Chapter 1


You know those stories with demons, werewolves, vampires, shape-shifters, fairies and all those un-natural things. Well they're all true. I've seen them. Ever since I was little Gran would tell me about these things actually existing, but I never believed her. Mom said that she was mentally disturbed, and that I shouldn't listen to what she said so I didn't. Until I realized that i was one of them.

I was sitting down on the bench near the bus station glancing at girls walking down the sidewalk of the streets clutching their new polished hand-bags and laughing about god knows what. I rolled my eyes as I saw them glance at some guy that walked past them. There were three of them, one girl had red hair that draped down to her stomach, it was beautiful, and in a way intimidating. As they walked off, I let out a sigh I kept keeping in. I got my gun out and loaded it with bullets. It was dusk which meant night would hit soon, I stood up and grabbed my bag that held the ammo.

I hated doing dad's job sometimes but he kept repeating that it was his duty. The hell with duty, I don't want to go out in the night shooting random creatures. Especially zombies, they're the worst, and they smell like rotten cheese mixed with sweaty socks that haven't been washed for years. I stood there for awhile glancing at the moving shadows, and I take my first shot at the first creature I saw. I was awarded with a yell of pain. I hope that wasn't a human.

Gran always said that I had an amazing kind of power, and I really thought she was so full of words. She kind of is, she baked us French toast using an iron. That's not normal, but my family was never normal. My brother's this genius who went off to Stanford to learn technology, and I'm the unfortunate half of the family. My mom died when I was five about to turn six, dad never told me what happened. I came back home from school with Josh, my brother, and we found the house wrecked with claw scratches everywhere. The moment he saw us, he told us to pack our bags and we packed up all our things in the house then drove off to wherever was safe.

This place sucked, there's nothing here, and all the guys are the same. Stupid jocks, and those emo boys. None of the people know what goes on here at night, it made me feel a bit jealous and I was too late to hear the growling behind me.

"What the—," I was instantly cut off when I turned around, the creature was already dead on the ground. It started twitching and tried getting up, I fumbled with the gun but once I got a good grip on it, I pulled the trigger aiming right at the heart.

"You should watch your back more." I looked around getting scared, and it was already dark meaning it could be a vampire. The only light I got was the blinking lamp-post to my right. I saw the shadow of something, or should I say someone, either way I brought my gun up gripping it tightly with both my hands.

"Come any closer and I shoot you." My hands were trembling slightly, and this was the first time in a long time I felt scared. My heart was making a racket inside me, and I had the feeling of nausea but it wasn't right. It was more fear than nausea that took hold of me. Fear. I feared this person.

Despite what I said he walked closer to me, and I took a deep breath, clutching the gun even tighter. I saw his face appear, and I was absolutely breathless.

It was a boy, he looked just a bit older than me, and I let out a small gasp when I looked at his eyes. They twinkled, literally. It was as if there were stars in them, and a burning fire, a blue fire. I stared at it not being able to say anything else.

"Who are you?" I snarled trying to calm myself down.

"I'm sure if I said who I was you'd kill me. That's for sure, you're a hunter aren't you?"

I gave him a slight nod as his answer, but I didn't lower my gun and I kept my eyes on him, watching his every movement. I heard him let out a low chuckle that gave me chills behind my back.

"Answer me? Who. Are. You?"

"Let's see, why don't you answer that? I'm sure you know what kind of person or thing I am Kaleah."

How the hell did he know my full name? The name brought anger to me, I hate people calling me Leah. I like sticking to just Leah, even my dad calls me Leah and nothing else.

But looking back at what he said, I looked at him closer. He was abnormally handsome. Too handsome, and that tugged on my heart. He was beautiful, and had features of a model. I knew he had to be some creature of the night, when I got home I should ask dad about it, that is if I get home and not die tonight.

"So you must not know at all, that's a bit unfortunate. I'm pretty big on the whole hunters of the night thing. Your dad mustn't have told you who you were."

"What are you talking about?" Okay, I am officially confused. What did dad not tell me this whole time?

"It was nice talking to you, I'll be seeing you soon little girl."

He just disappeared in a flash and at that moment I knew what he was.

