Eli still kneeling on the ground was looking at Kiah with a shocked expression.

"What do you mean ?" Eli acted as if she didn't know what Kiah was talking about.

"Don't even try that" Kiah got up off the ground followed by Eli and Maggie.

" Fine, get dressed and we can talk afterwards" Eli tapped Maggie on the shouler signaling it was time for them to leave the room.

Standing face to face by the front door, Maggie noticed Eli's worried expression.

"What are you going to do ?" Maggie asked knowing the consequence if a Myphz exposed themselves to human's.

" Tell her the truth" Eli looked straight at Maggie, noticing her concerned expression.

"I don't have any other choice" Eli shrugged.

"You could ju-" Eli cut Maggie off, "No, I'm not going to get her memory wiped, I wouldn't put her through that" Eli knew what wiping a memory could do to someone, on her first case a human had seen her, Tronic, who had given her the case, orded for the humans memory of her to be wiped, a few day's later Eli heard that the innocent human was submitted to a mental hospital.

"Ok, well I'll leave you to it and don't worry no one will here this from me" Maggie gave Eli a small smile and hugged her goodbye.

Eli closed the front door and let out a sigh, making her way back to the bedroom, she hoped Kiah wouldn't freak out.

Eli knocked on her bedroom door, "Ki, can I come in?"

"Yeah" Kiah said from the other side of the door.

Slowly opening the door Eli walked in, Kiah was sitting on the edge of the bed, Eli walked up to the bed and made her way to sit in the middle, she patted the spot in front of her for Kiah to join her, Kiah looked at her, studying her face for a hint of what her intentions, not picking up anything she turned around, crossed her legs and sat infront of Eli.

" I'm going to tell you some things but you have to promise me you wont freak out or run away" Eli was looking Kiah straight in the eye's.

"I promise"

" First of all there's a whole different race of beings that live among human's" Eli look at Kiah, seeing a blank expression she continued.

"We are called Myphz, we live a-", "We?" Kiah cut Eli off mid sentence.

" Yes, I am one of them" Eli continued to explain, " We live among humans as well as live off them, I for example live off people's energy by feeding off it, but other's live off their emotion's, sickness, health, greed and other thing's"

"Do Myphz's kill people?" Kiah asked look at Eli causiouly.

"That's a good question, there is two type's of Myphz, The dark and The light, the dark do as they please but do not kill humans, they will use them but not kill them. The light however do not get involved with humans they stay out of their way and only use them to feed but they never feed off one person for long because that would course the human to die" Eli explained.

" So you're a dark Myphz?" Kiah asked.

" Why would you think that?" Eli was shocked that Kiah thought she was a dark Myphz.

" I'm human, if light Myphz don't get involved with humans then you have to be dark" Kiah explained with her knew found Knowledge.

"I'm not dark but I'm not light either, when I came of age, I chose humans, I wanted to be involved with humans because I had human friends in high school that I didn't want to lose but I didn't want to use humans either, so I belong to neither side" Eli told Kiah, Kiah looked down at her hands.

" So that's why you've taken me in? Because you like to help humans" Kiah asked sadly.

"Ki, no" Eli moved her hand to put it under Kiah's chin to tilt her head up so she could see her face.

" I've never taken a person in before, I've gotten them help but then I've left, I took you in because I couldn't bring myself to leave you" Eli admitted to Kiah.

" Why?" Kiah asked.

"I havn't quite worked that out yet" Eli gave Kiah a small smile.

Kiah felt a flutter in her belly as Eli admitted that she couldn't leave her, she was smiling at Eli, until Eli became serious again.

" Now that I have told you all of this, you have a choice to make" Eli looked at Kiah seriously.

"You can either leave and not say anything, but never see me again, stay with me but we will both be in danger, or I can claim you" Eli felt a slight blush form on her cheeks.

Kiah noticed Elis reaction at the mention of the last option.

" What do you mean, claim me?" Kiah asked, interested in why Eli blushed at the mention of it.

"It's where a Myphz claims a human, so no other Myphz can harm them in anyway and they can also co-exist in our world" Eli explained.

" And what do you have to do to claim me?" Kiah asked, Eli was a little shocked that Kiah didn't just choose to leave and never see her again.

