It was a warm night and a new candle was lit; sending a dull brightness into the large chamber, casting the abstract shadows of the objects that stood around the room onto the grey stone walls. The young prince lay in bed and his grandfather sat beside him.

"I am not weary," the eight year old prince protested against his grandfather's struggles to settle him down to sleep.

"How about I tell you a story, but then you must go to sleep", his grandfather suggested. The young prince grinned at the thought of a story; his grandfather led a war, so he has many thrilling stories about his time as King. The prince loved those stories and hoped that he would become a brave king like his grandfather.

"Zachary, have I told you of the story of our kingdom? The reason we are known by many kingdoms around the world?" The prince's grandfather questioned him.

"No Grandfather." The prince fidgeted; he had heard of many of his grandfather's stories since he was an infant and many had been repeated over the years so he was very excited when there was a new story to be told.

Zachary's grandfather took a deep breath and recollected the story of his people.

"Many, many years ago on a winter evening, one of the kingdom's best army was just ambushed by our old enemy the Olivians." He started.

"The army was escorting the Queen and a six month old prince back from her sister's kingdom beyond the Northern border. They were travelling through The Darcke Forest because back then that was the only road that could take you beyond The Northern Border. Now though we have the road that goes past the Wukman's Fields which is a much safer route. They encountered rocky terrain at the end of the forrest they followed the road until it forked into two separate roads. The Olivians had seen them coming and sent out one of their armies.

"Within seconds of our army finding out they had been discovered they were surrounded; fifteen tall and solid men mounted on black andalusian horses drew their long swords out of their holsters. The metallic sound echoed around them. The commander of our army let out a roar as he charged his grey steed towards a warrior in front of him; his companions following his lead, challenged the enemy. The Queen gathered her reins and with her baby in arms retreated back to The Darcke Forrest.

"Just as the Queen was about to enter the forest her horse reared up and flew off the road on to the rocky terrain. An enemy's horse had followed them along the road and started to advance towards them. The queen's horse skidded on the unstable surface and the queen fell to rough earth, the baby prince rolled out her hands. Suddenly a giant beast emerged on top of a boulder looking down on them. Its gums drawn back showing the sharp daggers in its mouth, it let out a low grumbling noise from the back of its throat. The Queen gasped at the terrifying creature in front of her. Its grey fur looked silver as it stood up on its curved back. Its cold blue eyes widen as it stared down at the enemy rider. With little effort the beast lunged its self at the enemy's horse; paws stretched in front of him pushed the horse over to its side. It stepped on the rider with it's large legs and squashed the enemy's lungs and broke all of his ribs as if he was nothing more than twig on the ground. He turned to our beloved Queen and bit viscously into her side with the creature being so big and queen small and dainty, the beast had little trouble fitting the queen in its tight jaws. The creature bit again – as if it was unsatisfied of the amount of murky red fluid gushing from under his teeth – snapping the queen's body in two leaving her lying lip and lifeless staring up at nothing with a glazed expression.

"The sudden appearance of the commander frightened the beast away before it could reach its third and final victim. The Commander flew to the queen's remains; horrified at what had happened to his leader. He mourned over the queen's death until he heard a faint cry coming from a bundle of cloths lying among the rocks. The commander gathered the baby in his comforting arms and held his future ruler close to his muscular shoulder.

"Only worrying about the prince's safety he mounted his horse and headed towards the Canini Kingdom where he notified the king of horrific events that had taken place. The king took his rescued son and made a solemn promise that he would find and destroy the silver beast that stole his mother away from him.

"The King ordered all of his armies to search for the creature that murdered his devoted wife and his son's caring mother. As much as all the king's men searched they could find the beast that the king spoke of. Eventually the story of the silver creature has become myth but there still many today that try to search for the beast but none has received such luck. And that my boy is The Legend of the Silver Wulf."