A vampire. Not just any vampire though, there was something different. Vampires have red eyes flaming with hunger or thirst for blood. I've never fought one before but I've heard that they're extremely strong, especially the oldest ones. I let out a long sigh and dropped down my hands, but still gripping the gun tightly. I heard more shadows lurking, and I took aim at every one of them, killing them one by one. And it felt good.

I don't know what happened after I got home. I just found a note on the counter that said,

Pack your bags, and call this number.

Do everything they tell you to. I won't be back for a long time, but I'll come back.

Love you Kaleah.

I was starting to worry now, he never used my full name, and the one I absolutely hated unless it was something important. But I listened to what he said, and I packed my bags, everything I needed. I grabbed my cellphone and dialed the number he wrote down in scribbles. It was quiet, with the long beeps dragging on until someone picked up.

"Hello?" mumbled the person on the other line. The voice was quite low and deep, with a bit of raspy-ness, I guessed it was a guy. He sounded tired.

"Uhm, hi. I'm Leah Rhoth, my dad told me to call you."

"Gregory's daughter? Full name is Kaleah Rhoth if I'm not mistaken."

"Uh yeah."

The silence hung in the air, and I stood there in my kitchen with my bags packed not knowing what to do. All I knew was that my dad wasn't going to be back for a long time, and I'd have to be alone. I didn't have anyone else, my mom said she was an only child, and Gran never talked about her side, even when she was a bit mental.

"Stay where you are, don't move." The order was fast and sharp, it took me by surprise when it just cut through the silence like that.

"In the kitchen?" I mentally cursed myself at the stupid question.

"If that's where you are then yes."

So he did literally mean what he said.

"Aye aye sire."

I got a low chuckle that sounded awfully familiar, but I shrugged it off. The phone abruptly cut off and I heard knocking on my door. I was filled with sudden nausea, and I told myself not to move. I could feel my heart thumping against my ribs, that's the second time that's happened today, I felt absolutely pathetic. Whatever happened to the strong Leah isn't here now, I'm replaced with the freaked out little 5 year old she was when we drove away from our house, the place we'd call home. My whole life's been like some kind of trip, I'm surprised we stayed here for so long. Probably because my dad wanted to see my brother graduate, and I can't seem to help decide if dad wanted to see me graduate despite my failing grades.

"Oh god," I whispered reaching for the gun on the counter that I must've left before I went to go pack, I was stupid to leave it alone on the counter though. I mustered up all the courage I had, and started to walk slowly towards the door. This was more me, going up against rules, and it felt great but the nausea inside me was building up. Now would be a bad time to start barfing all over the floor. There was something bad outside my door, and I could feel it. The stench was like a piece of rotten meat, and then I peered through the wall just to take a glimpse of the door. Then I realize what it was.

A zombie was at my door. Or should I say zombies.

"Holy shit."

Zombies at my door, trying to break it down, and I swear I saw some coming close to breaking it down. I tried to calm myself down and the man on the other line would be here, soon. Hopefully. Where was dad when you needed him? I slid down the wall trembling, and scared. I had a gun with only five bullets left in it. I slowly crawled back to the kitchen for my bag. I started digging around for another gun, and more ammo.

Tonight must've been my night because I found another gun, and ammo deep inside my bag. Thank god I didn't waste all that ammo when I was out hunting.

I quickly put more ammo in the other gun and loaded the one I was holding.

The knocking was still going on, and it kept up its rhythm. Zombies are known as stupid creatures, and they are until they see something they like. For example, a beating heart so they can tear it out and have a snack. It was disgusting, and I had a huge dislike for zombies. I saw my dad fight some off but I closed my eyes not wanting to see the rotten flesh and blood, now I regret closing my eyes then, I might've known some new moves to use.

My nausea was slowly subsiding, and I sat down on the kitchen tile leaning against the counter.

I didn't feel safe at all, I felt like my nausea would suddenly hit back and some zombie would pop out of the window.

I took deep breaths, in and out. I would not cry, Leah Rhoth is not the type to cry and she will not. I kept repeating that to myself over and over again. It was like my routine, ever since my mom died, I stopped crying. I felt like I had to be strong for her. I'm brave or at least try to be. I'm known to be reckless, and a huge troublemaker.

