After giving him a few seconds to sort everything out, I give a low whistle to get his attention and gently toss him the data pad back, hoping he will catch it, and I won't have to chase it to the other end of the hallway to retrieve it again. His crest is raised in frustration but as soon as he sees who or more specifically, what, I am he immediately flattens it against his head out of respect.

Although we have some civilian colonists on the ship with us, this is primarily a military exploratory ship, searching for new habitable planets and resources. As a Periganus, I rank much higher than him but I've never been much for rank, or following orders for that matter, that's part of what put me on this assignment anyway, so I say, "Relax, just don't lose that again. I don't want you spending all day tracking it down when you've got another job to do. I assume that this is your first trip into Other Space, so don't worry about getting around fast, so long as you get where you're going. Where were you heading in such a hurry anyway?"

"I was scheduled to work in recycling today, but I'm not sure how to get there from here", he replied.

I know this ship, the Dauntless, like my wings from all the times that I have served on it, it was actually my first stationing, and so I have worked in air and water recycling too many times to count.

I say, "The fastest way to recycling is to go down this corridor, make a left turn, down three levels and the entrance is the second to last portal on the right."

Chuffing with annoyance, "I was that far off? I was sure it was in this corridor, but this new interface for the data pads can be confusing. Thank you for the help. May the four winds be in your favor."

Finally taking a thorough look at the fledgling I ask, "What wind do you fly on?"

Slightly taken aback that an officer would ask, he replies, "The Notus winds are my home" and produces a thin, red flame from his talon tip.

"It is the same for I, may the warmest winds always blow in your favor", I tell him before holding up my right hand engulfed in blue fire.

He blinks in surprise as I turn and coast down the corridor to report to the bridge, with the other officers for a briefing on the system we will be traveling in I traverse the corridors, I think on what I know of the many solar systems that my race inhabits and wonder if our destination will be similar.

There are seven solar systems that we are the only known sentient species to inhabit. However, there are forty-nine solar systems that we live in alongside four other peaceful sentient species that have the same atmospheric and gravitational requirements as us, six races that require a different atmosphere, and lastly, the nine so called "Warring" races that we seek to protect all sentient and non-sentient life in the galaxies from.

The sentient races I have personally met range from the water inhabiting Coaxal, to the incredibly advanced Nyugeen. Our first contact with another sentient species was actually with the Nyugeen who were searching for other races who could help in their fight with the Warring races and to find them before they could wiped out of the Universe by the "Warr's" as they are commonly called.

Also, they aim to speed up the advancement of the other races they found so that they could aid them. When the Nyugeen found us on our home planet of Antavar, we were just to the point that we would soon achieve travel between local solar systems, but with their help, we became able to travel between Galaxies within the space of one of our generations.

This is roughly fifty revolutions around our twin suns, as our life span is quite long when compared to most of the other sentient races, we typically live for two hundred and fifty standard revolutions but this can be greatly lengthened by travel in Other Space where time and distance is not simply linear but can be stretched or shortened.

Simply put we can leave our home system, travel to another Galaxy, spend the equivalent of an entire revolution there and return to our home planet a half revolution after we left.