" Well that depends on which claim we want to do, in our world Myphz claim humans for many different reasons, some claim them so they can have regular feeds, others use them as slaves, booty calls and in rare cases some humans are claimed as lovers."

" So we have a real problem then" Kiah stated.

" You can leave, I wont force you to stay" Eli didn't want Kiah to think she was being forced into a life she knew nothing about.

" Why would I do that ?" Kiah asked as if Eli was meant to know the answer.

" Why wouldn't you?" Eli asked a bit confused.

Kiah grabbed Eli's hands and held them resting on the bed in the space between them.

"Because I can't bring myself to leave you either" Kiah admitted, Eli felt her heart rate speed up and heat rising in her cheek's, Kiah watched Eli's reaction waiting for her to respond.

Eli was speechless, she didn't know how to react to what Kiah just said, she looked up at Kiah and noticed she was waiting for her to say something.

"Oh, um ok, would you like to have some dinner and talk about what we should do ?" Eli couldn't think probably, so she thought distracting her self with cooking would be a good idea.

"Sure" Kiah smirked at the fact that she had made Eli speechless.

Eli reluctantly slid her hands out of Kiah's and got off the bed, Kiah followed Eli into the kitchen.

"Can I help you? I've never really cooked before but I'd like to learn" Kiah asked watching Eli open the fridge and freezer to see what food she had.

" Of course, do you feel like chicken stir-fry?" Eli asked.

" Sure, I've never had that before, but it sounds good." Kiah walked over to the sink to wash her hands, when Kiah turned around she saw Eli staring at her.

"What?" Kiah asked a little nervous.

" You've never had chicken stir-fry ?" Eli was a little surprised.

"Well when you live in a homeless shelter they don't really give out good food"

" Well babe, you're in for a big surprise beacuse chicken stir-fry is the bomb" Eli was picking out the ingredients she would need, when she realized what she had just said.

Standing up stright and turning around to face Kiah," Ahhh sorry I didn't mean to say that" Eli was visibly grinding her teeth nervously.

"It's ok, I ahh, I liked it" Kiah felt a slight blush rise on her cheek's.

"So you don't mind if I say it ?" Eli asked just encase she misunderstood.

"No, I don't mind" Kiah Smiled at Eli then turned around to check which draw held the kives.

Eli bent down to grab the rest of the ingredients out of the fridge with a huge grin on her face, she handed all the vegetables to Kiah to cut, and got the chiken out of the fridge, after Eli had put the already cut up chicken in the pan on the stove she turned around to see how Kiah was going, when she turned around she saw Kiah holding a kife with a carrot on the chopping board staring at it not knowing what to do.

Eli stepped over to help her, " First you peel the carrot" Eli grabbed a peeler from the drawer and handed it to Kiah," then you cut the top off, you cut it long way's, then again and again 'till they are long triangles then you just cut them in half " Eli explained.

Kiah looked up at Eli still, a little confused.

" Here I'll show you" Eli smiled at Kiah and stepped closer to her, grabbing the carrot, she turned around and went to peel it over the bin, coming back to where Kiah was still standing, Eli gave her back the carrot.

"Now cut the top off" Kiah held the carrot in place and cut the top off.

Eli put her hand over Kiah's on the knife, Kiah felt Eli gently put her other hand on her left hip, her breath hitched and her heart rate quickened, she hoped Eli didn't know the affects she had on her, if she did, she didn't show any sign of it which Kiah was grateful for.

" First you cut here" Eli gently cut the carrot with Kiah, " Then here"

Eli stepped away from Kiah instantly missing the contact, she checked on the chicken, grabbed another chopping board and began cutting some of the other vegetables.

"Sorry if I'm slow, I dont know anything about cutting vegetables" Kiah said softly sounding a little sad.

" No Ki it's ok, I was just going to cut the vegetables in half so I could teach you and we could get it done faster" Eli explained feeling guilty for making Kiah sad.

"Ki? Is that now my nick name, well, besides babe ?" Smirking up at Eli, Kiah noticed Eli blushing a little.

" I thought it was cute" Eli grinned down at Kiah.

" Aww, your cute" Kiah said smiling at Eli as she saw the blush on Eli's cheeks darken.

" Thanks but your cuter" Eli said with nerves bubbling up in her stomach.

