The difference between the shadows

This reminded me of too much.

My throat was hot and the rest of me awkwardly cool.

It reminded me of before, before i came here.

I sat down in the corner. The room was so large it felt as if it was smothering me.

I would give anything to go back and do what needed to be done.

But it was over.

I had to forget.

So i sat here burning in my own heat.

Writhing in my own cold fire.

Waiting for the day to end so that i could escape to where i wanted to go in my dreams, only a few seconds then would feel like hours.

I needed that.

So i lay down on the carpet of the room and hoped to get some rest.

No bed.

But that night i didn't rest.

No dreams.

Just dark shadows taunting me.

I abhorred them.

They got to me.

I was one with them.

I went back.