"Eh? It's too soon!", Keiko complained, "I haven't even packed her bags."

"Then, you should start doing it now.", Miho said, "She has to stop the demon child or else all of humanity will die."

Sayuri took Ryouko's hand, "Elique-chama, let's go and find your guardians."

Ryouko nodded, "Okay, where should we start then Sayuri-chan?"

Sayuri led them outside, Kazuhiko and the other teachers were pinning down the humanoid scorpions, they were casting spells and using magic charms.

Kazuhiko was sweating a bit, "I think I'm getting too old for this. Ryouko-san, you don't have to worry about anything, we got this."

Ryouko wished the teachers good luck, "Please take care and don't get killed.", she said and went with the other guardians.

"We just have to keep going until our crystals get a reaction.", Hitomi said.

"There are four dorms in total, the north, south, east and the west, our dorm is located in the west.", Ryouko said, "Maybe we should start at the north? Most of the upperclassmen are residing there."

"Then, let's go, I know a short cut.", Hayato said leading them to the Northern Dormitory.

"I feel nothing.", Yuji commented.

"Same here.", Hitomi added.

"Maybe, we need to go inside.", Ryouko said, "If you get closer to them you might get a reaction."

Sayuri shook her head and held onto Ryouko's shirt, "There's no need for that at all."

Ryouko stared at Hitomi, Yuji and Hayato, "She's so cute, can I keep her when all of this is over?", she was pinching Sayuri's cheek.

"Please go on ahead.", Hitomi said, "Hear that Sayuri-chan, she thinks you're cute."

Sayuri smiled a little, "Let's hurry up ne?"

"Let's head to the eastern dormitory.", Ryouko exclaimed.

On their way to the Eastern Dormitory, they were passing through the dojo and then all of a sudden Yuji's crystal started glowing.

"Oh! Is that the reaction?", Ryouko asked getting a bit excited but doesn't look like it, "It looks so awesome.", they went over to the dojo and there they saw Kyou practicing by himself, "Waa~ It's Kyou-senpai."

Kyou was practicing archery, he was wearing his uniform and sweating from the heat. He took a shot and nailed the bulls-eye, girls from the other class were cheering him on, he was flashing his signature smile when he caught sight of Ryouko and the guardians, "Oh, if it isn't Ryouko-chan…and some friends."

"I didn't know you did archery.", Ryouko commented, "It's amazing."

Kyou went over to Ryouko which made the girls squeal, "Oh my, Ryouko-san is visiting him, are they perhaps going out?"

"Who are these people with you?", Kyou asked examining the guardians, "Your classmates?"

Yuji stepped closer to Kyou, "It's him.", the moment he went near Kyou, his crystal lit up even more.

"What is it?", Kyou asked.

"Ah, can you do me a favor, Kyou-senpai?", Ryouko asked.

Kyou nodded in agreement, "Sure, anything for you."

"Could you come with us without asking any questions?"

Kyou agreed eagerly, he gathered his things and they went on to the eastern dormitory. Kyou was staring at Sayuri who was clinging onto Ryouko arm and Sayuri was staring back at him.

"Uhh, Ryouko-chan is she your sister?", Kyou asked.

Ryouko shook her head, "No, I'm an only child. But, she's cute ne?"

Kyou nodded, "Yeah, she is.", he was staring at Sayuri intensely, "Eh? The little kid is glowing."

The guardians and Ryouko looked over and Sayuri's crystal was indeed glowing, they searched every inch of the eastern dormitory, but the light from Sayuri's crystal was getting weaker.

"Wait, I don't get what's happening.", Kyou commented, "Is this a game or something?"

Hayato nodded, "It's something like that, we're looking for someone and when our crystal glows, it means that we've found the right person."

"Wait, let's go outside. I can feel that the person is outside.", Sayuri said, so they went downstairs and saw Yui.

"If it isn't Kyou-kun and his bitch of a crush Yamada Ryouko.", Yui said.

