The Slayer (Season 1)


The First Hunt

John arrived home; his head was almost spinning as he laid in his bed:

John- So, spirits, vampires and all of those THINGS I see in the movies are real?

He was thinking to himself:

John- He said that I MUST not tell anyone about this. I understand. If I told anyone about this I could put them in danger.

His monologue kept going until he fell asleep.

The next morning he awake with the sound of his alarm and his mother calling him to go to school.

John was ready in almost record time, but, the memory of what Giles had told him the night before was still in his head.

At launch, in the school cafeteria:

Andrew- Dude, are you okay?

Paul- Yeah, you seemed a bit distance this whole day.

John- I'm fine you guys. Really.

David was grabbing launch and was sitting with them, he too noticed John's strange behavior.

He was usually a funny guy, always making jokes, so it was strange that that day he was often quiet.

As prior to that day, John ditched his friends in another night out in the local bar. It was hard for him to lie to his friends and family but still, he wanted to see where this was going.

In that night, after John went to his Watcher's place:

Giles- Here, I maid something special for you.

John- You did?

Giles- Yes! Take a look.

Giles showed him a dark coat, a black shirt with a white skull drawn on, black jeans and a pair of leather boots, 4 stakes and 2 guns with silver bullets and a dark mask that would cover John's eyes and upper part of the nose:

John- What is this?

Giles- THIS is your uniform. Or suit. Whatever you want to call it.

John- My suit?

He said while touching on the coat:

Giles- What do you have to say about it?

John- Neat.

He says while observing the suit:

Giles- I will give you these headphones, because with them I can talk to you and you to me. Also, this mini-cam. Whit it I can see what you see. You put it in your left hear. It won't be troublesome.

John- Right, so, tonight I'm going on a hunt?

Giles- No! You have to train first. I don't want you to go out there unprepared.

He was right, John WAS unprepared. So, he began his training.

Two weeks later…

John was putting his mask:

Giles- Are you ready?

John- Definitely!

Giles- I hope the training did you well.

John- Where is the target zone, Giles?

Giles- Well, you'll go to the cemetery. Check things out in there. It should be an easy gig.

John- Let's see about that.

And he left the house directed to the cemetery, meanwhile at Paul's, where he, Andrew and David were waiting for John:

David-He is ditching us. Again!

Paul- Let's wait just a moment.

Andrew- Yes, just 10 minutes.

David- Alright. Paul, send him a message.

Paul- Right.

But the moment Paul was sending a message to John, he was on his way to the cemetery:

John- It's my mobile, "where are you?" well Paul is too bad but I can't tell you, so…..

2 minutes later:

Paul- Look! It's him, "I'm at home I can't go, sorry", shit.

David- What? Again? What's wrong with him?!

Paul- I don't know.

Andrew- Well lets go.

Paul- Yes.

John enters the cemetery:

Giles- So, are you afraid?

John-Just nervous. This IS my first rodeo.

Giles- Don't be afraid.

John- Yeah right.

He says ironically.

He heard some noises and hid behind a tombstone just in time to see two figures appear:

John- Giles, what are those?

Giles- Vampires, John. Be careful!

He takes out one gun:

John- I hope this works.

John shoots, but his aim wasn't good enough and he misses, the vampires are now aware of his presence:

John- Need more practice!

John was about to turn around but the vampires were facing him already:

V1- Who are you?

John- I'm the Slayer!

Giles- No! Don't talk!

V2- Gotcha.

From behind one vampire gets John in a bear hug.

But John counters with 2 elbows in the stomach and 1 punch in the face, the vampire is quick and gives 2 punches on John, the other tries to grab John but he gives him a kick in the face making him fall, then launching a stake to the heart of the vampire killing him and turning him to ashes:

John- One down, one to go. What? The other one escaped during the fight!

Giles- That's good for a start considering that you don't left one run way.

John got it, he killed a vampire but now he will have to think as a hunter to get the one that run way!

To Be Continued