This time I've finally let you go,

I am crazy no longer,

The past has only made me stronger as I go with the flow,

I am forever all the stronger.

I've finally let you go,

I don't hold up, and I don't bow,

In these promises broken each word got lost in the echo as I watched you go.

I've come back unshaken, and I am forever fixed now.

You are no longer,

Your name no longer holds me in chains,

You made me all the stronger,

Your name I cryed out on someones chest where I had once laid.

Then your name was no more as it came to be lost in the echo,

So hollow, so visious,

So afraid, so sad, and lost,

There and back, and my soul I did sell.

This time I fnally let you go,

You are a stranger, a prisoner of my past,

Now I just live normally going with the flow,

And now you're always going to be the first and the last.

I won't forget how it got this far,

Each word got lost in the echo,

But this time I've finally let you GO.