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Kiah was at the local pub with a few of her friends, they were all standing at the bar trolling for the hottest guys .

"Kiah that guy over there in the corner has been eyeing you all night" Jane, one of Kiahs bestfriend's who has been trying to set her up with a guy for months pointed out.

Kiah looked at her bestfriend with a knowing look that said " Im just not interested"

Jane sighed, flicked her straightened blonde hair behind her shoulder and made her way over to the dark guy in the corner.

"Hey, im Jane" Jane smiled at the brown eyed black haired guy.

The mysterious guy just looked at Jane, staring into her eyes till her smile disappeared and she frowned.

"Ok, what a creep" She said as she made her way back to Kiah.

"Didn't go so well?" Kiah asked sipping her drink.

"He just stared at me" She replied still frowning.

"Hmmm, ok well im gonna love ya and leave ya, ill cya tomorrow" Kiah stood up, putting her leather jacket, she hugged Jane goodbye and made her way out the door.

She looked around noticing there were no spare taxi's, she wouldn't usually walk home at 10pm alone but she didn't want to wait and she only stayed at a place two blocks away. Kiah made her way down the footpath out the front of the Local Pub (LP), the further she got from the pub the more uneasy she became, she noticed a figure walking in the opposite direction on the other side of the road, she looked closer and noticed it was girl, maybe 17, she had long black hair and was wearing a black leather jacket and matching leather pants with knee high buckle boots, as Kiah was watching her she couldn't help but think how much safer she would feel walking side-by-side with her.

The girl looked up as if she had known Kiah was staring at her, Kiah's breath hitched as she looked into the girl's eye's, they were the bluest most brightest eye's she had ever seen, The girl looked away to soon for Kiah to notice any of her other features, the girl quickened her pace and passed Kiah and before Kiah knew it she was alone again in the middle of the street.

Kiah let out a sigh and kept walking, she was coming closer to the ally that was between two buildings, she told her self there was no reason to be scared but as she went to walk past it an arm pulled her into the ally and threw her against the wall.

" Why didn't you come over to me?" A deep angry voice yelled.

Kiah looked up and saw that it was the dark, creepy guy from the pub that had just stared at Jane when she went to introduce her self.

Kiah was in shock and just looked at the guy, she could feel her heart beating uncontrollably and had trouble breathing from being slammed against the wall.

"Don't have a reason aye" The guy smirked, "i'll give you one" that's all the guy said before he stepped back and punched Kiah.

Kiah felt a sharp pain in her right side, the oxygen had been forced out of her lungs she couldn't breath, she took fast shallow breaths and clenched at the right side of her rib cage.

The guy started laughing hysterically, Kiah felt tears running down her cheecks, she saw the guy pull his arm back and squeezed her eyes shut to brace her self for a second blow, except it didn't come, she opened her eye's just in time to see the girl from the other side of the road snap the dark guys neck and his lifeless body crumble to the floor.

Kiah looked up at the girl from her position on the floor shocked, the girl made her way over to Kiah and knelt down infront of her.

" Are you ok?" The girl asked concern visible in her voice, she went to move Kiahs hand from her ribs but Kiah moved away.

" Hey, im not going to hurt you, trust me" Kiah looked into the girls eyes and saw nothing but concern and kindness.

Kiah allowed her to move her hand and take a look, the girl's pale hands softly touched Kiahs rib, Kiah flinched and coughed, she looked down at her hand and noticed little red dots, she looked up at the girl scared and then her eyes closed and she was swollowed by darkness.

Kiah felt sore, and swollen as she opened her eye's, she flinched at the bright light that shined into her eye's, she heard a noice in the corner of the room, she turn her head and saw the girl that had saved her from the guy.

"Hey, your awake" The girl put the magazine she was flicking through down and moved her chair closer to Kiah's bed.

" Your here" Kiah looked at the girl and smiled.

" Of course, i had to make sure you were ok" The girl smiled a little.

"Im a little sore but im ok, if you wouldn't mind me asking, what's your name?" Kiah asked.

The girl looked Kiah in the eye's, Kiah noticed her eyes had changed, they were no longer bright blue, but a dark blue.

" My name is Eliahna"

" Eliahna, that's pretty, Im Kiah, how old are you?" Kiah couldn't help but love the way Eliahna's name sounded coming out of her mouth.

" Im 17, what about you ?" Eliahna moved forward leaning on the bed with her elbows so her chin could rest in her hands.

" Im 17 in two months" Kiah moved her arm and grabbed Eliahna's hand and held it," Thank you, for saving me" Kiah looked Eliahna in the eye's as she thanked her and thought she saw a spark of bright blue in the corner of her eye's.

" It's ok, im glad your ok" Eliahna moved her thumb to stroke the back of Kiah's hand.

" The doctors said you could leave once you woke up, you cracked a rib, they said you should take pain killers and get some rest" Eliahna explained to Kiah, " Would you like me to ring someone for you, your Mum, your Dad?"

