The month in which leaves fall of every tree.
Sudden change of weather.
Bitterly cold skies and there might even be a storm.
The sunshine is going rapidly.
The sky is turning as grey as stones.

Beware of the 31st, you may get a fright!
Frightful rings on the doorbell.
Children demand sweets, be cautious not to get
on the wrong side of them.
Another warning is to be told.
It will get dark very early every night in October.

Feel the skies powers.
As ferocious as a lion, wind blows against your face.
Stay at home if you wish.
Escape the morning drought.
Sit comfortably at home.
Deciding what channel to put on the screen.
Turn up the heat, its freezing!

Before you know it, you will have to prepare for bonfire night.
Alas, do not forget about Christmas shopping.
Decide whether you will shop early or not.
Shop early, stay at home and rest.
Celebrate Black History Month.
It is the time to celebrate black people's origins.
October means weather change and decisions on
oncoming celebrations.