As if a doll with glass orbs for eyes,

I can no longer let loose my cries.

My hair, my face, my body too,

I gave it away, it belongs to you.

Another aspect that I am a doll.

Broken and incomplete I fall.

You used to love and cuddle me,

Now I'm not the one you see.

In the darkness, I am left to hide,

Watching with sad, stony eyes.

I made myself into what you want,

Now my reflection can only haunt.

I, myself, now am a reminder of you,

In the mirror now, I see you too.

I can't make all of this pain go away,

I need you to come back to me today.

I'm an empty but pretty shell of a doll,

My soul has left, it's taken to fall.

Yet if you looked into my glass eyes,

I know it would surpass the miles.

This broken doll can have repair,

You just have to show you care.

Your one and only, I want to be,

Just leave the other dolls for me.