I heard gun shots in the distance, and my nausea immediately subsided which meant that nothing was going to happen to me. The nausea thing always helps me, it's like a sign telling me that I was in danger. I slowly got up the tile floor, and walked out the kitchen to face a zombie in front of me. I gulped and raised my gun, then shot it without thinking. I shot it over and over and over again, my eyes were shut closed and when I opened it, all I saw was a rotting piece of flesh on the floor.

The door suddenly flung open and I saw a girl in her twenties walk in with a loaded gun, her hair was up in a ponytail. She was model material, she wore a baggy white shirt, and khakis with combat boots. Her eyes were molten gold, and her hair was black as night.

"You okay?" she asks setting the gun down.

"Yeah I'm fine, just shooting a zombie." Then I shot it again, it didn't make a difference, and there was still a piece of rotting flesh on the floor. I received a small smile from her.

"I didn't think they'd move this fast."

"You know it'd be great if I knew who 'they' were," i said mumbling, and i wanted to get answers

"The people who want you dead."

"Oh well that's—,

Another gunshot was heard in the distance making me stop mid-sentence.

"Are you guys hunters?" I asked, and it would be awesome if there were people out there who hunted, I could belong there. But she shook her head.

"We aren't, but your dad was one right?"

I gave a small nod, "How do you know my dad?"

"Gregory's famous for many reasons, good and bad."

I found it awkward, and a bit annoying how some random teenager called my dad with his first name. She saw the reaction I had and she let out a small laugh.

"I'm Kiera, I look young but I'm about 150 years old." She walked towards me and shot her hand out as if asking for a friendship. I hesitantly shook it.

"So you're a grandma?"

"More or less, yes I am."

I took a gulp of air not sure of what reaction I was supposed to make.

"Just to be sure, what are you?" I was a bit freaked out that I was shaking hands with some creature or human that's 150 years old.

"Silly me, sorry you mustn't know since your dad did a good job hiding all of this fiasco business, I'm a vampire."

I was about to roll my eyes but restrained myself, I was creeped out. That's two vampires in one night.

"I kinda don't trust vampires since they kind of freak me out with their fangs and all that, just to make myself clear." She gave me a short curt nod, and let go of my hand.

"I understand. But I'm sure you know that there are different clans of vampires. It is known that we've had huge disputes with werewolves, and you should know that we wouldn't dare hurt you. As part of the council, I believe you have the right to know what you are."

Werewolves and vampires always had rivalry between them, and they hated one another that they would try to kill each other even if it meant the death of them. I stood there taking in her words, and stood there quite still. Each vampire was different depending on their bloodline and clans. For example, the moji clan are blood-suckers, and all they drink or eat is human blood. There are other clans that don't feed often but are totally fine, and then there are half vampires. Those are rare because there's never been a lot of interaction with humans and vampires.

"I'm human, there's nothing more to that."

"No you aren't."

"I. Am. A. Human." I snarled at her and clenched my fists fuming with anger, I was probably frustrated at the fact that my dad left me in custody with a vampire.

She let out a defeated sigh, "You aren't. Gregory isn't human as well, the only person that was human in your family was your grandmothers, both of them are witches.."

"What?" I wanted to push her away, scream at her and tell her to leave me alone, but I couldn't even if I wanted to. Gran was a witch, a WITCH. So all those stories of her doing things like zapping things are real, and this was the first time in my life that I felt like I knew nothing about my family. Nothing. I didn't even know how my mom even died, and my dad's always been secretive. What if Josh is out there kicking some ass knowing he's a vampire?

"So my mom is?"

"She's got your grandmother's blood but your grandfather's blood was vampire blood, not just any kind of vampire blood. A vampire king's vampire blood."

Oh that's just great, so I find out that my grandfather, the one I never met, ever, in my life had the blood of a vampire king.

"Does that make him a king?"

She shook her head, "Yes but he didn't want the throne. The unique thing about the blood of a vampire kind is that it makes him powerful, and as his blood is passed down child after child, it gets stronger."

"This is just crazy. I'm not a vampire! I don't crave blood!"