"NO" Kiah replied a little too quickly, seeing a startled Eliahna, Kiah squeezed her hand a little and said " i'd rather you take me" Kiah smiled

"I don't have a car" Eliahna frowned

" That's ok, i can walk, just help me into my clothes" Kiah didn't know why but she didn't want Eliahna to leave her, not just after meeting her.

Eliahna let go of kiah's hand and immediately missed the contact, she moved the chair out of the way and helped Kiah sit up, Kiah eased her self off the bed, slipping the ugly blue gown off her body, leaving her standing in her matching black lace bra and undies.

" Where are my clothes?" Kiah asked, not getting a reply Kiah looked at Eliahna and noticed she was staring at her.

Kiah put her arm's around her body self consciously, looking at Eliahna, noticing the same spark of bright blue she had before from when she touched her hand.

Eliahna coming back to reality shook her head a little and looked at Kiah," Im sorry, but your gorgeous" Eliahna smiled, stepping forward she softly grabbed Kiah's arm's and put them at her sides, looking Kiah straight in the eye's " you don't need to feel like you have to hide from me".

Kiah smiled, a tear falling from her eye, she felt Eliahna softly put her hand on her cheek and brush it away, Kiah wrapped her arm's around Eliahna's shoulders and hugged her tightly.

Eliahna, slowly put her arm's around the smaller girl resting her hands on the bottom of her bare back, Eliahna heard Kiah whisper in her ear.

"Thank you, noone has ever complimented me in anyway" Kiah's body started to shake as she started to cry, Eliahna hugged her tighter, pulling Kiah closer to her.

Kiah slowly calmed down and stopped crying, Eliahna gently pulled away,

" Your clothes are in the top draw, ill go get your discharge papers and then we can leave" Eliahna stepped back, turned around and slowly made her way out to the front desk.

After Eliahna left Kiah alone in the room, Kiah let out a breath she didn't know she had been holding, she didn't know why but she felt like she had a connection with Eliahna even though they had just met, she didn't understand why her eye's were now dark blue or why they kept sparkling, she was going to have to ask her, she looked over at the draw and decided to get dressed.

Eliahna leant her back up against the cold brick wall, trying to cool her body down, she found it hard to control her self around Kiah, usually she avoided people she couldn't control her self around but she couldn't bring her self to leave Kiah, Kiah was different, she felt drawn to her, a connection, sighing Eliahna walked over to the desk and asked for room 24's discharge paper's, when she had brought Kiah in to the emergancy room she had said she found her in an ally and didn't know her name, they said it didn't matter and that they would find out by a blood test, now looking at the discharge paper's Eliahna saw that Kiah's full name was, Kiah Jane, with no last name, Born November 25th, 1996, skimming the page Eliahna noticed that Kiah was an orphan, her parents had died the year she was born in a car accident while Kiah was in day care, Kiah had no other family and must of been put in the foster system.

" Hey whats taking so long?" Kiah asked walking up to Eliahna shaking her long wavey brown hair to get it out of her face.

Eliahna quickly signed the page and gave it back to the older lady, she walked over to the door and opened it so Kiah could walk out. Feeling the cold fresh air wash over there face's made them both feel better, it was early morning now and the sun was just rising, Kiah slowly started walking down the footpath besides Eliahna, she thought back to the night she just had remembering how she thought how safe she would feel walking side-by-side with the girl she hadn't yet met, she chuckled a little then stumbled from the pain that shot through her body , Eliahna caught her and wrapped an arm around her waist pulling Kiah into her body so she could lean on her for support.

"What's funny?" Eliahna smiled curiously, she noticed the blush that formed on Kiah's cheeks, she squeezed her hip softly urging Kiah to tell her what she was thinking.

" I was just thinking, ummm, last night when I saw you on the other side of the road, I just had this feeling, like I'd feel safe if I was walking with you" Kiah admitted nervously.

"Oh" Eliahna said, Kiah looked up at Eliahna, noticing a worried expression on her face.

"Oh? What's wrong?" Kiah had brought them to a stop, she stepped forward so she was standing infront of Eliahna, Eliahna made sure she kept hold of Kiah so she didn't lose her balance and fall.

" Nothing, it's just at that moment, when I looked at you, I, ummm, ahh, don't worry, it's not important" Eliahna was nervous and started grinding her teeth together, a bad habit she had picked up as a child.

"When you looked at me, what? " Kiah was curious if Eliahna had felt the connection too and there was no way she was going to let Eliahna keep it from her.

" I, ahh, I felt something, like, I don't know what" Eliahna looked down at her feet avoiding eye contact.

" You felt a connection ? Like you wanted to know more about me ?" Kiah asked while putting her hand under Eliahna's chin and tilting her head up.

"How, How did you know that?" Eliahna looked shocked that Kiah knew exactly how she felt.

