I woke up pleasantly as I felt my space-pod warming. I was disoriented from my long slumber. I felt information fill my mind. I have been asleep for about...oh, 500 revolutions around our sun. That would be... according to all this... 149.5 revolutions for this planet to revolve around it's own life source. I searched for a name... Planet Earth, yes... What a lovely name...

I have no eyes, no limbs, nothing. Nothing but a small seed. We are the Nonspectres. Our objective is to survive. I had originally planned to go to the galaxy next to this one, but I was knocked off balanced and am crashing on earth.

I sent commands to the space-pod, more correctly called the UES Antares and it followed the basic emergency protocols. I gathered as much of the native dialect and language from the sound waves from the objects in orbit... Satellites. Humans. They have strong waves - emotions. I was about 20,000...kilometers away from the... sea. Water.

The UES Antares gave me all the basic lifeforms we were expecting in the next galaxy. Luckily it seems there isn't too much of a difference to what these bodies could handle. The space-pod hit the water and released me into the hydrogen-oxide. I flipped through the water-breathing animals. The Nechal seemed pretty close to the vague images of what a human looked like, also what they might call a... mermaid? Anyway the only difference was that the Nechals didn't have breast exposure. There was a layer of blue-green scales all around that area. Humanity is complicated, I could tell by their speech.

I started to absorb the water and increase in size as i kept absorbing the water. About 5 minutes human time I had created a Nechal body. I opened my new eyes in awe. It was dusk. Morning. I felt an odd sensation of...giddiness? I looked for the UES Antares, but it had dissolved. I couldn't mourn now, I had to explore this new world.