why do you weep?
clouded in a haze of sadness
you always withdraw back behind your veils
into that dark room deep within yourself
where no light exists, except for
a tiny crack in the wooden door, reflecting
pale specks bereft of warmth yet
drenched with sorrows of old,
the only spark of hope
inside that dark room
that is your world
your black world
so vulnerable
yet so untouchable
many who don't see it
don't want to see it
some who do know
very few who enter it
your world
which looks o so black
so vulnerable
yet so untouchable

like a dying leaf
floating on the cold water ripples
of a small mountain creek
alone, isolated, splintered
herald of an ashen winter
spinning round and round
not knowing how to reach the shore
not knowing how to reach the still green moss,
which can bring back that spark of life
which you need so badly
no one who cares for you
that's how it is sometimes, am I right?

I'd give my life
just to get you out of that room
that o so black room covering
the sheer beauty of your inner being
that wounded place
where tears no longer possess
their healing power for your wounds
where your soul screams it out

to be heard
to be understood
to be loved

(but where no one seems to reach you)

if only I could help you tear off those veils
covering the dusty window
blocking out every ray of light
keepers of the darkness within you

I'd give my life
if this would give you that opportunity

your loneliness is my loneliness

your pain is my pain

your room is my room

your life is my life