Night's Story

As I tell you now

There is no evil in my voice

Only sadness

No horrible things happening

I say this because

I know that you think of me

Is bad

Since I am Night

Quiet, mysterious, and caring

The stars are my joyful thoughts

The moon a good friend of mines

You probably know me better as

That stuff that makes outside dark

When the sun makes his leave

But there is one word that describes me the best


Why I say that is this

People think I am wicked and


Nothing good comes out of me

They can't see through me

Crimes take place when I am out

I hide horrible things like a blanket

Shadows scare them

But all of this isn't my fault

All I do is exist

It is not my fault I have dark colors

Not the blue from Neptune's kingdom

Not a bright yellow from an angel's wings

Only a shining onyx black

I try my best to do well

But it isn't good enough

But I ignored it all

I will keep trying

I am Night

And this is my story