Oh!" Tina said, "I guess no one explained to you yet."

"Explained what?"

Tina sighed. "My guess is is that those aren't your real parent up there."


"My guess is is that your real parents thought they had to protect you. So they hid you up there."

"But. . . those people up there gave birth to me!"

"Quick wave of a hand and you've got yourself a fake birth certificate."

"Well. . . who were trying to protect me from? Huh? The boogie man?!"

"The dark lord Acradon." she whispered.

"Acradon?" Alex asked. "Who's he?"

"He's a 'dark lord' as they call it. He's like us fairies and elves, but uses magic for evil and. . . well you get the point."

"What does he look like?"

"I heard most of the time he wears a hood over his head and has red eyes!"

"The hooded man." Alex whispered.

"The hooded what?" Tina asked.

"I met him once before." she explained, "Evidently he was trying to get information about something."

The fairy gasped. "What did you tell him?!"

Alex glared at her. "I didn't even know there was a place like this until now!"

The fairy sighed. "Good. If you had told him anything, we would all be dead by now."

"What do you mean?"

The fairy sat on a leaf and said, "A long time ago (and this was like thousands of years ago since most of us are immortals) Acradon was part of the high council. He represented the vampires. . ."

"Wait a minute! Did you just say vampires?"

"Yeah. He's not a vampire though. He just represents them. Evidently, being around creatures with pulses makes vampires a little bit over excited.

"Anyway, so Acradon represented vampires and spoke to the rest of the representatives as if he was one of them. One day, all the members of the high council met at the castle for an important meeting. For some reason, a dwarf representative became angry with the other members and left the room. Acradon followed him to a small fountain. There the dwarf saw Acradon in the reflection of the statue in the fountain and almost sliced him to bits, when Acradon some how made him calm down.

"They began to talk for a little while and both found that they both like dragon hunting. So one day they went dragon hunting for about a week. That was the last time for many years did the members of the high council see him. About a month later Acradon came back, but he was not the same as he had once been.

"He told the council that the dwarf had died because one of the werewolf's caught him from behind when he was looking for dragons. Acradon demanded that justice should be done, but the king and queen (your mother and father) said that they could do nothing about it.

"Acradon was enraged and made a vow that he would take revenge on your family. So, about a few thousand years later, your mother and father had you. When Acradon heard of this, he took you away to his home in the mountains by the vampires realm.

"Of course, your mother and father immediately sent knights to go and get you back and they did. About a week later everyone (including me) were worried sick about you. and rumors said that you were taken to the mortal world. Now I know for certain that that rumor was true!"

Alex was silent for a moment. "I didn't. . . I mean. . . I don't know!" she flopped down on the ground, "Why does my freak 'n life have to be so hard?!"

The fairy floated silently on her shoulder. "I don't know. But, I had a sad child hood too. My parents didn't love me so they gave me up and put me on some random persons door step. I didn't learn what happened till I was one hundred and sixty six years old! Imagine that! And at such a young age. It was devastating!"

"Weird." Alex told her and got up, "Should we be going?"

"Yeah!" Tina floated off her shoulder. "Let's go met your parents!"

Chapter 10

When Rebekah woke up she found herself being shaken by the shoulders.

"Alright! Alright! I'm awake!" she asked and opened her eyes. . . then she almost screamed!

"Shh!" John whispered, covering up her mouth with his hand, "Be quiet!" he looked out at near by window. "There are guards all over the place." Rebekah looked around herself and found herself in a small basement with bottles and papers all over the place. She was laying on a large pile of hay that made her skin prickly.

"What are you talking abo. . ."

"Shh!" John ducked under cover. Outside they heard footsteps and a scratchy voice say:

"I'm sure I heard something!"

"Don't be a moron!" a deeper and louder voice said. "There's nothing here!"

"I'm positive I heard something!" the man complained

"Come on!" and they heard the sound of someone being shoved. "I swear, mate. That beer's getting to you!"

Rebekah scrunched her nose up in disgust. Beer. Yuck!

"Maybe your right!" and they heard footsteps walk in the other direction.

After a little while, John said, "I think there gone."

"Really?" Rebekah said, getting up from the hay, "I haven't noticed. Now, will you please tell me what's going on?!"

"It'll be too hard to explain." John answered, looking out the window. "It's a long story."

"I got time."

John looked at her. "Later." and turned to the door to the basement. Rebekah was about to protest when they suddenly heard footsteps from outside again.

"This time I'm sure I heard something." the scratchy voice said. Rebekah froze in her place.

"I heard it too, mate." his companion agreed, "It was coming from that house."

"Quick!" and they heard foot steps rush toward there directions.

"What now?" Rebekah whispered softly.

"Come on!" and they both raced to the window, but it was bolted shut.

