Walking into school the next week, I felt as though the party had been a dream. Christmas break was over now and the new year had come. I hadn't even spoken to Kaden since the night of the party and it was almost too good to be true that we were finally back together. The moment I pushed the hefty school doors open, the cold atmosphere brightened and my spirits lifted as I beheld Kaden leaning against the lockers, ebony hair scattered across his face, perfectly framing his bright blue eyes.

As he noticed me, he briskly pushed himself off the lockers and held my hand in his. A small blush brightened my cheeks and we happily strolled to the cafeteria before class.

"How was your vacation?" Kaden asked softly as we sat down at a table.

"It was-"

"Hey Trixie! It's good to see you guys together again!" Kaylee jumped into the conversation.

I smiled, sweetly, "It's nice to be back together again."

Kaden and I shared a brief smile before Addison skipped over too, talking as though nothing had ever happened.

The four of us flinched as the school bell rang and Kaden and I stood, waving to my two friends before heading down the hall. I sighed happy to finally be alone with Kaden and we continued peacefully to our classes, but suddenly an abrupt movement to my right stopped me. I turned around instinctively.

Drostan stood a few feet away, poised as though ready to saunter over, yet he was frozen in place. His mouth was slightly ajar and as our eyes met, I watched him lose some of his mischievous sparkle. He straightened up, his eyebrows drawn upward, and all traces of a smirk were gone. His face was guarded and he showed no expression while twirling around and hurriedly, walking away.

"Is something wrong?" Kaden asked me as he tugged on my hand.

My smile faded and I felt sudden prickling in my eyes. I blinked and forced a smile for him.

"No, it's nothing... Let's go to class." I heard the strain in my voice and Kaden arched an eyebrow, but still he remained silent.

The feeling of despair haunted me in class and my stomach churned as I envisioned the look on Drostan's face, I only wanted to be friends with him but the look of hopelessness reminded me of how I felt when Kaden was gone. A pang of heavy guilt coursed through me for raising up Drostan's hope of us being anything more than friends.

Romeo and Juliet hardly seemed important in my English class, but soon I realized the irony of star-crossed lovers and as I continued to analyze the details of the tale, I became even more frustrated by Drostan's expression. I could only count the minutes until I'd pass him again and explain everything that had happened. Once class finally ended, I sighed in relief as I found myself traversing the lonely hallway, but peering around, my heart sank - Drostan was nowhere in sight, but still, I felt the urge to press forward and turn down an adjacent hallway that was not in my path. Quietly, even anxiously, I turned my head around the corner to gratefully spot Drostan gliding down the hallway. Obviously, he didn't want to meet up with me today, but I wouldn't let the opportunity slip by.

"Drostan, wait!" I called out to him and he froze in place. It seemed as if he was contemplating whether or not he should turn around or keep walking.

I caught up to him before he could make a firm decision, though, and I placed a hand on his shoulder, swiveling him around to face me.

"Oh... uh, hi Trixie," he stuttered, trying to hide his true feelings.

"I'm sorry..."

"What is there to be sorry about...?" he said with a hint of disappointment.

"I... I know you hoped for us to be together... But, I just... I like Kaden. I like you too Drostan... I really do. But I... I just don't know what to say to express how sorry I am for letting you down."

One side of his mouth turned upward in an unconvincing smile.

"It's not like I didn't see it coming. I knew I could never match Kaden... and I figured it out after Kaden came home with a goofy smile on his face the night of Maggie's party. You can always tell when he's been with you."

I smiled inwardly, but forced a casual look onto my face. "Still... I feel like I've lead you on. I didn't mean to cause you more trouble."

He placed a hand on my shoulder. "It's okay... It's really okay. That kiss with you was more than I could ever ask for. While I do admit that being with you would be nice.. it's not realistic. Looks like Kaden finally beat his big bro after all."

Drostan turned around, but again, but I stopped him.

"Even though I'm not available to be your girlfriend anymore, I'm still available to be your friend. I won't stop talking to you, just because Kaden and I are back together," I said, looking into his stormy eyes with reassurance.

He smiled genuinely then shot me his signature smirk before continuing down the hallway. I sighed in relief that he showed me one encouraging sign. I could only hope that things would return to normal with Drostan and I, but only time would tell.

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