I am a fifteen year old girl. Completely normal – except for the fact that I live in the Imperial Palace. No, no, no. don't start fantasizing that I'm a princess or something stupid. Or that I'm a beautiful serving girl that the prince notices some day and falls in love with... that would just be stupid. And no – I do not work in the kitchens... Okay I'll stop. I don't work at all. All I do is sit and read Fairy-Tales to a five year old girl (not a princess) who is so spoilt that she won't go for a day without getting something new – which she generally prefers to get first thing. She is the Lord Chamberlain's daughter-in-law – okay not a daughter-in-law yet, as she's only betrothed to his son, but she almost is. I am, I suppose you could say, second in command in the nanny section.

My appearance? Well, I'm small – actually I'm not that small. Just compared to most people I know. Black hair, black eyes and black skin (everyone else has blonde hair around here and I'm not quite sure why I don't). All in all, one, you might say, very mysterious person – or so my employer thought. That's the reason I was hired. Because the second-best thing in the world (the first being her lap-dog) to Moyra is fantasy – Fairy-Tales. So, the person who hates Fairy-Tales most in the whole kingdom was chosen to read them to a spoilt little rich girl about six times a day. Not a very happy occupation. But I am content enough in my own standards.

My two best friends are called Joe and Fred. Oh no! Do not get the opinion that this is a romance. It is definitely not. I may fall in love one day – but I'm not the sort of person who writes about 'oh the wonderful day we spent together'. I'll (hopefully) marry a good, sensible man, who doesn't care a fig for Fairy-Tales.

Anyway. Joe is a stable-lad and Fred, a footman. They're both slightly older than me (Fred the elder) and more mature too. If I had my own way, I'd burn these 'pretty' clothes and don a jerkin and breeches. Joe thinks it's a great idea and would give me some of his own just to see me, but Fred is worried about my reputation. Typical, Joe and I are more of the rash sort and I think if we didn't have Fred there to steady us, we'd go around playing tricks on the royal family. Not that we don't make mischief anyway, we just don't do it quite so rashly. If Fred didn't have a sense of humour I probably wouldn't still be friends with him. I mean, he's so... careful. Oh, well.

I live with my grandmother as my parents don't exist in my life, and my guardian refuses to talk about them. Oh, by the way, my name's Tommosin.