Kyou looked at her in shock, "I didn't know you had such a foul mouth Yui-chan. You're usually so nice, this is so unlike you."

"It's because of her that I'm like this.", she said as she went near Ryouko and played with a lock of her hair, "I'm used to getting what I want whenever and wherever, but because of her I can't have you."

Ryouko glanced from Yui and Kyou looking confused, "Wait, what did I do this time?"

Yui chuckled a bit, "Well, I confessed to him, but he refused me because of ugly you.", she said as she pointed her finger at Ryouko, "I don't even know why guys find you attractive, you're flat-chested and you lack sex appeal."

"Yui-chan!", Kyou exclaimed trying to cover Yui's mouth.

"Oh my god, she doesn't even know?", Yui said while looking at Kyou.

Ryouko frown, "Wait, so what you're trying to say is, Kyou-senpai likes me?"

"Bingo!", Yui exclaimed, "You hit the jackpot darling, Kyou-kun likes you."

"Is it true Kyou-senpai?", Ryouko asked.

Kyou turned away as he blushed, "Yes."

"I hate to break your conversation, but she is the one.", Sayuri said as she pointed to Yui.

"Oh, how cute, what's your name little kid?", Sayuri asked but Sayuri immediately ran and hid behind Ryouko, "Great, even the kid doesn't like me because of you."

"Ryouko-san let's go on ahead.", Hitomi said.

Ryouko gave her a weak smile, "Yeah, let's go. Kyou-senpai, please accompany Yui-senpai and follow us. Umm, Yui-senpai, I'm sorry.", she said then bowed.


Ryouko glared at Kyou, "Please not another word."

They headed to the Western Dormitory and it was written all over Ryouko's face that she is troubled, Hitomi and Sayuri continued to comfort her, and Kyou and Sayuri followed from behind.

"So this is our dormitory.", Ryouko said, "Feel free to explore it."

The guardians entered the dormitory and as soon as they step foot inside both Hayato and Hitomi's crystal started glowing.

"Oh, both are here. This is great, we can save time in finding them.", Yuji said.

Izumi was in the lobby and when he caught sight of Ryouko he stood up and went to talk to her, "Ryou-chan can we talk for a second?"

Ryouko nodded, "Sure, but make it quick, I don't have all the time in the world."

"Why are you so cold?", Izumi asked looking a bit hurt.

"It's him.", Hayato said, "The third guardian."

"Eh? Are you sure?", Ryouko asked as she turned to look at Hayato.

Hayato nodded, "I am sure."

"What's the matter?"

"It's nothing, what were you going to tell me anyway?"

Just then Himiko arrived and declared something, "Yamada Ryouko, I challenge you to he upcoming swimming competition and whoever wins, gets Izumi as her prize."

"Eh?", they all said in unison.

"Himiko-chan, there's no need for that, and besides I can't swim.", Ryouko said.

Himiko chuckled, "That's the point!"

Hitomi drew Ryouko closer to her and whispered into her ear, "Elique-sama, she's the fourth guardian."

"Eh? So that means…"

Hitomi nodded, Ryouko started clearing her throat, "Before anything else, I would like you guys to follow me, we're going to the Mahou no Horu."

Kyou frowned, "Students are not allowed to go there."

"I know.", Ryouko replied, "But, we have been summoned by the Mahou Council."

They went to the Mahou no Horu, Ryouko and the guardians went to see the elders. All of them were amazed as it was their first time entering the Mahou no Horu.

Ryouko bowed, "I present to you the guardians, Yuki Izumi from I-A, Ikeda Himiko from I-C, Takashi Kyou from III-A, and Oshima Yui from III-A."

The Mahou Council welcomed them and went on to tell them about the prophecy that they must take part in. The more they knew about the prophecy, the more they were getting confused.

"Wait, so we have to like protect her or something?", Yui complained.

Yoshiaki nodded, "You will serve as her guardians in the other world, together you will stop the awakening of the demon child."

"With all due respect sir, you do realize that we are mere students.", Kyou said, "This prophecy that we have to fulfill is too much of a risk for us to take."

