Like there are hands at my throat I cannot take in air.

After everything we've been through you don't even care.

I opened up my soul and offered it entirely to you,

But now I know that you didn't give yours to me too.

In fact I only got a part, that many others had as well,

and only now after months did you finally tell.

I don't want everything between us to come to an end,

The urge is with death, my soul to hell I would send.

What did I ever do to deserve this kind of pain?

I've never cheated, yet cheated on over and over again.

I only wanted to be with you for the rest of my life,

despite that you stabbed my heart with a jagged knife.

When were you ever honest, when were you telling a lie,

All I can think right now, is how much I want to die.

I gave and gave and gave to you, and you only took,

All of my love and loyalty given, and now look.

Nothing good ever comes from being pure of heart,

The rest of the world just wants to tear that heart apart.

I was relatively stable before you did this to me,

and now i'm shattered in pieces, as you can see.

All the pain that you have felt placed onto you,

You have caused onto me, and ten time more too.

I thought that you would at least beg me to stay,

that I was the girl you didn't want to go away.

But instead you merely said you loved us all,

At that moment I swore I felt my soul fall.

No girl would or will love you as much as I,

I hope you learn this, I hope it makes you cry.

Greedy men would kill a unicorn for its power,

You are no different that that, you're just a coward.

A real man knows trust and honesty above all,

Rather than lie, or deceive he would take the fall.

You'd rather save yourself the hardship of the right action,

because you are to weak to deal with everyone's reaction.

I'm thankful my intuition is far stronger than they,

I caught on to your dishonestly mostly every day.

I chose to ignore it because of my love for you,

I can't believe you had the nerve to say I love you too.

You thought you were helping to mend my broken heart,

You only helped to tear the pieces even more apart.