Kiah smiled at her, stepped to the side and pulled Eliahna forward to continue walking.

" I felt it too" Kiah admitted, sliding her arm around Eliahna's waist enjoying the close contact.

Eliahna was speechless she didn't know what to say or do all she knew was that she didn't want her time with Kiah to end but there was so much Kiah didn't know about her, she wanted to tell her but she didn't know how to tell her about what she was and the world she lives in. Eliahna was also scared that she would lose control around Kiah, Eliahna isn't human she's miphz (myth's with an ph instead of th) a race of supernatural creatures, Eliahna her self is a absorbious, a creature that survives on energy from living things, so she can absorb the energy from a flying bird, a running cheater, a fish swimming and even people them selves by extending her hand out towards them.

Kiah coming to a holt brought Eliahna out of her thoughts, she looked at the building that they had stopped infront of, if you could even call it a buiding, it was a rectangler metal shed with cot beds lined up against the walls and it didn't even have a door, it was a homeless shelter. Eliahna looked down at Kiah and saw that she was looking down at the floor embarrassed.

"Hey" Eliahna pulled Kiah closer to her, " Your not staying here after what happened to you, you can come stay at my apartment" Eliahna gave Kiah a small smile.

Kiah returned the small smile, " No, i can't, you've helped me enough"

"Kiah" Eliahna put her hand on Kiah's cheek softly stroking her cheek bone, " It wasn't an offer, I was telling you, but if you really don't feel comfortable coming with me since you just met me i'll understand"

"You really want me to come stay with you?" Kiah looked up at Eliahna feeling hopful.

"Yes" Eliahna simply said as she turned them to continue walking.

Eliahna and Kiah walked together, arm's around each other 3 blockes over till they reached the builing of apartments. They walked half way down the long drive way to apartment 12, Eliahna pulled her house key's out from her back pocket and unlocked her door.

They entered into the lounge room, Kiah was shocked at how neat the place was for a 17 year old, she knew if it was her house it would have clothes and things everywhere, there was a 2 seater black leather couch against the white brick wall, opposite that was a medium sized flat screen t.v and in between the two was a bright red fluffy carpet on the white tiled floor, a side table on either side of the couch with 2 candle holders with half melted candles. They moved to the left into the kitchen which also had white tiled floors with black cupboards and dark blue tiled bench tops and a small plant in the corner of the bench near the window, there was a kettle, coffee, tea and suger but nothing else on the bench. Moving down the hall pass the bathroom and into the bedroom, Kiah saw a red and black doona covering the king size bed, with a bedside table on either side of the bed, white carpet and opposite the bed was a full wall length mirror cupboard.

Eliahna walked over to the bed and gently leant down so Kiah could sit on the bed, turning to lay down, and relax into the bed Kiah closed her eye's and was surprised how soft the bed was, she could feel her rib throbbing and a head ache coming, she opened her eyes and saw Eliahna was no longer there, Kiah heard the tap in the kitchen on, Eliahna walked into the room with two tablets and a glass of water.

" Here you go, take these and get some sleep" Eliahna handed the two pain killers to Kiah with the water.

Kiah took the tablet's and swallowed them," You don't have to do this you know"

Igorning Kiah's statement, Eliahna moved to the bottom of the bed and pulled Kiah's boots off and placed them at the end of the bed, Eliahna walk back up to head of the bed.

Grabbing hold of Eliahnas hand Kiah said,"Thank you"

Eliahna smiled down at Kiah," Do you like to sleep with clothes on, clothes off, or more comfortable clothes?" Noticing that Kiah was in black skinny jeans, a tank top and a leather jacket.

" I'd rather take this jacket off and wear more comfortable bottoms" Kiah replied

Smiling at Kiah, Eliahna turned around and walked over to her cupboard, sliding the left door open she opened her top draw to retrieve a pair of blue pj shorts, she walked back over to Kiah, sitting down on the edge of the bed she helped Kiah sit up and take her jacket off, Elianah put it on the bed side table and Kiah layed back down, unbuttoning Kiah's jean's and pulling them down, Kiah was watching Eliahna and noticed how her eye's flashed bright blue when her jean's got to her mid thigh, Eliahna continued taking the jean's off and helped Kiah into the shorts, smiling at Kiah, Eliahna turned around to walk out of the room.

" Eli, would you come lay with me ?" Kiah asked using the nickname she chose for Eliahna.

Eliahna tured around and smiled at Kiah, she shut the door and turned the light off so the only light in the room was the dim light shining through the dark curtains, she took her jacket and leather pants off, put some black shorts on and got into the bed, helping Kiah get under the covers, they layed on their side's, Kiah on her left, facing each other, Kiah gently put her hand on Eli's cheek, Eli closed her eye's to absorb the touch.

The last thing Eli heard before she fell asleep was Kiah saying," What are you?"

Kiah closed her eye's after asking her self a question, thinking about what the answer could be and falling asleep.