"We are aware.", Kaede replied, "But, it is not for us to decide who are the chosen ones, the guardians as well as the Elique's power chose you for this mission, you should feel honored instead of being burdened."

"I accept.", Izumi said, "I'll do everything I can to make sure, Ryou-chan is safe."

Himiko turned to Izumi as soon as she heard his words, her chest started to tighten and tears were forming in her eyes, "Why can't you choose me over her?", she said to herself and a tear fell from her eyes.

When Yui saw Himiko crying she immediately came to her aid, "Uhh, your name is Himiko ne? What's the matter? Why are you crying?", she patted her back.

"It's…because of my… it's because of Izumi-kun.", Himiko replied.

"Izumi?", Yui frowned and after some time pointed to Izumi, "That's him right?"

Himiko nodded, "Just recently he broke up with me, because he's in love with that good-for-nothing Ryouko-chan.", she said with disgust in her face.

Yui gasped, "It's also because of that girl?", she then held both of Himiko's hands, "I know how you feel, Kyou-kun turned me down because of her as well."

"I accept, despite the unfortunate circumstances.", Kyou declared.

Yui then raised her hand together with Himiko's hand, "We accept as well!"

"Eh?", Himiko raised an eyebrow, "What are you doing?"

Yui flipped her hair, "I have a plan."

Yoshiaki and the other elders stepped down their thrones and handed the magical robes to them, "Since we have come to an agreement, you will be departing tonight.", Yoshiaki said.

"Wait, but what about school?", Izumi asked, "What will we tell our teachers?"

"We will take care of that matter.", Miho said reassuring them, "None of the students will know about your whereabouts, the spirit guardians will temporarily establish the Younique Council to manage school matters. All you have to worry about is to complete your mission and come back safe and sound."

"For now please go back and pack everything you need and don't forget to take a piece of uniform with you.", Kaede said.

The chosen ones took the robes and left the Mahou no Horu, even when they got outside they were still puzzled with everything that happening. Himiko on the other hand dragged Yui to a private place.

"Yah! Why did you agree to this?", Himiko asked Yui while glaring at her, "I don't want to see the both of them together."

"Like duh, you have to do everything to get your man back girl!", Yui said and she pounded her fist on her palm, "And we have to get rid of that bitch!"

Himiko started to analyze the situation, "You're kind of right, if we eliminate Ryouko-chan, you get Kyou-senpai and I get Izumi back."

"Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Wait, I didn't say anything about eliminating her.", Yui exclaimed looking at Himiko suspisciously, "I just hate her, but I don't want to kill her. Maybe I'll just tell her to back off or something."

Himiko grinned, "I'm not talking about killing her, I got this thing from a magic shop and I plan to use it on her and Izumi."

"Thing?", she scratched her head in confusion.

"Maybe, if you help me with my plan I can use it on Kyou-senpai as well.", Himiko looked at Yui with tempting eyes, "So, will you help me or not?"

Yui was a bit suspicious about Himiko, "Tell me about you plans first."

Himiko nodded ans she took out the box from her bag, "This is what you call the Hokori Omoide, I will use it to erase all of Ryouko-chan's memory of Izumi and their friendship, as for Izumi I will eliminate Ryouko-chan from his memory, I will replace her in his memories."

Yui clapped in amazement, "What a great plan, so that means the feelings that he has for Ryouko-san will be directed to you?"

Himiko grinned, "Yes, that's my plan. So, are you in?"

Yui nodded repeatedly, "Of course, but you have to help me as well. Erase that girl from my Kyou's memory."

Himiko stretched her hand over to Yui, "Deal, I'm in your care from now on Yui-senpai.", as both of them shook their hands, evil grins appeared on their faces.

Later that night…

Keiko was staring blankly into nothingness and she kept on sighing heavily, which disturbed Ryouko, "Kacchan, does your stomach hurt? Why don't you go to the bathroom?"

