Lea smiled as the bubbling substance dribbled into the long, blue tube. So far, the experiment was flawless. She smiled over at the dark-haired man behind her.

"Could you grab the log, Rielly? I want to record every second of this." The man handed her the object silently before returning to his earlier position looming over her shoulder.

"You do realize that watching a mixture combine is one of the most fascinating things a human being can do?" Dark mutters were the only response. Blocking him out, Lea recorded every detail of the slowly fizzling experiment in front of her.

"What's it doing?" The voice was soft and somewhat hesitant but she smiled at the words.

"Why, Rielly," she teased, "If I didn't know any better I'd say you were actually interested in our little experiment." An embarrassed cough and the sound of papers being relentlessly shuffled had Lea turning around with a soft expression on her face.

"You know, dear, it's okay to be bad at expressing interest but it's not okay to not try." Turning back around she jotted another note in the journal giving the man time to think.

"Fine!" The shout had her jumping and almost knocking over the now dormant tube filled with oozing green liquid. "How is the blasted experiment going?" A smile curved her lips upward and her eyes lit up.

Rielly watched as the woman's expression transformed discussing her experiment. He had been Lea Trike's secretary for a year now, and could tell when she was excited. This experiment was something big, but he didn't know what.

Eyes on her beaming smile he found himself slowly approaching her, as if in a trance. Not noticing she rattled on about the chemical elements and all he could see was the sparks in her eyes and suddenly he was right next to her, facing her. He smiled slowly and she beamed at him. Reaching an arm out, the man pulled her to him and planted a kiss on her beautiful lips.

"What was that?!" she shrieked. Then suddenly her eyes softened and she stared at him. Rielly's face heated up and he tried to turn away but she grabbed his arm. Apprehension clouded his features as she stepped towards him and suddenly her lips were on his. She melted into him and he felt a warm sensation in the pit of his stomach.

A bubbling sound caught their attention and they twirled around to see the vial bubbling over the desk.

"Rielly, love, turn off the heat!" she shouted.

He ran towards the desk and switched off the heat while his mind replayed her command on repeat.