"Dang it!" John whispered, "Not now!" He bolted this way and that looking for an exit. There was none. "We've got hid!"

Footsteps were heard right above them and they both froze.

"It was coming from over here." the scratchy voice said.

"Are you sure?" his companion asked.

"What do I look like? Stupid!"

"Uhh. . ."

"Never mind. There must be a basement under here. I'm sure of it. Quick! Let's go!"

Rebekah looked around frantic and eyed the hay.

"Quick!" she whispered even softer. "In here!" They both dived into the hay and covered themselves as best as they could.

"I found a door!" the companion announced and the door to the basement swung open. Rebekah quickly covered up her face and was silent. "Hum. . ." the deep voiced man pondered. "I don't see anything."

Footsteps approached the door to the basement and the scratchy voiced man muttered, "Hum. . . I don't know. Maybe I should stop drinking for awhile."

"Huff. You think?" the big man said.

"Oh, shut up!" and the door bang shut. John and Rebekah waited about ten minutes after they left before they dared to come out again.

"Now," Rebekah whispered after whipping the hay off her clothes, "Are you going to tell me what going on?"

"Just wait a moment." John answered in annoyance, "Let's get out of here and then I'll tell you what's happe. . ."

"I knew I heard something!" a voice said from behind. Rebekah and John whirled around and saw a large man that looked like it could carry a semi, emerge from behind a shelf of broken wine bottles and following him was a small skinny man with a broken, yellow, tooth.

"I knew it I knew it!" the small man said.

John raised his hands in the air. "Okay." he said, "You win. We give up."

"What?" Rebekah asked in surprise.

"Great!" the skinny man said, moving forward. "This is going to be easier than I. . ." At that moment John went into action. He took the skinny man by the neck and threw him against the wall. The skinny man's partner moved forward, but Rebekah quietly stuck out her foot and tripped him. He moaned as he fell on a large crate and broke it.

"Whoops!" Rebekah said with a shrug, "My bad!" She was just about to turn and help John, but he had it all under control. He smacked the small man in the jaw and he cried out so tears were streaming down his cheek. With one last smack in the head, he knocked the guy out.

"Wow!" Rebekah said, starring at John in awe. "I didn't know you knew how to fight."

"You have no idea." He waved his hand toward the door. "Ladies first."

Rebekah rolled her eyes and started climbing up the stairs. . .

About an hour later, Rebekah and John made it out and had to travel across town. They had to duck through alley's and avoid men that John liked to call the men in black.

Finally, they made it to the outskirts of town and found themselves looking at a river that ran down the valley and into a large forest in the distance.

"Now, you've got to tell what's going on!" Rebekah said and John groaned.

"Okay!" he said sitting on a large rock, "Fine, I'll tell you."

So Rebekah sat on the tall grass and John began to tell:

"In the beginning, there was a time of peace between the mortals. . . and the immortals. We lived together on your planet which you call, earth. In elvish, earth means peace between two. The mortals and the immortals. That time last a long time, till darkness fell on the land. A powerful warlock called Acradon became enraged about something. A feud had begun with him and the king and queen of earth. Many mortals and immortals joined together with Acradon and soon had war with the king and queen.

"They fought for thousands of years. Many of the mortals died in the war. Many thought that they would soon grow extinct. So the mortals and immortals gathered and agreed that the mortals minds should be whipped out. Erased so that know one would be able to tell the tale of what happened. After that they sent the mortals away. The earth was split in half. The mortals lived on the top of the earth and the immortals lived in the ground.

"The fight continues and none of the mortals know about it. . . until now."

Rebekah was silent. She wasn't sure what to believe. She thought that John's story was so convincing that it must be true. . . but, how can it?

"Well?" John asked, "If you wish not to believe me than I will show you." John got up and took Rebekah by the hand.

"Where are we going?" she asked as they raced across the tall grass.

"To the fairy realm!" he answered.

"Fairy's?" she said in disgust.

"Trust me, when you met them, you'll love 'em to death!" he explained.

"How do you know that?" she asked.

"You'll see." and they raced into the forest.

Rebekah looked around. It was very dark in the forest. . . too dark. She was almost positive that she saw a figure chasing them with dark red eyes, but it vanished. She didn't know what to believe after that.

Chapter 11

Alex felt uneasy as they approached the castle. Alex has always been the type of girl that plays it cool, but this time. . . she was uneasy.

The people she knew. . . the people that had raised her, turned out to be fake. At that moment, she felt like an orphan. Even though she knew she had parents.

'Maybe it won't be so bad?' she thought, 'Maybe my parents will love me and stuff like that.'

She looked up from the ground and saw that they had reached the gate. She gulped as Tina yelled up as loud as she could, "Open! In the name of Alexandria Sophie Zeldora!" and what do you know? The gates opened.