June 4

I woke up to an annoying beep. My twin, Rezurith, or Rez for short, was still snoring away and drooling on her pillow.

"Mm... Churros... Flying mint bunny..." She muttered and rolled over in her sleep. I sighed. What was the point of having an alarm clock if it didn't wake you up?

"Pirate England... Spain... OMFG stop beeping, Italy!" she yelled. So she was dreaming about those Hetalia guys?(1) A plan started forming in my head.

"Ohohohon~" I murmured into her ear and winced. I never was fond of making France impressions, even if the reason was to annoy Rez to hell.

"It's France!" she yelled and whipped out her knife as usual. She didn't cut me, which I was thankful for, but I stepped away anyways in fear for my safety.

"Where are you French fry? Come out so I can beat the fluff out of you, you vital-region claimer! I suspect you're other bad touch buddies are here too!" she yelled. I blinked. I think I made her paranoid.

"Ow- Hey, what was that for?" she glared at me for the simple reason that I suddenly had an urge to hit her upside the head and actually went through with it.

"Shut up, you idiot. You're going to wake our parents." She gaped at me, groaned, and rolled out of her bed to rummage underneath it, pulling out two papers.

Muttering something incomprehensible that I knew might just rhyme with 'muck' and 'sit' she he handed them to me.

"April! I forgot to tell you something yesterday," she laid back on the floor, as if deeming the bed too lumpy or something, and stared at me expectantly.

I glanced at the paper and sighed. I had already seen them before.

One was about a couple that was murdered four years ago, July 14th, with the case still unsolved to this day, might I add, and the other about two 11-year-old twins that looked like carbon copies of Rez and my younger selves found in the murdered couple's house. For your information, they were us. It's just... not something Rezurith had realized yet.

For once I didn't hesitate to make known my dislike for the authority in this small town we now lived in. Let me explain.

Everyone knew each other, so having anything worthy enough to make a police report of was rare, and that was the reason why there aren't any police in this town. Instead we have the Community Leaders, nicknamed CT (pronounced 'city' for the fun of it) by everyone younger than thirty for short.

They act like the leaders or something of the town, and I guess you can call them that too, but when it came to simple things like theft, they can't find any decent police from the next town, the closest being miles away, to help for the life of them. The only reason cases they ever get solved is with help from the townspeople witnesses.

The few times something serious happens, they don't help in the least.

I guess it comes with how small the CT actually is. There's less than twenty people in the CT, and they all have lives, thank you very much. Most people don't even know who's part of it, and they don't ask.

I've been to their building once for questioning. The day after my parents were killed, of course. Rez was as lifeless as a rag doll when I was sent to the building, so she was sent to the orphanage no sooner than four hours after I went to the CT building, as I was told.

As little side note, my name wasn't April when the murder happened, and Rez definitely wasn't Rezurith. But because that's what we're known as now, I might as well just roll with it.

July 16, Four Years Ago

The guy questioning me was actually a pretty good guy named Keith, who looked twenty-five at most, but was actually thirty-two. He was from the police force from the town four hours away from here, but he knew how to handle cases like these.

Too bad that the one time the CT find decent people, the only person who could truly help with the case was still in shock. That was me, by the way.

Hours of questioning me didn't do anything. The only things they could get out of me was the fact that when the murder happened, Rez and I were safe. In the house and completely unaware that there was a murderer in the house which could have killed us, but meaning that because of that, the guy couldn't have been aware of us either, so we were definitely safe.

At least, that was what I thought at the time, anyways.

"That's alright, kiddo. Other kids your age wouldn't be able to have stayed coherent in these circumstances. You did better than expected, kid." Keith would say constantly when I fell silent, ruffling my hair just to annoy the heck out of me, I'm sure.

Questioning continued for a few days, and Keith brought his two nephews to town so I could have company my age. With their parent's permission, of course. They didn't know what I was going through, having never experienced it themselves, but they knew better than to make childish jabs at me because of that.

They were twins too, but unlike me and Rez, they were identical, but couldn't have been more different. Their names were Felix and Rogan Vargas.