Kiah giggled a litte and continued copying Eli's movements cutting the Vegetables.

Kiah was now setting out the table while Eli combined all the ingredeints in the pan.

"It's ready" Eli smiled at Kiah sitting on the left side of the sqaure table with a spare plate to the right, Eli brought the pan over and dished out their food, she put the pan back on the stove, grabbing the salt and peper she sat down next to Kiah.

Eli looked at Kiah. " Try it" Kiah stabbed a piece of chicken with her fork and slowly put in her mouth, her eye's boldged out.

"It's so good" Kiah stabbed another piece of chicken this time with some carrot.

"I told you it was the bomb" Eli smiled a slight laugh bubbling up inside her.

"So how are you going to claim me?" Kiah asked putting another fork full of food in her mouth.

"Im not sure" Eli looked a little worried but continued eating.

"How long 'till you have to do it?" Kiah asked.

"We have a week, we wait any longer and they will get suspicious."

"Okay, we wait a week and then decide if im going to be portrayed as your food, slave, play toy or, ahh, your lover" Kiah said forking up the last of her food and putting it in her mouth.

"You're sure you don't want to leave?" Eli asked.

"I'm sure" Kiah smiled at Eli and moved her hand to hold Eli's.

As Kiah grabbed hold of Elis hand, Eli felt her heartbeat qicken. Eli didn't understand why her body reacted this way everytime Kiah touched her. Kiah was nervous, she felt like butterflies were fluttering around in the pit of her stomach, rubbing Eli's hand wasn't her decision, her body did it on its own. As Kiah felt her hand come in contact with Eli's she couldn't help but think how right it felt, how her hand fit perfectly with Elis, how Elis hands were so soft, Elis hand felt a little colder then a humans but warm in a different way that sent chills up Kiah's arm and down her spine.

Eli looked up from her plate and looked directly into Kiah's eyes, Eli felt as though she had known Kiah her whole life instead of two days. Looking into Kiah's honey golden eyes Eli thought she might be hypnotized. Kiah could see the real Eli behind her dark eyes, the bright crystal blue was lingery behind the darkness. Looking a little closer she saw that Eli wasn't just hiding her true self but also looked haunted, Kiah swore to herself she was going to find out why that look was there and make it go away.

Eli could feel her self losing control, her eyes were starting to change, Myphz would keep their eyes darker then their original color so they could fit in with humans, if a Myphz became distracted, hungry or angry their eyes would start to change back to their original color.

Eli was the first to look away, she felt her eyes flicker, she looked back down at her plate and blinked until they were dark again. Eli let go of Kiah's hand, picked up the plate's and put them in the sink.

"Would you like to watch a movie?" Eli asked leaning her back against the bench.

"Alright" Kiah got up out of her chair, walked into the lounge room and sat down on the couch.

Eli let out a sigh and walked into the lounge room, just before she got to the couch her door got kicked down and two huge figures came storming in with blades on fire, the one on the left grabbed Kiah by her hair a yanked her off the couch, Kiah screamed not knowing what was going on.

"Let her go ?" Eli yelled, the guy on the right stepped towards Eli, Eli took a step back.

" Don't even think about touching me" Eli shouted, eyes turning crystal blue, blue flames forming around her clenched fists.

A gush of wind came from the door sending a chill down Kiahs spine, she was in shock, looking at Eli with her bright crystal blue eyes, long black hair flying around her pale face, bright blue flames coming from her hands, the guy yanked on her head and she yelped as pain ripped through her head, Elis head snapped around to look where the noice came from, Kiah locked eyes with Elis, Eli could tell that the guy hold Kiah by her hair was hurting her, it infuriated her.

The two guy's looked at her, the one that stepped toward Eli before stepped forward again, this time Eli didn't move, didn't flinch, she pulled her eyes from Kiahs to face the intruder, he was wearing a full black suit with a black mask, these to guys were Myphz hit men, they were like her, not dark nor light.

"Who sent you?" Eli yelled over the sound of the wind.

The guy laughed." We arn't paid to talk" the guy lifted his blade.

Kiah saw the guy move his arm and lift his blade.

"ELI!" Kiah screamed as the guy with sword swung down aiming for Eli's neck.