a poem about friends that become separated cause of something then forgiving each other and getting back as a group.

Together Forever

Oh come on

Lets play their game

With a smirk

Catch our eyes

Wanna set us apart

Don't let them

Together we are strong

Just let them try

Been so long

A new story to tell

Used to be perfect

Never any secrets

Then we split up

Our hearts and dreams

Separate from us

Until too late

So much damage

Just from a small part

Soon we will grow

Never let them win

Try to tear us apart

But never will we leave

Stick together

Until the end

Never gonna stop

Don't try to take us away

Lets play their game

Smirk and catch eyes

Come on

We'll show them

Consequences to their actions

Never see it coming

You wanna fight

Lets do it

We'll do our way

Don't back out

Stand now

Look what happened

Bring it on

We wear our crown

Play your game


Get ready

Cause here we come.