Night fell, darkening the path of the car. Emma could only squint to find the patch ahead and not be tempted to sleep. Sitting next to her, Lacie gazed at the small stars. The moment at Section 64 quickly flashed in her mind. Mother, she thought. You said we didn't have to do it. Drop the domino… Hearing a snore break into her thoughts, she glanced at the mirror. Vincent was leaning against the window, and so did Dylan. Joy sat in the middle, her posture perfect and her eyes closed. Lacie looked towards Emma, who seemed to fall drowsy by the way her eyes wandered around. "I'll take the wheel," the teenager offered. Without any argument, Emma pressed down on the brakes.

Once they switched their seats, Lacie smoothly drove through the forest. Something squeaked out of Emma's pouch, its small head peeking out. "Achilles," the sleepy girl smiled, stroking its fur as she laid her head on the seat. Noticing a flash of red, Lacie found a shining collar around the animal's neck. "What's that?" Lacie asked in curiosity. "Oh, this?" Emma took the collar from Achilles. "It's called Sophie's Ring," she explained. "It's believed to activate powers." Her words echoed through the Resistor's mind. "That's… interesting," she commented. Could I use that for my powers? Will it be able to return to me? "By the way," Emma speculated. "How come you never used your powers back there? I mean, you're the legendary Lacie."

The teenager sighed. "You heard of the battle at Section 1, right?" The teenager nodded. "The day the System broke down," she reminisced with a puzzled look, wondering why she asked. Looking ahead, she continued, "In order to keep Conroy from continuing his reign, I had to seal his power away along with mine in the bracelet, so that it could suppress the large amount." Lacie heard no reply from the girl. She had suddenly froze, her eyes widening in guilt and fear. Frowning, the Resistor wondered what was going on in her head. "Emma?" she questioned, her voice growing darker. "What is it?" Emma looked away, hiding her face from Lacie. "I…" she stuttered. "I-I lost it." Lost what? The speed of the car began to increase. "The bracelet," she squeaked, swallowing slowly.

Enraged, Lacie abruptly hit the brakes, jerking everyone forward. Vincent hit the back of Emma's seat, his eyes snapping open. The others managed to hold onto something, protecting them from any impact. As the car stopped, Lacie opened the door and slammed it closed, storming away in frustration. Brushing her black and orange hair from her eyes, she heard the other door's open and close. "Lacie, what's wrong?" Dylan demanded, rubbing his bruised head. "You… idiot!" she snarled. Her eyes were dark, like storm clouds ready to strike with lightning. At the center, the red surrounding her pupil glowed as bright as a rose, frightening Achilles into Emma's pouch. "You gambled with the bracelet?" Emma gave her a shocked look, as if the teenager burst into flames. Raising her hands up to signify her innocence, she protested, "I didn't know it was that important!"

"Well maybe you shouldn't have taken it in the first place!" Her voice rang into the dark forest, birds flying off by the sound of her frightening voice. "What are you two talking about?" Vincent snapped, his patience wearing off. Joy shook her head, murmuring to herself. Lacie paced around, panicking about the loss of the seal. It's Sam's bracelet, she thought. But more importantly, it holds Conroy's power! Mother and I are at risk! Quickly, Lacie darted back into the car, starting the engine. Immediately, the teenagers followed in. Before Emma could enter the front seat, Dylan took her hand. "Sit in the back," he calmly told her. "She needs to cool down." She stared at him with watery eyes, nodding in thanks. She wanted to hug for assurance, but now was not the time. As soon as the doors closed, they drove off, finding their way to Section 10. As the orange haired girl sped through the forest, her grip on the wheel tightened. "Drop the domino," she growled.

Feeling the cold wind blow into his face, Dylan opened his eyes. Hearing a snore, he turned around to find Vincent snoring against the open window. Joy yawned, curling into a ball beside Emma. Gazing at the sky, it was cloudy, creating a depressing mood. He caught the sight of a hooded girl standing by the edge of the bridge. Quietly opening the car door, he walked towards her. "What are we doing here?" he sighed, stretching his arms. Lacie did not reply. Instead, she continued to watch the waves of the river lap against the shore and crash against the ships.

