Castle of Glass

I am here broken like glass,

Your so far away lost and broken,

We both need to be fixed in this castle of broken glass,

We need to be fixed, we are both so broken.

There's hardly anything left for me to see,

Or for you to feel,

I was there that day,

I witnessed it all when you said you didn't want to live or stay.

Hit me up with help from miles away,

Away from the other we both shall be,

Our hearts beat as one once it was our way,

Then you seemed to just want to flee.

I followed, you followed, we both followed,

In our castle of broken glass,

Tails entertwined as one,

Fast asleep our dreams flying us up past where the sirens sing.

I knew you,

You knew me,

And I ran then until realized something,

I couldn't run from you.

I was drawn to you,

You were my castle of broken glass,

Hardly anything else mattered,

Unless I got to see you again.

Now you are gone,

I am here,

And we are forever apart.