He Remembers

He remembers her eyes

The beautiful brown like melted chocolate

The golden specks and caramel swirls

The dancing bright gleam it had every time she smiled

Her smileā€¦

He remembers her smile

The slight curve of her pink lips

Her mischievous little smirks

Her dimples tat deepen every time she grinned

He remembers her laugh

The sound so beautiful

So musical

He remembers her hair

The dark brown waterfall that cascaded down her back

The way it felt like silk as he ran his fingers through it

He remembers her touch

Her small hands

So delicate

He remembers her cheeks

How they felt against his lips

How they turned a beautiful rosy color every winter

He remembers her soft breathing

Her small little snores while she's sleeping

How her puffs of breath turned into little clouds in the cold

He remembers the way they drifted apart

He remembers her yelling

How her voice rose in the silence of the night

How she said he was a liar

How she said "I hate you"

They way she said it, venom dripping from every word

He remembers how much the words had hurt

He remembers her leaving

The door slamming

He remembers waiting for her all night

He remembers the call

How he rushed to her hospital bed

How much he apologized

How h didn't know whether she heard it or not

He remembers how they said she was driving to fast

How he knew it was his fault

He remembers waiting for her to wake up

The three months of nothing but waiting

He remembers the day her long dark lashes fluttered

Her beautiful brown eyes opening

His excitement bubbling

He remembered her looking at him

He remembered the words that came out of her mouth

"Who are you?"

He remembered her

But she doesn't remember him