"Drop the domino," she finally answered. "That's what you told me, right?" Dylan nodded, still confused as to what it meant. Crossing her arms, she sighed. "It means I am supposed to go into hiding." Frowning, he asked, "Why?" A car filled with Watchers drove by, causing Lacie to tuck her noticeable hair in. "In order to break the seal on the bracelet, they need the DNA from the one who sealed it. Since my mother has the same DNA, we both have to be alert." Mother? Dylan pondered. The car finally left, allowing her to relax. "It was my mother who called you," the Resistor continued. "She wanted you to take me away from the risk of getting caught." Finally understanding, Dylan nodded again. Out of the blue, she said, "Thank you." Surprised, he asked, "Why?" She turned to him, making his heart pound from her incredible looks. Her gray eyes shined like silver, her lips pale pink and matching her rosy cheeks. "We only met two days ago and you saved me from Conroy, not knowing if I was the good guy or the bad guy."

He blanked out. Oh… That's right… "Anyways," she said, breaking into his thoughts. "Where did she say we meet?" Looking for the fountain her mother mentioned, he caught the sight of splashing water. Pointing east, he informed, "Over there." As she walked away, she told him to stay with the sleeping teenagers. Before she crossed the street, Dylan grabbed her arm. "Have you forgiven Emma?" he bursted out with a serious tone. Lacie blinked, lightly shaking his hand off of hers. "Not entirely," she answered darkly. Strolling off, he watched as she crossed the street, and towards the destination her mother had instructed. Dylan thought, "Don't give that look whenever you're worried."

Lacie reached the fountain, looking around to find her mother. Catching her breath, she watched the water ripple as water splashed down each level of the fountain. "I'm glad you're safe," a voice spoke behind her. Turning around, she found her mother in disguise as she was, sitting in the bench. She wore a red trench coat and black heels, revealing part of her black dress. Well, this time she finally matches, Lacie thought, looking at her outfit. Her hair also was dyed black, her blue eyes shining brightly. "Sit," she patted the seat next to her. Sitting beside her, her mother sighed. "How many Sections have you gotten so far?" she asked in a carefree tone. "16," Lacie replied. Elizabeth nodded, gazing at the wandering seagulls nearby. "Tell me," she began. She leaned against the back of the bench, staring straight forward. "What happened at Section 64?" Lacie's eyes darkened, folding her hands. "Those people I came with," she started. As she told her sorry, Elizabeth could only listen and nod without interrupting.

As soon as she finished, her mother sighed. "We've got no choice but to bring them along," she decided. The Resistor frowned, disagreeing with her decision. "Why? They've only gotten in the way." Elizabeth chuckled. "You're so cold, Lacie," she smiled, laying her hand against her soft cheek. "Don't act like that. Besides, maybe that boy…" Turning around, she caught sight of Dylan leaning against the car, casting a curious look at her direction. "Mother," she started, but her mother had already chuckled. "Not to worry," she smiled. Standing up, she touched her daughter's shoulder. "Learn to trust again, my dear," she insisted before leaving. "Call if there's anything." Her mother walked away, waving as she departed. Lacie sat back down, sighing. Rubbing her eyes, she tried to erase the drowsiness that was bugging her all day. Hearing a sudden squeak, she looked to her right.

The little ferret sat beside her, holding something in its mouth. Squeaking again, it shook the object to her. Taking it, she recognized it as the collar Emma had shown her last night. Looking at Sophie's Ring, she realized what Achilles was giving her. Turning back to the car, she caught sight of Emma inside the car, staring at her in guilt. She gave her a look of apology. Lacie showed no sign of anger or forgiveness, taking the ring off of the collar. Placing the collar around Achilles' neck, it purred softly as she scratched its ears. Examining the ruby ring, she recognized its ancient, elaborate decoration that surrounded the small jewel. There were words that were too small for Lacie to read. Looking at the ferret, it too blinked in curiosity. "Thanks, Achilles," she thanked the ferret as it darted away.

Wondering what would happen if she put it on, she placed it in her finger. Nothing. She felt nothing but a pinch. Taking it off, she noticed a small red dot on her finger. Did it just prick me? she pondered. Placing it back on, she walked back to the car. While she passed the parked cars, she decided to test the power of Sophie's Ring. Concentrating, she tried to imagine the electricity from the cars. Suddenly, the cars around her turned their alarm, surprising the teenagers. Calmly stepping into the car, she started the engine. "I guess it limits the powers," Lacie murmured to herself. Emma softly smiled, surprised the ring had worked and glad that the Resistor could make use of it. "Where are we off to next?" Vincent asked with a hopeful and adventurous tone. Driving into the street, Lacie replied, "My home."