Ugh I was seriously getting sick of this sunglass dude. He was seriously starting to get on my nerves I mean way to ruin all of our plans so far. After he crashed our party at the resort they had handcuffed us, taped our mouths shut and put all of us in weird gloves that prevented us from using our powers, like where the heck did they get those from and how do they even work? Well anyways we were now stuffed in a black van that was on some bumpy road Aqua had fallen asleep like two hours ago, Nick on the other hand was wide awake his eyes were darting back and forth totally panicking, if my hands were not cuffed I would have slapped him by now but in a nice way like snap out of it get a hold on yourself we are going to be fine not like irritating child shut up. See I had a soft side. Soon enough the sound of the engine and the rocking of the car lulled me to sleep.

"Flame! Get up! We're here… Hello?" I could feel some one shaking my shoulder, I squinted my eyes it was so bright! Finally when my eyes adjusted I made out Aqua standing above me, she still had her handcuffs and gloves on but she had somehow managed to get the tape off.

"ahgugeugeyfgyhdyufdt" I said ugh dang you stupid tape I thought

"One sec" Aqua replied "this might hurt a little bit but try not to scream that will totally blow our cover" she leaned over close enough that her cuffed hands were right over my mouth, randomly she yanked it off. I bit back a scream; remember that time when you were like six and you pulled that band-aid off your arm oooowwwww right? Now multiply that pain by a gazillion.

"Thanks" I whispered rubbing my lip; a faint trace of blood came onto my fingertips

"Right Sorry"

"Doesn't matter, now where are we? And what's going on?"

"Well I got up when we were just pulling up so all I know about our location is that we are in a stone building off somewhere in the middle of nowhere and uh there are huge gates all around us, and even though this place looks ancient its really high tech, the people that led us out of here had to get through like 10 eye and finger scans, so the chances of sneaking out of here are really slim" she paused took a breath and continued "Well they shot us with some type of drug that passed us all out, when I got up which was like 5 minutes ago Nick was already up and we pulled off each other's mouth tape but we can't get the gloves or handcuffs off so that means no powers and no hands"

"So basically we are stuck in some 19th century building with way too high security in some weird room with no hands which basically means no powers… A bad situation"

"That pretty much covers it" Nick said popping up from behind me.

"Look, I'm not trying to be a downer here, but getting out of this place without our powers is going to be impossible, even with our powers the chances are really slim, so what's the plan?" Nick said

"Way to be an optimist Nick," Flame haughtily replied, I could sense a fight coming on, we really didn't need pointless quarrelling between us right now so I guess I always have to be the peacemaker around here.

"Guys stop it, now is seriously not the time, if we ever want to get out of this place we really do need a plan" I paused to add more affect then continued "There is a bright side to this, they don't want to kill us they're just curious, I mean they can't keep us here forever they will have to let us go at some point right? And then we won't have to run anymore…"

"I don't know about you Aqua but I want to escape as soon as possible, I really don't want to be a lab rat there is also the problem that some of the tests might kill us!" Nick snorted

"Look who's the optimist now?"

"Shut up"

"OH MY GODS! WHAT IS IT WITH YOU GUYS? CANT YOU JUST GET ALONG FOR LIKE 10 MINUTES?" they both sheepishly turned their heads in my directions looking like sad little puppies who knew they did something wrong.

"Sor-" they both started, but were interrupted by a huge grinding sound I turned my head in that direction it was one of the coolest oddest thing I had ever seen I my life something totally out of a action movie the wall on the right side of the room was slowly sliding apart and every inch it moved you could see more and more men in black suits with sleek shiny guns in their hands they were in such a formation that it totally looked like they were posing I mean all that was missing was a bunch of white pigeons and some high resolution cameras. "Trying to escape are you?" the "leader" of them said "well don't bother its not going to happen, just put your hands in the air and come with us and then no ones going to have to get hurt"

"Well first of all we're wearing handcuffs so we cant exactly put our hands in the air unless you're willing to take them off, that would be great I am really starting to get some burn" Nick said calmly almost as if he was talking to old friends. "And uh second of all we are already with you so where are you taking us now?"

"Dart him" leader guy said "I am really not in the mood for dealing with annoying kids right now" the man on his left clicked a button on the top of his gun then fired at Nick's neck, it hit him squarely on the shoulder he looked shocked for about a second then smiled

"It that really the best" he crumpled to the ground making a loud THUMP. I cringed that sounded painful a similar looking man (oh what am I kidding they all looked the same) came up and slung Nick over his shoulder as if he were some type of rag doll. I looked over at Flame she looked stunned staring at the leader dude in disgust.

"How dare you! You monster!" Flame snarled at him, oh great all I needed was two unconscious friends of course I was right, the leaders "right handed man" shot Flame on the side of her neck, her reaction was much quicker and there was already a guy behind, ready to catch her.

"How is what you are doing any even legal?" I asked; well if all my daredevil friends were asleep why not stand up for your self-right? Wrong.

"Oh Laila" the leader guy said, "I thought you were the smart one here, well we make the rules, we do what we want. And I don't like people talking back to me" and before I even had time to process what he had said I saw blackness taking over my vision.