Keiko hit her with the pillow, "How can you tell jokes at times like this?", she said as she started crying and whining like a little baby, "My baby will be gone! Waaaaaaaaaaaaa!"

Ryouko immediately stood up and covered her mother mouth, "Yah~ I'm not dying, just imagine that I'm fetching dad from some faraway place, 'cause he was stuck and had no money for the train fare ne?"

Keiko kept on crying, bucket of tears were coming out of her eyes, "But…but… waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!"

"I can't believe you're older than me.", she told her mother straight-forwardly.

"You're leaving and yet you still treat your mother so coldly.", Keiko protested and then gave Ryouko a big hug, "Please, just take care. Wherever it is you're going, never forget to eat and brush your teeth."

Ryouko hugged her mother tighter and kept on nodding repeatedly, "Yes, I will eat and brush my teeth.", the mother and daughter were being all mushy and emotional and then suddenly there was a knock on the door, "It's time."

Keiko started crying again like a child, "Waaaaaaa! You're leaving me!"

Kazuhiko barged in, "What in the world is that awful sound?", as soon as he saw Keiko crying like crazy he couldn't help but laugh, "Just priceless. Hahahahaha!"

Ryouko was giggling as well, "Kazuhiko-sensei, please watch over my mother."

Kazuhiko nodded, "Of course, with all my heart."

"But, I swear to god, if you do something against her will, I will kill you.", she said with a straight face.

"How do you manage to say things like that with a straight face?", Kazuhiko asked with his eyes wide opened.

"It's natural.", Ryouko said with a smile and they headed to the Mahou no Horu, the elders were already waiting for them to arrive as well as the teachers and the guardian spirits. They were all lined up to the side as if the chosen ones were walking through the red carpet or an award ceremony.

All the teachers bowed before them, "We wish you good luck and safety."

"Please step on the platform and wear you robes.", Yoshiaki said. The chosen ones did as he said and wore the robes, well except for one.

"How do you even wear this?", Ryouko said with a frown on her face, "There're to many loops and holes, if this was a maze I'll definitely get lost."

Izumi face-palmed himself and went to help Ryouko, "god, you're such an idiot when it comes to things like this."

"Well, sorry for being an idiot."

Himiko just ignored them, as soon as Ryouko's robe was put on properly the Elders as well as the teacher started chanting, the robes started glowing and there was only a faint image of the chosen ones. They kept on repeating the chant and a few moments later, they vanished.

"Goodluck my daughter.", Keiko said clenching her fist onto Kazuhiko.

The next moment they opened their eyes they were already transported back to the ancient times, they were in the middle of the forest, the trees around them were bearing fruits, you can hear the wilderness clearly, the chirping of the birds, the whistling of the wind and the flow of the waterfall not far away.

"Waaaa~ We really are in another dimension.", Ryouko said in awe and she picked up a lady-bug, "Where do we start from here?"

"We should get to civilization or a village first, and tell them about our mission, maybe they'll be able to help.", Kyou commented.

"Kyaaaaa!", Yui cheered, "My Kyou-kun is always so smart."

They started walking, since the forest was all green it seemed that they were getting lost. The sun was at its peak and they were starting to get tired.

"Ah! This clothes are so hot.", Izumi ranted as he started to undress.

"Let's rest here for a while.", Kyou suggested and the others agreed.

Yui hit Himiko with her elbow, "He's undressing right in front of us!"

Himiko didn't react at all, "We have to execute our plan immediately."

Yui nodded, "You have a point."

Kyou then gestured his hand over to Ryouko, "Let me help you with your bag Ryouko-chan."

Ryouko shook her head, "It's okay, I can manage. You can carry Yui-senpai's bag instead, it seems like she's having a hard time with it."

Yui then approached Ryouko with a smile, "Ryouko-chan can we talk for a second?"

Ryouko face was lit up with a smile, "Of course.", she stood up while carrying her bag and they went to the deep part of the woods.

Izumi then approached Kyou, "I thought she hated Ryou-chan. Why are they together now?"