Felix was interesting. He acted like a wimp most of the time who absolutely adored pasta, but whenever we sat in the lounge with Keith watching over us and we got into the topic of my parents, he grew a backbone and comforted me even when I would insist I didn't need it. He knew when I missed talking to someone like Rez who would talk about generally nonsensical things, too.

I knew he was making an effort when he suddenly asked why most humans couldn't lick their elbows, and spent an entire ten minutes just trying it.

Rogan was irritable with his brother, and often scolded him for acting like a wimp most of the time, but he never said anything against me. Felix reasons that it's because I'm a girl, and he can't for the life of him ever hurt a girl in any shape, way or form. When I confronted him with this, all he did was blush and mutter about 'stupid little brothers'.

He was the more responsible of the two, but was definitely more socially awkward, and sometimes when Felix had to go to the bathroom or couldn't come on a day where he had a project in school to finish, the two of us would just sit there together, saying nothing and just staring at the blank wall.

Keith comments that the two of us were alike in that sense. Without our twins we were both quiet, socially awkward, and just really studious, but something I learned was that we were both really protective of our twins, and if they were ever in danger, we'd do anything to help. I guess that comes with being in their constant presence for so long. He had this special ability to guess really accurately if you asked him about some things. Like 'What's going to happen next?' or 'Who's going to come through that door next?' and 'Where's Felix now?'. Felix and I had fun asking him the weirdest questions, though I'm pretty sure Felix already knew about his super-enhanced intuition.

I got along really well with the both of them, and thanked Keith for bringing them along. The questionings were over, but the CT somehow had the wonderful idea to keep me in the building for a long while more. They wouldn't say how long, but I knew it would be longer than a week. If I had no one my age to talk to, I had no doubt I would've gone mad or something to that degree anyways.

I talked about Rezurith, my parents and the gadgets me and Rez often made in boredom. They talked about their own parents, how life in the other town was like and, to my amusement, how Keith still can't get a girlfriend no matter what he did, despite his age. In that one month the three of us grew really close, so it was a sad event when Rogan suddenly hugged me and prompted Felix to say goodbye and do the same, just a day before Keith told me that it was time for the sessions to end. Felix hurriedly scribbled their address, phone number and email before leaving the room the night of their departure, and I was escorted out of the building.

Turned out Felix was wondering when we they would have to leave and asked Rogan just that, and of course with his ability, found out that it was only a day away.

With nothing else left to do, I ran to the small shed by my old house (which had been cleaned of all lifeless bodies, mind you) where I had stuffed all my clothes and some of Rez's too, got changed and went to the orphanage. I had been staying in the CT for the whole month in one of their guest rooms, and it was time to visit the orphanage and my sister whom I had regrettably left in a dazed-like state the last time I saw her.

When I got there, the guy by the door waved me off, "Run along now, little miss. This is where homeless and parent-less children go. Surely a well dressed lass like yourself couldn't possibly belong here?"

I frowned and looked myself over. Sure I was dressed well, but that was a given, courtesy of my dad's gambling addiction. Besides, hasn't this guy ever heard of a visit? And I was supposed to be sent here a month ago, but we all know how that ended up.

"I'm supposed to be here, sir. I was supposed to be sent here about a month ago. Eliana Louise Walker. Age 11. Parents were murdered in the dead of the night. Has a sister named Rhea Francesca Walker that was sent here and is supposed to be here right now. Ring any bells?"

The man glared but went in the small house-like building, "Rezurith Hope, your sister's here!"

In confusion, I asked, "Rezurith Hope? Are you sure you're talking about the same Rhea Walker I just told you about?"

"As sure as I'm sure that I'm no lady, lass."

"Then why Re-"

"Because," he interrupted, "her memory is all messed up, and we had to give her another name because we didn't know what it was until a week later, and even then she didn't remember anything, so she kept the Rezurith Hope name. You're lucky. The only thing she remembers is her twin and everything they've done together except for said twin's name. And you're that twin. So suck it up."

"Um, Mr. Jones, who is she?" A girl who I was pretty sure was Rhea popped out the door and asked, and I had to speak up.

