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So I'm sure you've heard the classic tale of Little Red Riding Hood. That's the symbol using, watered down version. No, the real tale is something much more...Sapphic-something the storytellers thought they'd leave out. Well, I'm here to give the real, old, and much more magical tale of Little Red Riding Hood. I should know. They told me the story directly. They do not lie.

"Stay on the path, and get to your grandmother's as soon as possible," Cassandra's mother warned lightly as she adjusted the signature red cloak that graced her daughter's shoulders. "And don't talk to strangers," she warned.

"Mother, I'm sixteen years old. I think I can handle myself just on the way to Grandmother's." The teenager sighed. "Especially since I'm engaged," she added pointedly.

"He can provide for you when I can not. I'm sure you'll grow to love him, like I grew to love your father." Cassandra's mother grabbed her daughter's basket and handed it to her. "Be safe."

Cassandra walked out the door with only a muttered "Goodbye" in response. She walked down the path, stopping right before she reached the dim light of the forest. She took a breath in. It wasn't like she should be scared, she'd done this many times before. But now, it wasn't safe like it had been. It was morning, so she should be alright.

Cassandra loved the walks to her grandmother's house. She loved the trees and the coolness that the forest contained even in the summer. The best part was the flowers, and Cassandra knew where all the best places to find them were. In fact, she was coming across one now...

Cassandra slipped off her shoes and set her basket on the ground before running off behind the trees. Tulips! Perfect. Her grandmother would love them, especially since she wasn't feeling good. Actually, that was the whole reason for Cassandra's visit-to bring some fresh bread and a pie to Grandmother.

She leaned down to pick them and ignored the feeling of being watched. As soon as she had enough, she skipped back to the path, twirling around and watching her skirts spin. She stopped and stared.

"You brought me flowers? How sweet," smirked a pale brunette female who could only be a year older than Cassandra herself. "That pie smells delicious, by the way. Tasted just as good, too."

Cassandra glared. "You're not supposed to be here."

"You're supposed to stay out of our way," the girl glowered, loosing all jokerish qualities and narrowing her eyes. "And I thought a good girl like you would heed our warnings, Little Red Riding Hood," she mocked.

Cassandra lifted her chin high. "From a child like you?"

In a flash the brunette had that chin in her hand and was staring into Cassandra's green eyes. Cassandra noticed how much taller the girl really was. Cassandra's breath caught. The girl's eyes were yellow.

"I can smell the fear on you," the girl hissed, giving a wolfish grin.

"May I have my basket and shoes back, please?" Cassandra asked calmly, her hands shaking.

"I dunno... I quite like your shoes." The girl released Cassandra's jaw and tossed the basket at her. Cassandra barely caught it. "Now get outta my sight," she growled, "you're starting to bore me."

"You're name?" Cassandra requested meekly, intrigued.

The girl paused and Cassandra swore she saw her face soften, but only for a split second. "Siv."

Cassandra wasted no time in fleeing from the wolfish girl. Cassandra was sure Siv could and would hurt her. She ran down the path, without her shoes and with half a pie, the flowers long forgotten.

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