The next morning as I woke up, I sensed a dreary feeling in the air and I could tell that school was going to be tense and emotion-filled as soon as I spotted Kaden in the hallway. We both locked eyes with each other and his bright blue orbs instantly flooded with concern. I let out a nervous smile and mouthed the word 'hi' to him as he rushed over.

"Trixie, I'm so, so, so sorry! I can't believe what happened last night, I don't even know what to say..." He sighed as he wrapped his arms around me in a warm embrace.
"No, it's okay. It was an honest mistake." I put a hand on his cheek and he released some of the tension he built up inside.

"It doesn't matter... I hurt you. Me. Not Drostan or Kyle... I did..." he looked towards the ground in dejection.

I wanted to assure him that no real harm was done, that I was just a bit startled, but the bell rang, breaking us apart. An uneasy feeling settled inside of me again as Kaden walked away. How could I convince him of my forgiveness?

My classes flew by in a muddled blur as I just could not focus for very long and walking to lunch, I practically planned out everything I would tell Kaden to comfort him. After all, I was fine and he didn't need to worry about me any longer. However, as I stepped into the cafeteria, I noticed Kaden's absence from our table. His class was close to the cafeteria, so usually, he was always there first. Quickly, I brushed off this observation, but soon ten minutes into lunch had passed with no sign of him.

"Have you guys seen Kaden, today...?" I asked, worry tainting my voice.

"Err... yeah, hun. I saw him after 3rd period as usual. He looked a little... different though. Why, did something happen?"

"Um... Yeah, sorta. I'm just worried about him and... it's about something that happened with Drostan."

It wasn't a complete lie, but far enough from the truth to be one.

` "Oh... sorry. Maybe he just had a test to make up or something?"

"Yeah maybe..."

The rest of the day, all I thought about was where Kaden was and if he was okay. It was unusual of him to miss a lunch with me. After the bell rang, the same feeling of dread came over me a third time and I rushed down the hallway to the school's entrance - There I found Kaden, slouched against the wall looking depressed and like he had been thinking deeply.

"Hey," I said in a curious tone. "What is it?"
He stirred in place, looking from side to side, something he always did this when he was nervous.

"I um... need to talk to you..."
"Kaden, I'm fine. Please.. if it's about last night, don't worry... "
"Well... not exactly. But first, before I say anything... you have to know that I absolutely love you, okay?"

He held my hand and pulled me around a corner to a more private place. Before I even understood what he was trying to tell me, though, he pressed his lips sweetly against mine and I melted into him, loving every moment of it. It was exciting, having him kiss me so affectionately in front of everyone. No matter how much I tried to enjoy the moment, though, he held such a sense of longing in his countenance and he pulled away from me with furrowed eyebrows.

"A-and this... This is why I can no longer be with you."

Did the words I just hear really come out of his mouth? I stared at him, not able to comprehend the words that flitted around in my mind.


He turned away and bit his lip before looking straight into my eyes with his piercing blue glare.

"We're through..." his words faltered as he choked out the words.

Those two words shot through my heart with the speed and intensity of a bullet - an irreparable hole was ripping open inside of me.

"Why?" was the only word I could muster and my tears threatened to fall over as he looked towards the ground.

"Every promise I've made to you has been broken. I said that I wouldn't let anyone hurt you ever again after Kyle, then Drostan came along... I made a promise that I wouldn't let him touch you again and of course he did. And now I have hurt you... Trixie Robinson, I am no good for you. I've only brought you pain since I've come to know you and it's time for that to stop. One day you will find a boy who will love you, maybe even as much as I do... and he will make you happy. Until that day... Goodbye."

His hands slowly pulled away from mine, his fingertips lingering ever so slightly as if he were cherishing the last milliseconds of my touch. Then with one swift motion, he ripped himself entirely away from my presence and ran out the door. His words stung every fiber of my being - I felt so cold and numb inside. It wasn't until I heard the first set of buses leaving that I snapped back to my senses and ran through the heavy metal doors just in time to catch the last bus. The entire ride, I clenched my fists and teeth, forcing myself to calm down in front of everyone and an immense sense of relief washed over me as I stepped away from the bus and into my house. Without hesitation, I dashed into my room and curled into a ball, my body slowing rocking back and forth. The tears immediately poured down my face and onto my knees as I heaved bitter sobs of loneliness and rejection.

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