Kyou shrugged his shoulders, "I'm a bit curious about that too.", Kyou and Izumi then started assembling their things, but without their knowledge Himiko was already plotting something evil.

She called out to them, "Kyou-senpai, Izumi, look here!", as both of them turned around she blew the magic dust on their face.

Kyou started coughing, "Ugh! What is that?!"

Himiko grinned and she leaned closer to Izumi, "Anata no kokoro to kokoro wa tsuneni kono jumon ni yotte, anata wa watashi ni zokushite irudeshou, to narimasu. Ryōko-chan wa, anata no kokoro to kioku ni watashi wa kōkan shimasu, shōkyo sa remasu.", she chanted.

Izumi then fell in to a trance; his memories with Ryouko flashed in his mind all at once, and as each memory passed by Ryouko's face was starting to fade. He closed his eyes and kept on remembering all the moments of his childhood, but it was no longer Ryouko that he can see, it was already Himiko. Then after, Izumi passed out.

"As for you, Kyou-senpai.", Himiko leaned in to his ear and chanted, "Kono jumon Ryōko-chan wa, subete shōkyo sa remasu anata no kokoro to kioku ni kanojo ga okikae rareru toki ni, anata no kokoro to kokoro wa itsumo, ni narimasu."

After hearing Himiko's chant, Kyou lost consciousness as well, "The next time you wake up, you won't even feel anything for her.", she took out the magic gems and opened them, the magic dust that she blew onto Kyou and Izumi returned to the gems together with their memories of Ryouko, "I have to keep this in a safe place."

Meanwhile Yui and Ryouko were in a meadow near a cliff, Ryouko was all smiles with the thought that Yui wasn't angry at her anymore, but Yui on the other her was mocking her.

"Yui-senpai, I want to say sorry.", Ryouko said.

"Eh? What for?"

"About, Kyou-senpai, you don't have to worry about anything I don't like him that way. He's like a brother to me."

"Is that so? Then why are you saying sorry?", she asked with a bitchy-tone.

"I know that you were hurt when Kyou-senpai rejected you, and I know I was the reason for that.", Ryouko said while staring in the distance, "I also want to say sorry to Himiko-chan and all the girls that were hurt because of me, if only I had the chance to do so."

"This kid's bee through a lot of things huh?", Yui thought to herself.

Ryouko turned to Yui and smiled at her, "I hope you can forgive me."

Yui then felt her chest tighten and she blushed a bit, "Yah! Don't get all emotional on me!", Yui was starting to feel a sense of friendship between them and then Himiko arrived.

"Hello there, Ryouko-chan, I'm glad to see you.", Himiko said with sarcasm in her voice.

"Oh, Himiko-chan.", Ryouko said as she stood up.

Himiko then blew an awful amount of magic dust onto Ryouko which caused her to cough, "Aish! What is that?! My eyes hurt."

Himiko lifted Ryouko's face, "I'm sorry, but I have to do this.", she closed her eyes and started chanting, "Yamada Ryōko wa, kanōna subete no hōhō de watashi o kizutsuketa. Anata no omoide wa watashi ga karande iru watashitachi no shiawase to, toru yo."

Unlike Izumi and Kyou, there was something different with Ryouko, because of the awful amount of magic dust, all of her memories were starting to fade from her mind, she was agonizing in pain.

Yui felt alarmed, "Oi! Himiko-san what's happening to her?"

"I..it's normal, this also happened with Izumi and Kyou-senpai.", she said with a bit of panic in her voice, suddenly they heard a rustling from behind, "What's that?"

"Eh? I'm scared it might be some monster of some sort.", Yui told Himiko as she held onto her, just then a wild boar came rushing to them, in fright Himiko dropped the magic gem that contained Ryouko's memory.

"Watch out Ryouko-san!", Yui exclaimed.

Unaware of what's happening, Ryouko was pushed off the cliff by the wild boar, Himiko and Yui tried to pull her up but it was too late, "Who are this people again?", she kept asking herself as she was falling under.