"Jake, just get in on the left side!" My sister said, exasperated. She had climbed into the family car in my seat, the rightmost in the back. A large box prevented her from scooting to the next seat over, so I was forced to sit in her seat, the leftmost. I did so bitterly.

I don't know what it is about the rightmost backseat that I like so much, I just do. I've been sitting there since I was a baby, it's where my parents put my carseat. Since then, I've always endeavored to sit there, no matter which car I was in.

So with that bitter in my mouth, I sat in the leftmost backseat. The seatbelt felt weird. My parents started that car, and we pulled out of the garage. I turned my head toward the window, as I always did. We drove through the maze that was my neighborhood.

Suddenly, I began to notice things, things I had never noticed before. I saw beautiful landscaping, houses, and animals. I noticed people who I've never seen in my entire life; an old lady walking her poodle, a man having a catch with his young daughter. I saw into the forest that lined this side of our street, and peered deep into it. I saw shadows that belonged to a group of deer, and I saw a wolf on the prowl to catch them.

I turned to my family and said, "I never noticed that before!" About almost everything. My sister looked at me weird, and I could tell that my parents wanted to. After a few outbursts, I began to keep it to myself.

I saw birdhouses and birdbaths, playgrounds and basketball nets. I saw a man exit his car and give his wife a good evening kiss. I saw houses that had every window filled with a light, shining brightly onto the street. I even saw my teacher, Mrs. Andrews, who I did not know lived in my neighborhood.

I saw so many things, so much beauty and life. I compared it to what I would have seen if I had stayed right. I'd have seen houses and people I've seen a million times or more. It would have been and quite monotonous and average. But this! Its amazing! Despite the fact that I've made this trip a million times before, I feel like its only the first time.