Sitting cross-legged on her soft bed, Anne sighed at her boyfriend's idea. It was creative, sure, but it wasn't what she wanted. She wanted romance, elegance, something special. She definitely didn't want something rushed and common.

Her laptop beeped obnoxiously, calling her attention to the message from the boy that drove her crazy.

'It will be awesome won't it?'

The excitement in his words is so obvious; the happiness there is just so pure. He thought of the idea all by himself. He came up with something special and in his mind magical, and he wanted to share it with her.

Anne gulped down more water and sat there silently. Her hands subconsciously kneaded at her temples as she felt the headache-that-was-always-there get stronger.

'What do you think?'

She let more time pass as the war in her mind continued. Part of her wanted to scream that she had already made the plans that she wanted and it wasn't fair. She wanted a choice! She wanted it to be her version of fun. The other side, the side that cared too much about other people, fought back. If Tommy wanted to do it this way, then she would agree. She had to make him happy—she had already made him miserable enough.

Reluctantly, Anne reached out and set her fingers gently on the keys. They were cool and soft and she stared down at the screen in annoyance.

'That sounds great :)'

Her finger slammed down on the send button, but it couldn't be considered the laptops fault. It wasn't even Tommy, her adorably idiotic boyfriend, which she was mad at.

Anne was mad at the 'yes' she had typed—the absolute lie that would ruin her night. She couldn't bring herself to upset him though, so setting her fingers back on the keys she doomed herself to a horrible date night.

'Meet me at 7. I'm so excited! :)'