"Not all vampires crave blood, the spell your grandmother has put on you made you suppress any vampire effects coming out. But you're about to turn 16 and when you do, the spell will die out, making you want to have just a bit of blood so you can grow through the stage of being a vampire."

"The hell, I don't want to go through the stage to be a freaking sucker!" I yelled, and I finally realized I was trembling with fear. I was scared of myself. I wanted to hold onto somebody, and I wanted her to stop talking.

"Calm down Leah, calm down. Nothing's going to happen to you. You have the magic with you, the magic your grandmother passed onto you and not her own daughter."

"What magic?"

"The bracelet your wearing right now is known to be passed down through generations from your mother's side. Your grandmother, who was known to be mentally ill was never mentally ill. Your mother didn't want to put you in this mess, but your grandmother, she was prepared for this moment. She gave you that bracelet so that you'll be protected until the age of 16, and as I said before the magic will die. But that bracelet is not just some kind of bracelet, it collects the amount of magic each and every one of your grandmother's bloodline used. Your grandmother never wanted that much magic with her, and so she gave it to you, so you could be safe."

"This is a dream right? I got this bracelet from my mom. That's what dad said!"

"Of course he'd say that, he had to say that so that you would always treasure it."

"But, that means, I'm part witch, part vampire?"

"No, you're a mix of everything. You're everything."

I gulped, "SO I'M PART WOLF?!"

"We'll need to have a history lesson based on your family tree but for now, let's take you somewhere safe."

The moment she said that, she stood absolutely still, and I looked at her waiting for a response. She just collapsed with her eyes wide and I looked at her back to find something attached to her, a flower. Some weird-ass flower was on her back and it was blooming.

"Crap. Kiera you better not die on me!" I was about to touch it when something swished behind me. I turned to find 'him' standing in front of me.

"Do something!" I yelled at him asking for help and he stood there just staring at me.

"You can fix it Leah. Just concentrate, use your magic."

"What? What magic? I've been living my last 15 years bouncing off from city to city not knowing why, and now I just found out that I'm half vampire, or whatever, a quarter of every magnificent thing. What the hell is going on?!"

"Just calm down Leah."

Of course I can't fucking calm down. I'm a vampire, I'm part vampire, and witch, and some other weird creature. I'm a creature of the night.

He crouched down beside me and held my hand tightly, "Leah if you don't do it, she will die."

I gulped and gave a slight nod. I looked at the flower and I had no idea of what I was doing but the bracelet glowed, it glowed. The bracelet that was some dull silver piece of thing on my hand was glowing. The light trickled up my arm and my veins were shining, I couldn't move it was as if I was under some kind of spell. Everything in my body was bright and luminescent, my eyes looked at his full of fear, he sensed that immediately.

"Don't worry. If you become scared, you will get taken over by the power. Be strong. For your mother." That triggered the courage inside me, my mother, I missed her honey colored hair that would dangle down her shoulders. I closed my eyes and I felt the brightness fading, I also felt something settling inside me, like it finally found a place to call home. It was warm and inviting, I looked at Kiera and for some weird reason I knew what to do. My hands started moving without thinking and I started mumbling god knows what, then the flower just disappeared.

Kiera gasped for air as she got up, "Thank you Leah, thank you."

I gave a small nod and grabbed my things in the kitchen. I walked back to them to find Kiera already standing as if she was fifteen minutes ago.

"Let's get me going. I don't want anymore zombies near me."

Kiera walked out the door and headed for the car that smashed into our fence.

"Did you guys really have to smash the fence?" I asked staring at our broken fence, and there were a few dead zombies here and there, "Some kind of party you had."

"It was quite fun," he chuckled and I sudden realization hit me.

"You were the guy on the phone."

"Weren't you glad I was talking to you?" I rolled my eyes and I started walking towards the car that was pushing itself out of the broken fence.

"Why didn't you say anything the first time I met you?"

"No reason."

I look up at him and get lost into his blue eyes, "I hate you."

"That's an extremely nice comment to say to someone you just met."

I felt darkness surround my eyes, and the last thing I remembered was him holding onto me, whispering in my ear.

Sleep dear one.