"Aww, you don't even remember me? That's a pity, Rez, a real pity." I had to go along with the name, didn't I?

Her eyes widened comically, "April?".

Good Lord, just how much of her memory did this girl lose? And why, just why, was my name April?

Irritations about my name aside, that, my friends, is how the situation you were reading before this flashback of sorts came to be. We got adopted a few weeks later, and went back to school and pleaded with everyone to keep quiet about the whole incident with Rez around. I explained as much as I could to the headmaster and he in turn explained to the pupils while changing our records to accommodate the changes. I explained as little as I possibly could to Rezurith letting her keep her assumptions that she's been living in the orphanage all her life and got her memory loss from a really huge fall, and just re-started our life with our new parents, Sarah and Charleston Hethen, who kept quiet about the whole thing in general.

I was beginning to regret my decision to keep everything from my sister and new parents. I never even told Rez about the Vargas brothers.

June 14, Now

Considering that the picture of the two girls in the article was practically a replica of the one I had shown her once in my personal photo album I'd stolen from our old house before moving, I had to hold myself back from trying to bash my head against the wall because of her obliviousness.

"Hm..." I covered up quickly as I read them. If she didn't remember, why force her to?

"By the quality of the paper, I assume that these articles are about four years old."

"April?" Rez inquired, "Those twins look suspiciously like us... And four years ago? That's when we lost our memory..." she muttered. Well. Looks like she wasn't in one of her 'forever oblivious' moods today.

I had led her to believe that I had taken a huge fall a few days before she fell herself. Our parents that adopted us and are still asleep aren't even aware that I'm aware of what had happened, and they themselves never bothered to bring that subject up, because 'Mother Sarah' thought that all it would do was hurt us. And that's how I expected it to stay. At least, until today that is.

Seeing my frown and taking it as confusion as to why she was giving me the papers, she pointed out several things in the picture any other person could have seen with nothing more than a glance.

"See, that girl on the left looks just like me; Her hair is tied to the side, but even I can see that she looks the same as me when I have my hair in a side-braid! And her eyes are blue, too!" she nodded to herself.

"Then, this other girl has brown wavy hair like you, although yours is longer now, and although her bangs are loose here, while yours are clipped up, you still look exactly the same!"

"Are you saying that I didn't grow any taller?" I raised an eyebrow.

"How are you able to do that? I can't do that even if my life depended on it- Wait, what? No! How could you think that!" she spluttered.

"I just meant that you looked the same! Her eyes are emerald like yours, though way livelier than yours have ever been... Don't take that the wrong way too!"

I couldn't help it. I silently laughed at her, covering my mouth to hide my grin. I had no doubt she noticed.

"Seriously though, April," she huffed, "don't you think that's at least a bit suspicious?"

"Of course it is, idiot." I rolled my eyes, "That address... I know where it is."

"Says the case hasn't been solved for years. I suspect the police have abandoned it by now." she stated.

She may be an idiot and an anime-obsessed girl, but she is a bit analytic. That's the only thing that allows me to think that we are actually sisters, because my biological mom had made several slip ups about one of us being adopted, but we're fraternal twins, so it isn't really that hard to believe. Now, if we were IDENTICAL twins, that's a different story then.

And this also just adds on to the incompetence the CT had, though I knew I was just frustrated about the incident. Why can't the town just get police stationed in the town itself?

"Do you want to try to investigate it?" I asked her.

"Nobody will if we don't. And besides, it's the holidays. We have a few months to work on the case." I explained. I wasn't keen on getting into trouble right when the holiday just started. I mean, if we end up in the hospital right after, that practically means the end of the holidays, and that's just wasting it.

But then again, it might be fun. And who knows? The murderer might be pretending to be someone I know living there. Ha. Ha.

I waited for her answer that I was already sure was an affirmative.

"Alright, let's do this thing!" she decided and did a fist-pump. Good enough.

Maybe I should've listened to my own speculations, instead of laughing at hers for once. That would've saved us a whole lot of trouble.

(1) Hetalia is an anime about the personified forms of the countries of the world. They're stereotyped, and I'm sad to say that Raina is rather obsessed with it so it had to be put in here.

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